D’or 24K Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe Unbiased Review – BUY OR BYE?

d'or 24k review

Our D’or 24K Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe Review

What better way to feel truly pampered than to surround yourself with gold? That’s exactly what D’or is offering with its 24K skincare range.

These gold products look stunning, make you feel like a true celebrity, and, if you believe the hype, are good for your skin too.

Gold is something that is hypo-allergenic, and there’s evidence to suggest that it can be anti-bacterial too. This makes it ideal as a skin-care product because it’s hygenic and it won’t irritate your skin either.

The D’or 24K Non-surgical lifting syringe is just one of the products in the D’or line, but it’s a great product. It comes with quite a hefty price tag (which is reasonable, considering it contains gold) – but the important thing is that it backs up the price with real results.


Who Should Use The Non-Surgical Syringe By D’or 24k?

We would recommend the syringe to both men and women who:

  1. Have puffiness under their eyes, or droopy eye-lids.
  2. Get deep wrinkles around their eyes also known as craws-feet, on their forehead (including the “11” line) and around their lips, if you use straws or smoke you’ll absolutely love this product.

If your skin suffers from any of the above, you will absolutely love the non-surgical syringe.

get rid of wrinkles



What’s in The D’or 24K Non-Surgical Syringe?

The syringe contains a powerful formula of a cream, which contains pure gold as one of the active ingredients. It helps lifting and firming the skin, getting rid of puffiness under your eyes, and even fades the appearance of wrinkles.

How Does It Work?

The 24karat, pure gold, penetrates the skin and helps to support the skin’s regeneration. The other ingredients restore volume to the skin, and make it look fresher and younger.

The promise is that if you use it regularly, then within just two weeks your complexion could look like it’s five years younger. You’ll benefit not just from the ‘skin lift’ but also from the anti-inflammatory properties of the gold, and the anti-bacterial effects too. No more struggling with spots or pimples.


D’or 24K Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe Reviews

Our Staffs’ Experience With The Syringe

We ordered three of our staff members, to try the d’or 24k non-surgical syringe, and they all agreed that after a couple times, they noticed a change in their skin.

Here’s what Katya from our staff had to say about it –

” At first, I was skeptical. It felt like such a small, thin application – and unlike some of the other plumping creams I use, it didn’t have an instant effect. It did, however, help me in the long term. My skin got tighter and firmer, and it looked more alive. ” 


What customers are saying about the syringe 

Like all of our reviews, we read other users opinion on the non-surgical syringe, and the reviews are pretty great.

Most users loved the syringe and especially how it helps them get rid of puffiness around the eyes and works instantly.

Many of them, of course, mentioned that the price isn’t low but definitely worth it.


How To Use D’or 24K Gold Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe?

The syringe looks small, but the cream goes a long way. A single pump will dispense a ball of cream that’s about half the size of a pea – and that alone is enough to do the bottom half of your face, because the cream rubs in well and spreads quite thin.

Throughout history, the richest upper classes have applied gold leaf directly to their skin for the beneficial effects. Today, we’d call that wasteful – and wouldn’t want to do it for the cosmetic appearance either – we can’t go to work looking like we’re in fancy dress. The D’or 24K range offers similar benefits, but without the obvious look.

The gold passes through the pores and into the tissues, where it will support regeneration and stimulate blood flow. That’s the theory, anyway.


Wash your skin and then pat it dry (don’t rub vigorously – this is good general advice. Pating will stop the skin from getting stretched and damaged). Shake the product gently to make sure it’s mixed, and then dispense a small blob into your finger, and then gently apply a thin layer to you face.

Think of the application as smoothing off the top icing of a cake, rather than rubbing sun-tan lotion onto your legs. Make sure that you put it everywhere – this is one cream that you can actually safely apply to your eyelids – but take care not to get it into your eyes.

While you’r waiting for the cream to soak in, try to keep your face expressionless. When the cream dries, it should be invisible – if you’ve got a white tinge to your complexion then you put too much on.

Wipe away any white areas with a damp cleansing cloth. You can put makeup on afterwards, but make sure that it’s a powder-based make up. Try to avoid other lotions or liquid products because they could remove the cream.

You will notice an immediate result , and after using the product for a couple of weeks you should notice fine lines around your mouth and eyes start to fade.

You will also notice that your face, in general, becomes softer and less harsh. You’ll look better both with and without makeup on – and have more confidence.


D’or 24k Syringe Vs Botox 


No cream will produce results that are as pronounced as surgery or botox, but there are side-effects to those treatments and there’s always the risk that the treatment could go wrong. Do you want one of those forced botox smiles, or to get a skin infection or scarring from a face lift? we didn’t think so.

Many people aren’t willing to undergo aggressive treatments, for the small chance that something could go wrong – because a small chance is still a genuine risk. That’s where non–surgical options come in, and D’or 24k is a good range of products that does offer genuine genuine benefits for your skin.


d'or 24k review


Gold For Your Skin? Really? Yes, Really!

The benefits of gold are clearly documented. It is an anti-inflammatory, and it is a clearly beneficial product for reducing inflammation, fighting acne, and fighting against free radicals.

It can help to combat sun damage and to smooth out wrinkles. Are D’or’s skin care products really worth the price, though, and what about other companies that are making similar gold-infused offerings?

My personal belief is that something in the D’or line does offer improvements in skin tone and complexion, and makes you look more vibrant.

Some dermatologists disagree, though, and it’s understandable that with some beauty products costing $700.

More in the range of ‘handbag pricing’ than realistic pricing for a skin care line – it’s unlikely that the average person is going to want to shell out so much without clear proof that the products work.

Gold is not soluble, and this means that there’s not any severe risk associated with using the products.

The gold will act like a visual filter too, and therefore offers a nice tint and a nice look to your skin once it’s on there.

dor 24k
Gold has powerful anti-aging benefits.

Lets Wrap It Up

We absolutely love this product! 

It isn’t cheap, which is actually a good thing because you wouldn’t want to use a cheap product with cheap ingredients on your delicate skin, especially not on your face.

The d’or 24k non-surgical syringe is a very powerful product, what we love about it the most is that it gives you an instant effect, which is very rare when it comes to anti-aging creams.

While most creams claim to work after a few months of use, the syringe works INSTANTLY, which also makes it perfect for special occasions.

Gold-infused skincare is worth the price you’re willing to pay for it – and it certainly makes you feel like you are worth a million dollars.

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