Our Review: The 10 Best Percussion Massagers

If you want the ability to reduce muscle tension and relax more effectively while at home, a percussion massager is a great investment to make.

It is important that you take some time to review your options before deciding on anything in particular.

In this post you we reviewed the top 10 percussion massagers on the market today.

Each of these products has something special and unique to offer.

The more you learn about these options, the easier it will be to get the relief you need on a regular basis.


  1. PUREWAVE CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion Massager


The PUREWAVE CM-07 features a dual motor design and uses micro vibrations to relieve physical stress and reduce muscle tension.

It is ideal for those who want the ability to get a deep tissue massage at home anytime they want.

This percussion massager is designed to break up knots and relax muscle spasms simultaneously.

Those who have a chronic pain condition they want to manage from home should seriously consider purchasing this device because of how well it works.

It can speed up the recovery process, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to reach tough spots.

The micro-vibration massage design of this device can have a positive effect on almost any part of the body, including the neck, shoulders, back, feet legs, scalp and face.

It is very easy to use and offers numerous attachments with videos that explain how to use each one.

Priced at around $125, the PUREWAVE CM-07 percussion massager is a great investment for most people.

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  1. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Handheld Massager



The Wahl deep tissue percussion handheld massager has the power to provide you with nearly instant to relief to pain while increasing your energy levels. It has a variable speed feature that lets you choose the intensity of your massages, ranging from light to intense.

While this device is corded, you get more power than you would with most wireless models. It measures 10.88 by 16 by 6.5 inches with a total weight of 3.030 pounds. You will receive four different interchangeable attachments for massaging different areas of your body. These attachments include one for deep muscle massage, four-finger flex, raised bump, and accupoint.

This is another great choice for those who want to get a deep tissue massage without having to keep spending a lot of money or leaving their home. The wide range of attachments makes it easy to get the kind of massage you want.

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  1. VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager



The VIKTOR JURGEN electric massager has a dog head design and comes with three sets of interchangeable massage heads that can be used on the feet, legs and back respectively. This is definitely one of the more versatile percussion massagers available right now.

This massager’s motor can run up to 3,350 pulses per minute, making it very powerful and effective. There are numerous speed settings for you to choose from. You can also decide which intensity you want to use depending on the type of massage you want.

The easy-to-use design of this device features a comfortable rubber grip, so you won’t get tired holding it even for long periods of time. It can help improve your circulation as well as reduce muscle tension. It has a very solid overall design that should serve you well for years to come.



  1. NURSAL Handheld Deep Percussion Massager

The NURSAL handheld deep percussion massager comes with six interchangeable nodes that allow for a customized massage experience. It also features a soft rubber hammer design so that you can stay comfortable while giving yourself a massage.

This device has a variable speed adjustment feature that lets you choose from numerous speeds for the desired effect. You can add heat to your message by simply pressing one button. This can help with improving your circulation and loosening up tense muscles all over your body.

The multiple massage functions make it easy for you to get the exact type of massage you want. This percussion massager has a nice intuitive design that makes it easy to use. It has an anti-slip handle, which means that you can maintain a firm grip at all times. It doesn’t have the weighty or cumbersome feel that so many of these devices do.


  1. InvoSpa Handheld Percussion Massager



The InvoSpa handheld percussion massager has an impressive 12 unique modes and 10 adjustable speeds that you can choose from for the perfect massage every time. There are also six interchangeable attachments that come with this device for various parts of your body.

The powerful copper motor in this massager goes up to 3200 pulses per minute and can help with relieving chronic pain. It has overheat protection to prevent damage and injury during usage. The ergonomic handle is especially nice because it makes giving yourself long massages easier than ever.

This percussion massager has an eco-friendly ABS plastic construction and user-friendly design, making it quite simple but very effective. If you want a massage device that offers lots of different customization options, this is one of the perfect overall choice.



  1. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager


The Naipo handheld percussion massager offers six interchangeable massage modes that can provide you with pain relief for your legs, feet, back, neck shoulders, and all other body parts. It has a powerful and intense motor that can reach up to 3800 pulses per minute. The copper design of the motor ensures quality and durability.

This device’s ergonomic design includes an anti-slip handle, so you will never have any problems with keeping a firm grip on it at all times. There is also an optional heat function that you can easily activate with the push of a button for additional stress relief.

The wide range of speeds that this massager offers makes it great for getting the ideal massage no matter what.


  1. Ohuhu Handheld Massager


The Ohuhu handheld massager has a multi-use design with three sets of removable massage heads so that you can get the relief you need anywhere on your body. It offers numerous customizable speed settings to ensure that every massage is just right.

The no-slip grip on this percussion massager device makes it easy to hold. It only weighs 2.4 pounds and is made of solid but lightweight ABS plastic. The double head massage design delivers twice the efficiency of a normal device.

One of the best things about this massager is that it is so incredibly versatile and perfect for just about everyone. Priced at around $25, it is a great option for those who are on a tight budget.



  1. VIVREAL Back Massager


The VIVREAL handheld back massager comes with six unique nodes that can be swapped in and out quickly and easily for targeting different areas of the body. It can provide you with a powerful and authentic deep massage experience for instant relaxation.

This device has a cordless design, which means that you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of a tangled up cord. There are six adjustable speeds and six unique massage modes to choose from. This makes it easier than ever to get the perfect massage no matter what your preferences.

The powerful motor in this device runs at 3200 pulses per minute, so you can count on it to get the job done every single time. It can penetrate into the deep muscle tissue to remove knots and tension very effectively. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold onto while you are giving yourself a massage.


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  1. Loverbeby Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

The Loverby handheld deep tissue percussion massager makes customizing your massages very simple and easy. There are six variable modes and four different speeds that you will have to choose from. The cordless design of this device makes it easy to use without any cord to get in the way.

This device’s motor goes up to 3800 pulses per minute and is designed to operate at less than 60 decibels, which is considerably quieter than most other models on the market. It is a great choice for anyone who suffers from anxiety or just wants a quick and simple way to reduce tension in their muscles.


  1. HoMedics Twin Percussion Pro Dual Node Massager



The HoMedics Twin Percussion Pro Dual Node massager features two different massage heads that operate simultaneously for maximum stress relief. There are three different speed settings to choose from, so you can get the right intensity level every time.

The three massage nodes that come with this device will let you customize your massage experience to match your exact needs. There is a rubberized handle for easy and comfortable gripping. The optional heat feature can provide you with an even more effective way to get relief from your pain and discomfort whenever you need it.


Final Thoughts

We have just covered the 10 best percussion massagers on the market right now. If you are interested in getting one of these devices, we highly recommend that you review this list carefully.

Each of these products has something different to offer for those who want to get relief from their pain and discomfort.

The InvoSpa handheld percussion massager is a particularly impressive model because of its 12 different massage modes and 10 speed options.