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Best Hair Regrowth Products And Who Needs Them?

Some people are born with a full head of hair, and their hair remains thick and healthy for all of their lives.

However, most people will not be so lucky.

Most will suffer from alopecia, otherwise known as hair loss, at some time in their lives, typically later in life.

If you are dealing with hair loss or would like to prevent hair loss, this post is for you, today we will review the best natural hair growth and regrowth products of 2018.

What Causes Hair Loss?


best hair regrowth products


There are many kinds of hair loss.

Most common types of hair loss, for both men and women, being thinning of the hair due to genetics or aging.

Most people start to see hair loss beginning around 30 or 40 when it’s a result of getter older.

Other factors that can contribute to thinning of the hair include protein deprivation, such as being on a diet that is too strict or such as suffering from anorexia or bulimia.

Hormonal changes can play a factor, such as a result of menopause or pregnancy.

Emotional trauma can also lead to hair loss such as a catastrophic personal event.

A person can suffer from hair loss as a result of medical conditions such as iron deficiency anemia and thyroid disease.

Typically, when a person suffers from alopecia, he or she seeks medical attention and is given a traditional medicine to fight hair loss, such as minoxidil, which is often sold under the brand name Rogaine. Minoxidil is a chemical that helps to regrow hair.

But as with most drugs, there can be side effects. You can have an allergic reaction which could include hives, swelling of the face, difficulty breathing and more. There could be severe scalp irritation, headaches, dizziness, rapid weight gain and other side effects.


Natural Hair Regrowth Products Are The Way To Go

Although there are traditional methods to stop hair loss, natural hair regrowth products are the way to go.

They don’t have the dangerous side effects associated with minoxidil or other traditional hair loss drugs, can help prevent hair loss and should not be overlooked.

A healthy diet, sleep, and a daily scalp massage, followed by one of these ten best natural hair growth products can do wonders for growing your hair.


1. Just Natural Review – “Grow New Hair Treatment”


Just natural hair loss review


When your hair follicles die and fall out, that is considered permanent hair loss and all you can do is work to grow your hair back.

One of the top natural products to counter that is Just Natural.

It is one of the best hair regrowth products out there. It’s non-medical, and that offers an extensive variety of benefits for men and women who wish to grow their hair.

After using the product, there’s no clogging of the hair follicles.

You will experience thicker and fuller hair with less breakage than before.

How is this accomplished? What you will find with most natural hair care products is that they contain natural ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial to the hair.

Just Natural contains superior natural ingredients such as pumpkin seed, sea buckthorn, flaxseed and more.

The product is a spray bottle of ultra-concentrated treatment that will give you enough treatments to last for three months.

It is recommended that instead of spraying the product on your scalp, spray it onto your fingertips and then apply to your hair and scalp.

This method will allow you to get the ingredients into your hair and scalp easier and it will also stretch out the life of the bottle.

2. Kerotin Review


kerotin review


Kerotin are hair growth vitamins specially formulated for women, but don’t get them mixed up with the traditional variety.

These are 100 percent natural vitamins to encourage and stimulate hair growth.

Unlike vitamins that claim to be natural, Kerotin contains no dairy, soy, chemicals, preservatives and are GMO-free.

To understand these vitamins, you have to understand the importance of keratin. Keratin is a protein that helps to nourish hair and keep it healthy.

Kerotin natural vitamins contain lots of protein. The makers of the Kerotin pills took great care in coming up with the best formula for women struggling with hair loss.

As a result, the vitamins contain 16 nutrients as well as biotin, which helps to encourage the nutrients and speed the growth of your hair.


3. Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Set Review


oil review



For people who are more interested in a shampoo and conditioner rather than a spray or a vitamin, Shea Moisture’s shampoo and conditioner set is a natural combo that contains Jamaican black castor oil, one of the best ingredients you can apply to your hair.

The set is designed to not only grow your hair but also condition it and restore it to its original luster.

While it works to restore the strength to your hair, it also stimulates the scalp to encourage growth. Not only that, it helps to remove the build-up of previous products that you’ve used in your hair, particularly medicinal, commercial products that are not necessarily the best for your hair.

So if you’ve been using traditional, commercial products, this shampoo and conditioner set will work to free your hair so that you can re-start on a healthier path.

Shea Moisture’s combo contains apple cider vinegar that helps to balance the PH level of your hair. The moisturizer nourishes and detangles for a beautiful finish.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are natural, organic and sustainably produced. The product is never tested on animals.


4. Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo Review


argan oil review


One of the best natural shampoos you can buy for hair thinning is Art Naturals sulfate-free argan oil shampoo for men and women.

The superior formula contains some of the best natural ingredients for hair growth.

One of the main and most beneficial components is argan oil. Why is it so important for hair? Argan oil includes fatty acids and vitamin E which make it particularly useful for the hair.

In fact, it’s so good for the hair that many celebrities swear by it for their skincare and hair needs.

This quality shampoo also includes aloe vera, burdock root, white willow bark, thyme, rosemary and more.

It also contains botanical and natural oils and extracts that help to create shine, volume, and texture. The shampoo is 100 percent natural, and vegan. So it’s animal free.


