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The Grandio Review: Best Way to Grow Hair Back in 2018?

Hair loss is a huge problem, for both men and women.

Losing the hair can be truly traumatic, stressful, and naturally upsetting for anyone.

It often causes people to feel insecure about their appearance because they’re so used to having their hair and then suddenly it’s no longer there.

As a result, those who experience hair loss may look for different ways to get the hair to grow back in fuller and longer than it was before.

If you are losing (or already lost) some of your hair, we got GREAT NEWS for you.

Today we will review a revolutionary new device, called Grandio, that will help you grow your hair back.

The Grandio by Zero Gravity was just introduced to the market and our team at is thrilled to review it first!

Lets explain why hair loss happens, and then dive into the complete review the Grandio device, and see how it helps us regrow our hair!

What Causes Hair-Loss?

women loses hair

The causes of hair loss can vary.

From genes (blame your parents), through low vitamins levels, to stress and anxiety.

Even protein deficiency can accelerate hair loss.

Women can also suffer from temporary hair loss due to pregnancy and child birth. (we feel your pain ladies!)

Whichever the reason, hair loss can be very stressful and scary.

But fear not, because theres still hope!

How Can You Regrow Your Hair Back, Naturally?

As you know, there are plenty of unnatural procedures for hair growth, like hair transplant.

Webmd wrote a great article about hair transplant, you can read it here.

That being said, at esthetics hub, we always prefer natural treatments Vs. surgeries and intrusive procedures!

The reason is hair transplant are not only very expensive, they’re extremely painful, and like every other surgery, can leave you with severe side-effects.

Hair growth creams can help in some cases in encouraging hair growth, but we haven’t seen any tremendous results from these.

Thats way we were very excited when we were introduced to the Grandio device.


What Is Grandio, How Does it Work?

Grandio is a hair regrowth device, that helps you regrow hair on balding spots.

We love the fact you can use it in the privacy of your own home.

If you, like some of our staff members, are losing hair, you probably don’t want to treat it in public (awkward!).

The device is easy to use and it’s discreet, so you don’t have to worry about traveling to different appointments to receive treatment for your scalp.

How To Use The Grandio Device?

Using the hair growth device is extremely simple.

Once you have turned the device on, you’re going to need to gently roll it against the scalp.

While you’re rolling it against the scalp, the discs touch that area of the head and create tons of different pressure points.

As the discs carefully come in contact with the scalp, the stimulation begins.

You will feel some vibrations, but the treatment itself isn’t uncomfortable, so you won’t have to worry about experiencing anything painful or unusual.

The purpose of the vibrations is to stimulate the scalp while introducing zinc into the hair follicles.

As the process continues, blood flow improves, and circulation gets better as toxins are removed from the scalp.

You’re going to need to use Grandio on your scalp for around eight minutes each day to maximize your results.

When you continue to treat your scalp each day using this kind of device, you’re going to help those inactive follicles become active again. That process encourages hair growth.

Your hair will grow thicker, fuller, and naturally a lot healthier than it may have been before.

Furthermore, with continued use, you’ll notice the hair growth process is happening at a faster pace so that you can see results in a much shorter amount of time.


Who is the Grandio Device For?

Anyone who is experiencing hair loss can use Grandio device. However, works best if you still have your dormant hair follicles.

This groundbreaking technology, is meant to restore hair follicles and encourage these follicles to grow back.

The Grandio works for both men & women.

It’s a unisex product that both women and men can benefit from using, even if the reason their hair is failing out is because of genetics.

To conclude, anyone that is trying to get their hair to grow back, should use the Grandio device.

Even if you’re a fan of hair transplant, we strongly recommend that you try this natural device, before going with a harsh procedure.


hairloss treatment

8 Reasons That Made Us LOVE The Grandio Device 

The benefits of using Grandio are tremendous.

There are a lot of great reasons to give this device a try if you’re dealing with hair thinning or bald spots.


1.It’s Discreet!

Grandio is a device that allows people to treat the problem at their own homes convenience.

You won’t have to deal with going to a hair-loss clinic, which can be embarrassing to some people and feel awkward.

Use the device at your own home, and don’t worry about others judging you.


2. The Grandio Device is Mobile! 

You can use this fabulous device anywhere, literally. It is wireless, mobile and light.

Wether you’re traveling, or just running errands, you will always be able to work on your hair regrowth – on the go!

The great thing about this device is that it saves people time.

Allowing you improve the condition of their hair and scalp over time, FAST.


3. Quick Hair Regrowth Treatments

It only takes as little as five minutes each day to make a real difference, although you can use the device for a total of eight minutes a day.

No matter what, you’ll get to work on improving circulating and restoring those dormant hair follicles for less than 10 minutes each day, and that is certainly convenient for anyone.


4.Grandio is EASY to use

Unlike other hair loss treatments, the Grandio is very simple to use. You simply turn it on and roll it across your head, its really that simple!


5. New Technology -The Grandio is One of a Kind ! 

The Grandio device has a revolutionary, new technology, we haven’t seen anything like that before. Unlike other companies in the market, that are just using packaging the same products, this is a completely new hair loss solution!


6.Cheaper Than a Hair Transplant!

An average hair transplant can cost you up to $15,000.

While this device is definitely not cheap, it is cheaper than a hair transplant.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt as much!


7.More Than “Just” Hair Regrowth…

Although the primary purpose of the device is to help get the hair to grow back in, there is an additional benefit you’ll get to reap when using the product.

Not only will hair grow back in places where it may have recently fallen out, but the hair that is still on your head will start growing in much thicker and at a faster pace than it once grew in.


8.No Terrible Side-Effects!

In addition to these benefits, you won’t have to worry about dealing with uncomfortable side effects.

Some treatments that are made to help people with their hair loss are risky because they can cause a lot of frustrating and unwanted side effects, but that isn’t something you’re going to have to experience when you’re using Grandio.

It causes absolutely no side effects while it works to improve your chances of getting fuller, healthier hair that looks amazing.

These are the main reasons we love the device.

Next, lets answer the most important question you probably have on your mind right now.


Can The Grandio Device Really Help Regrow Your Hair?

It’s normal to feel skeptical about a product that claims it can help you deal with your hair loss issues and get the hair to grow back at a faster rate.

However, a clinical study proves this device is working wonders for many people.

The study consisted of 300 different individuals who starting using the product regularly over the span of five months.

The results of the study were quite astonishing with each person experiencing a significant amount of hair growth in as little as just two months.

Those who tried the product out believed in it and said it was very effective.

They were satisfied with the results they achieved from using Grandio regularly for an extended period.

There are even some amazing before and after pictures that can show you just how awesome this product is for people who are dealing with hair thinning and hair loss.


Before & After Using The Grandio Hair Growth Device 

Here are some before and after pictures of customers who have used the Grandio device.

Men Hair Regrowth With The Grandio Device – Before & After

grandio before after men


before after men 2



Women Hair Regrowth With The Grandio Device – Before & After


women hair regrowth before after


women hair loss treatment before after

These are just a few of the success stories customers achieved with the Grandio device.

The  before & after results pretty much tell the whole success story without saying a word!

You can clearly see how the hair becomes thicker, fuller, and healthier after using the device.


The Bottom Line 

Use the Grandio if you’re starting to go bald or recently noticed your hair is thinning out.

It’s even the kind of product you may want to use if you’re having trouble getting your hair to grow as long as you’d like it to be.

If your goal is to have make your hair look great again, Grandio is the kind of device you should start using regularly.

Hair loss is something many men and women deal with at all different stages of life.

It can crush a person’s self-confidence and self esteem.

Especially if you’re used to having great hair and then it suddenly starts falling out.

For less than $8000 and up to eight minutes each day, you can get the hair to grow back without undergoing medical procedures that are extremely costly and uncomfortable.

We hope we made you realize the power of that device in our grandio review, and appreciate it if you share it via your favorite social media platform.

In order to order the Grandio,  click the link below!





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