Scalp Massage Benefits and Why You Should Give Yourself One DAILY!

A scalp massage can yield a number of surprising health benefits for the average person. Pressure is applied to the scalp in a series of repetitive movements that promote relaxation.

While most people think of the scalp when they imagine massage therapy, it can be an important area to focus on.

In this article you will learn about the various scalp massage benefits that could change your life in some way.


#1 Better Mood!

One of the more noticeable scalp massage benefits is that it can actually improve how you feel overall.

If the massage is done is done properly, it can trigger the production of cortisol, dopamine and serotonin, which all play an important part in regulating one’s mood.

If a person has a serotonin imbalance, they can become depressed. A scalp massage can essentially act as a temporary mood elevator, like anti-anxiety medication.

If you have problems with stress or anxiety, this can be a healthy and effective way to feel better within just minutes.

When you are feeling overwhelmed mentally or emotionally, a scalp massage could make a hugely positive difference. If nothing else it serves as a nice distraction from whatever is bothering you at the moment.


#2 Relief from Migraines

If you suffer from migraine headaches, a scalp massage could do wonders to provide you with almost instantaneous relief.

This is due to the fact that massage therapy in general is closely associated with relieving muscle tension. Numerous scientific studies have found that those who receive massages on a regular basis tend to have fewer migraines and even sleep better.

#3 Hair Growth

There is a decent amount of scientific data to suggest that getting scalp massages can promote hair growth and resilience.

In fact, according to this article by the NCBI, scalp massage can definitely help hair growth and even help you grow thicker hair.

It can activate follicles that were previously dormant, thereby restoring lost hair. While you may not be able to grow all of your hair back at once, it is still an option that is worth exploring.

These massages have also been known to make hair follicles more resistant to damage. If you want to keep a full head of hair for years to come, getting regular scalp massages is a good idea.

The effectiveness of the hair growth depends mostly on the products that are used just before the massage.

There are a number of different creams that can help stimulate hair growth, but they won’t do anything unless they are properly distributed into the scalp. Someone who knows how to give an effective scalp massage will be able to do this without any issues.


#4 Reducing Scalp Dryness

When certain natural oils are used with a scalp massage, it can help with reducing dry scalp and flakiness. This essentially moisturizes the scalp so that you won’t have such a bad problem with dandruff. The more thoroughly the oils are worked into the scalp, the more effective this is.



#5 Scalp Massage Relaxes Your Neck Muscles

Another one of the best scalp massage benefits involves a reduction in muscle tension. A scalp massage can prove very useful for treating pain in your neck. It loosens up the muscles, making it easier for you to move your neck without any discomfort.

Some people carry a lot of tension in their neck if they are stressed, and a scalp massage can help with this quite a bit.


#6 Improved Blood Flow

You will find that a scalp massage can also improve the blood flow in your scalp, which increases the overall health of your hair follicles.

If your follicles are being choked and deprived of proper blood flow, they can fail to produce new hairs altogether.

This basically means that receiving regular scalp massages can help you avoid hair loss but also maintain healthy great-looking hair.

If your scalp isn’t getting adequate circulation, your hair simply won’t look or feel its best. The use of mentholated oils can really increase blood flow to the hair follicles, and it only takes a tiny amount to work well.

It is also essential that the fingers of the person who is giving the massage are very warm, which promotes better circulation.


#7 A Better Night’s Sleep

It is definitely possible that getting a relaxing scalp massage can help you sleep better. People who struggle with insomnia can see a marked improvement in their ability to sleep soundly when getting scalp massages on a regular basis. Because this type of massage is so effective relieving physical and emotional tension, it can make getting to sleep a little bit less of a chore.


#8 Energy Boost

Some people find that they actually feel more energetic after receiving a scalp massage. This is most likely due to the general feeling of wellbeing that it causes. If you have a problem with feeling tired a lot, this can be a great natural way to combat your fatigue.


#9 Stronger Thicker Hair 

Getting scalp massages on a regular basis can also make your hair tougher and more resilient. It will make the roots of your hair stronger so that they aren’t as likely to fall out due to stress or getting older.

The stronger your hair is, the longer it will keep looking great. This is a very effective way of combating weak hair, which can occur for a number of reasons over time.


#10 Rejuvenating Effect

Those who have damaged hair as a result of excessive dying and other salon treatments might find that a scalp massage can have a rejuvenating effect.

Receiving this type of massage can make your hair look better than it has in years. The massage itself is enough to do this, but certain topical products can also be used to enhance the rejuvenating effect. If you haven’t had much luck reversing the damage to your hair in the past, this is a good option to keep in mind.


#11 A Solution for Oily Scalps

If you happen to have a particularly oily scalp, you might want to get a scalp massage from a local professional.

These massages can even help people who have greasy hair. When the right type of oil is massaged into the scalp, it can prevent excess oil from being produced.

Your scalp will essentially recognize that it already has enough moisture, so it won’t create any more oil. A lot of people with oily hair get scalp massages because it is the only thing that really works for them.

It is important that the proper oils are used by the person who is doing the massage though. Some people respond to certain oils better than others when it comes to treating oily scalps.


#12 Detoxify Your Lymphatic System

Our body’s lymphatic system is responsible for handling waste. The waste is transported to the lymph nodes before being disposed of properly.

A scalp massage can help remove waste from backed up lymph nodes, which in turn strengthens your immune system. The increase in circulation to the neck is very effective when it comes to this particular benefit.

While our bodies are very skilled at breaking down and removing waste themselves, they sometimes need a bit of help. Even a 15-minute long scalp massage can do wonders for making you a healthier overall person in this way.


#13 A Stronger Memory

The increased blood flow to the nervous system that results from getting a scalp massage can help you improve your memory.

The less emotional stress you are carrying around, the easier it will be to remember small details as well as important things on a daily basis.

It has much the same effect as meditating in that it helps you think more clearly. The better you are able to concentrate, the easier it will be to stay on top of everything you need to get done.


#14 Breathe Easier

Multiple scientific studies strongly suggest that massage therapy can have a very positive effect on the respiratory system.

If you suffer from asthma, allergies or some other respiratory issue, a scalp massage could help you start breathing more normally.

The various muscles that relax when you receive this type of massage will improve your ability to maintain a healthy breathing pattern. A lot of people with these issues notice a significant improvement in their breathing right after receiving a scalp massage.


#15 Reduced Blood Pressure

Because receiving a scalp massage can be so relaxing, your blood pressure levels can actually drop significantly.

This is one of the better and more natural methods of preventing and treating high blood pressure. Receiving scalp massages regularly can reduce the risk of certain hormone levels from spiking, which can cause blood pressure levels to rise.


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Final Thoughts

With all of the different scalp massage benefits, you should definitely look into getting one in the near future. Pretty much everyone can enjoy numerous benefits from these massages.

You are likely to notice a positive difference in your mood and perhaps even the quality of your hair.

These days lots of people go for scalp massages at salons as well as from professional massage therapists. It is a good idea to get one of these massages from someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience.