Discover The 10 Best Hair Styling Products For Men – And Why You Should Use Them

In generations past, men did not care nearly as much about their hair as women did. But those days are long gone and men today are as concerned about the maintenance of their hair as the ladies are.

That’s why we researched the Best Hair Styling Products For Men in 2018.

Research have shown that men who takes good care of their hair and scalp can reduce the chances of hair loss (blading) by up to %30.

In the last year alone there has been an increase of more than 10% of searches online for hair products for men than the previous year.

In this post, we will go through the best 10 hair styling products every men must have in his bathroom.

We went and added our recommendation for each of these products, so you won’t have to go through the hustle of finding them.

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1. Dry Shampoo By The Well Groomed Guy most men wash

dry shampoo for men

their hair every day. This is not recommended, however, as it can dry out your hair and cause build up. The problem with not washing it every day, however, is that many men then have hair that is too oily and looks dirty. Obviously, the average man is not going to be willing to walk around with oily, drab hair that looks terrible.

The solution to this is something called dry shampoo. Using a dry shampoo product will help your hair stay fresh and is the perfect solution for those with oily and fine hair that needs a volume boost. For those that have thicker hair and want a solution for times such as just after a hard workout, then this is the solution for you as well.


2. Layrite Pomade – Pomade is a product that is ideal for almost every hair type. While a generation ago moose was the preferred choice, pomade is now considered by most to be a superior product. Mousse never lasted as long as most men hoped for and it often left hair feeling unnatural. Pomade, on the other hand, can be used to sculpt hair very precisely which makes it ideal for many men who use it today.

One of the advantages of this product is that you can change up the amount that you use, and doing so changes the effect that it gives to your hair.

If you use this product on dry hair, it’ll produce less shine but the hold will be much stronger. If on the other hand, you use it while the hair is still damp, then you’ll get a significant shine but the hold will be a little bit less strong.

Another advantage of this product is the fact that it’s flake free. The Precision of this product allows a person to achieve whatever look that they’re going for.

If they want an intentionally messy look then they’ll easily be able to achieve it with this product. If on the other hand, they want every hair in place perfectly, then that too can easily be accomplished.


3. American Crew Hair Gel – when someone is looking to achieve a very strong hold for their hair, then they should consider using gel. Part of the reason that gel holds so strongly is the fact that part of its ingredients is actually PVP which is a type of hard plastic. The polymers that are found in PVP are dissolved in water and they bind to each hair strand and help them to attach to each other. When it is applied while the hair is still wet the PVP will soak up the water quickly.

Something that many men are not aware of is that you can reinvigorate the gel by simply using a spray bottle and spraying water onto the hair to reactivate it. This allows you to make any adjustments to your hair styling that’s necessary during the day. Anytime you want, the gel can be washed away by simply shampooing.


4. Consort Hairspray For Men – is one of those products that have been around for a long time and it continues to be popular for both men and women. Some of the newest hair sprays take advantage of new technology that prevents the individual strands of hair from sticking together as they did in the past. This will usually require that as you spray your hair, that you do so with the spray bottle at least 12 inches from your hair. You should always check to make sure that the spray nozzle itself is not clogged in any way because if it is, then the spray that comes out can be heavier in places and not as much in others.

You do want to be aware that if you have sensitive skin then you might want to test the hairspray on just a small area first because most hair sprays have alcohol which can irritate sensitive skin. Hairspray is not the ideal choice for those with oily hair but for other hair types it can be a good product.



5. The Mounting Styling Paste A good styling paste can help thicken your hair and give it texture without creating a lot of buildup on your hair. The styling paste will help prevent your hair from looking crispy like other products often make it look. Some men consider styling paste to be among the most versatile of the hair products and it’s generally considered a good choice for all hair types.



6.  Redken Sea salt spray – is not as well known by many men but the ladies have been using it for some time. It really is a hidden secret as just a few spirts of it will add a great deal of texture to most every hair type and style. For those who like the messy look, this is a great choice and also for those who are looking to add volume to their hair.



7. Ancient Greek Hydrating oil is a product that is especially good for those who have dry brittle hair and breakage. It is best to apply this while your hair is still damp after shampooing and once you apply it to your hair, you shouldn’t rinse it. This product should be used daily, and can be used for your face, skin, hair, scalp and even nails.


8. Formings Hair cream – is the right choice for men who need to add some moisture to their hair. It can be thought of as lotion for the hair. Just like someone might use hand lotion to prevent dry skin, those who use hair creams are accomplishing the same thing with their hair.


9. Badger Balms’ Hair Oil – For those who are looking for a hair repairing product then hair oil can be used overnight but generally is not recommended when you’re trying to style your hair. The use of this product is to invigorate your scalp and help it to produce enough of its own natural oil.



10. FITOFORCE Organic Hair lotion can help men who are suffering from frizzy hair, and need hair repair.The lotion is used to give hair a light finish or as a gentle styling creme before using something that will hold more strongly.


Hair Styling Products For Men – Little Effort, Huge Benefits

 To sum things up, you want to keep your hair and scalp moisturized and hydrated, by using these hair products. It might take a little time and energy, but its well worth it in the long run, and can even prevent you from losing hair.

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