Over the last 15 to 20 years, attitudes towards cosmetic procedures have changed greatly and it is more acceptable than ever before to have your body tweaked and changed. Whilst this is the same all over the world, different countries have different trends when it comes to the most popular cosmetic procedures and Australia is no different. Whether you are looking for dermal and lip fillers in Joondalup, Perth or finding a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty in Sydney, Australians are very comfortable with using cosmetic procedures to seek improvements, and here are the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country.


Breast Implants

There is no doubt that breast implants are the world’s most common cosmetic procedure and here in Australia it is also the case. Breast implants are incredibly safe and the operation is faster and easier than it has ever been. Breast implants allow women to feel more comfortable and more confident, and because of the low cost of such a procedure we have seen a sharp rise in its popularity in the last decade.


Liposuction helps out so many men and women across the country who have hard to shift areas of fat that they want gone. Diet and exercise doesn’t always target every aspect of the body and that is why we use such a procedure to support these patients. Whether it is fat under the arm or love handles, liposuction can provide great results in getting rid of that fat. The popularity of liposuction has certainly coincided with new practices such as laser liposuction, which is non-invasive.



When Blepharoplasty first burst onto the scene, an operation which is aimed at helping to reduce the size and the shape of eyelids, it was a pretty expensive option. This was due to the fact that there weren’t many surgeons who had the skillset to offer such a procedure. Now that this has increased and the prices have come down, this is now one of the country’s most popular procedures and it is helping people all over Australia to reduce the look of old age.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, is a crucial procedure for so many patients who have lost a great deal fo weight quickly. What happens here is that because of the weight loss, usually dramatic, the patient is left with excess skin which has stretched with the body when weight was put on, but then didn’t reduce when the weight was lost. The result is the need to have the skin safely removed and that is why this is one of the most popular procedures.


The rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’ is a very easy and simple to perform procedure which helps patients to restyle their nose. This has long been one of the nation’s most popular operations and it continues to help thousands of patients each and every year to get the size and the style of nose that they have always wanted.

These are the trends currently in Australia with regards to the most popular cosmetic procedures.