5. Newopure Natural Hair Growth Vitamins Review

new pure


Vitamins designed for hair growth are particularly beneficial when they are natural vitamins.

Newopure offers a natural hair growth vitamin that not only stimulates hair growth but also repairs the hair follicles, promotes thicker hair and blocks DHT.

What is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT? It comes from the male hormone testosterone.

A sufficient amount of DHT can cause hair loss and is believed to be the main culprit in hair loss for women, especially because women do not need much DHT to start seeing hair loss and damage.

Newopure is a result of “science combined with nature.”

The formula addresses many hair loss issues including hair thinning, male and female baldness, hormonal hair loss and more.

The ingredients in the formula include biotin, keratin, collagen and more. The supplement is not only effective but also gentle.



6. PhytoWorx Organic Shampoo Review


hair recovery


When you’re ready for ultimate organic luxury, PhytoWorx organic hair loss sulfate-free shampoo represents one of the best.

It is a natural hair loss shampoo that delivers results. It is one of the few natural varieties that combines a rare Switzerland plant stem cell (Malus Domestica) as well as essential oils.

What other ingredients does this superior shampoo contain?

You’ll find aloe vera juice, which protects the scalp and stimulates growth, as well as cucumber fruit extract, pomegranate extract, ginger root extract, among others.

One of the others includes licorice extract which has the result of reducing damages from chemical exposure that your hair may have suffered.

The shampoo reverses the damage your hair has received and promotes its growth.

7. Hair Vigor by Ultrax Labs Review


hair vigor review


Another way to naturally encourage the growth of your hair is with a hair mask.

Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask, for all types of hair, contains caffeine, which is another natural ingredient that can stimulate hair growth.

The mask stimulates hair growth, hydrates the scalp and repairs hair follicles. The mask contains over ten hair boosting ingredients including caffeine which can extend the life of one’s hair.

It also includes aloe vera which, when used in hair products, soothes the scalp and encourages growth. Other ingredients in the product include argan, sunflower, safflower, sesame seed oil, jojoba and more.

Many will find that after shampooing, a conditioner is not needed with the use of Ultrax Labs’ hair mask. Therefore, it will likely be sufficient enough to replace your conditioner.


8. Laila Hair Growth Balm Review



Some natural hair care products are specially formulated for ethnic hair types. Laila Hair Growth Organic Herbal Balm encourages growth especially for African Americans who deal with hair loss due to things such as chemicals and relaxers.

What makes natural products so special is that they contain many herbs that are working together to nourish your hair.

Laila hair growth balm contains over 32 herbs to grow your hair. The product is 100 percent natural. It does not contain fillers, chemicals, artificial ingredients, preservatives, paraben, petroleum or phthalates.

Even though the product is specially formulated for chemically processed hair, it’s safe for all hair types. Some of the organic ingredients you’ll find are coconut, argan oil, shea butter, Jamaican black castor oil, and more.


9. Dermachange Organic and Vegan Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Review




Shampoo and Conditioner sets are favorites of consumers, and Dermachnage organic and vegan hair growth shampoo and conditioner is a natural, sulfate-free product that stimulates hair growth and encourages a healthy head of hair.

A beneficial way to get rid of thinning hair and hair loss is to wash and condition the hair with a nourishing hair loss shampoo and conditioner.

This is a product that is safe for not only men and women but also children who are experiencing hair loss, although hair loss in children is rare.

The hair type for this product can be anything. You can have straight, curly, oily, dry, color-treated or chemically relaxed hair to use this product. It’s a shampoo and conditioner that contains no chemicals, preservatives, irritants or fillers. The ingredients are organic and nourishing for your type of hair and are not animal tested.


10. NutraViv Serum for Hair Growth


hair growth serum review


When it comes to battling hair loss, you can do it with natural shampoos and conditioners. You can use sprays and masks. But one of the most beneficial ways to combat the problem is a natural serum.

NutraViv makes a hair growth serum especially for thinning hair, and it’s good for women and men. This is a product that will regrow hair and slow hair loss in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. What is Nutraviv?

It’s a serum that is cutting edge, and that has been formulated to block DHT that is born from testosterone, and that can create hair loss. There are no chemicals in the formula, but instead, it’s filled with natural DHT blockers and B vitamins as well as herbs that are good for the scalp.

This product is free of animal testing and completely vegetarian, gluten free, wheat free and free of any preservatives or chemicals.


Natural Hair Growth Products Vs Medical Hair Loss Products ?

When looking for the best hair regrowth products, should you pick natural or chemical based solutions?

That’s a decision that only you can make.

Traditional doctors are likely to point only to traditional medicines to do the trick. These medicines often work, but they may work at the price of side-effects and harm to the skin.

Natural products give you a way to grow your hair, without any side effects, and they can generally be used for all hair types and for men and women.


Get Your Thick Hair Back



We hope you liked our top 10 best hair regrowth products recommendations.

The above ten natural hair growth products are some of the best that you’ll find on the market. The best part is that you aren’t restricted to just one type.

You’ll find shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair sprays and serums that can benefit your hair and inhibit hair loss.

Growing your hair can be done naturally and more efficiently with the right natural hair growth products.