How to Massage Your Eyes : Eye Massaging 101 

It is common for people to experience eye strain after working for a long time, especially when they stare at a computer screen all day.

This can make it very difficult to focus on even simple tasks, throwing off the rest of your day. There are many different things that you can do to reduce eye strain, including massaging your eyes.

It is a simple but very effective way to maintain focus and even avoid painful headaches. In this article you will learn how to massage eyes, which can have numerous benefits.

The more you learn about how to do this, the more effective it will be at providing you with relief.

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Pressure Point Eye Massage

You can apply the basic concept of acupuncture when giving yourself an eye massage. There are many different pressure points surrounding the eyes that can provide you with relief when properly stimulated.

First you will want to start by massaging the various points surrounding your eyes. Use the tips of your fingers to massage these areas gently while still applying a decent amount of pressure. Remember to move your fingers in circular motions as opposed to back and forth. You know when you have hit a pressure point around your eye when you feel some minor discomfort.

You also want to focus on massaging the area in between your eyes. This is the point at which the bridge of your nose meets the end of your eyebrows. A lot of people have great success with reducing eye strain by rubbing this area with their fingertips.

After you have rubbed the space between your eyes, you should focus on the area just under your eyes. Remember not to rub too hard, as it could actually have the opposite intended effect. Massage the center of this area and work your way out.

Next you will want to move on to the corners of your eyes. It is important to massage these outer areas thoroughly. Move over to the middle of your eyebrow and massage this area for a few seconds on each eye. You might also want to move your fingers along the sides of your eyebrow.


Other Pressure Points

There are other pressure points that you can use to relieve eye strain. You can try massaging the base of your skull with your fingertips. This can be very effective when it comes to reducing eye fatigue. Use only a little bit of pressure so that your fingers are digging in without causing any pain.

Some people find that massaging their knuckles can actually be just as effective as massaging the areas around their eyes. You can start off by massaging the base of your index finger, middle finger, and then ring finger. Apply a decent amount of pressure with your thumb on each of these three fingers on each hand.


The Eye Rub

Rubbing around your eyes can be very beneficial, but you can also rub the eyes themselves. It is important that you know how to do this properly so as to avoid worsening any current discomfort.

First you must sit down in a comfortable place and get the palms of your hands nice and warm by rubbing them together.

Next you will shut your eyes and put one of your palms over each closed eye. Gently rub your eyes in a circular motion without applying any pressure. You can do this for about three minutes to get results.

The massaging motion and increased warmth from your hands can do wonders for reducing eye fatigue and even headaches. One of the best things about this particular massage technique is that even those who use contact lens can do it.



Believe it or not, you can actually massage your eyes without even touching your face at all. If you ever experience eye fatigue, try sitting down with your shoulders back and neck straight.

Close your eyes for about half a second at a time before opening them. You can do this ten times in a row for two sets for a total of twenty times. This can actually make a big difference when it comes to reducing eye strain.



There are also focusing exercises that you can do with your eyes that will give them a sort of massage. You can start by sitting about fix feet from one of the windows in your home with a relaxed posture.

Hold out your thumb for a couple of seconds, and begin focusing on the window as opposed to your thumb.

Then you will need to focus on some object in the distance for another couple of seconds. Go back to focusing on your thumb. This can really do wonders for eye strain, though it may work better for some than others.


Eye Massager Devices


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You can purchase devices that are designed specifically for massaging the eyes. There are many of these devices to choose from, and some of them are better designed than others. Most of them have numerous tiny mechanisms built in that will massage all the right areas around your eyes.

This is by far the easiest way to get all of the benefits of an eye massage without having to do any work yourself.

There is typically a layer of soft cushioning inside of a massage mask device so that you can keep it on for as long as necessary without any discomfort.

Some of these devices have adjustable features that will allow you to change air pressure and other things. The more time you take to find the right device, the more you will benefit overall.

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Certain eye massagers use vibration to increase circulation around the eyes, which can reduce eye strain and pain from headaches. Some of them even play music while they work to further relax you.

A mild heating element is sometimes also included as a way of increasing the device’s effectiveness.


Eye Massage Tips: Do it Right!

If you want to know how to massage eyes, there are some important tips that you will need to keep in mind.

1.Don’t apply too much pressure

It is important that you do not use too much pressure when you are massaging your eyes, as you could make your eye strain even worse. It is crucial that you don’t get carried away, because it could have opposite effect you intended.

2.Use repetitive motions

You should only try eye massage techniques that use repetitive motions, as they are typically the ones that work well. While it might be a little tedious at first, it can make a world of difference when it comes to your ability to focus.

3.Use heat

Sometimes warming up your hands or fingers before you start massaging your eyes can really help with reducing strain. You can do this by simply rubbing your hands together or by dipping them in warm water.

4.Rest your eyes

Remember to rest your eyes after giving them a nice relaxing massage. A massage can be very effective at helping you reduce eye fatigue, but you should still close your eyes to rest them for a little while.

5.Be aware of the signs

There are numerous signs of eye strain that you should be fully aware of, especially if you work at a computer for a living. If you start to get blurred vision, headache or tired eyes, there is a good chance that you need to use one of these massage techniques. Eye strain or fatigue is extremely common with people who work in front of computer all day, and you need to be aware of it for your own good.

6.Try different massage techniques

Not all massage techniques work well for everyone, so it might be a matter of trial and error when it comes to finding one that serves you well.

There are lots of different ways that you can massage your eyes to reduce strain and fatigue. Make sure that you try out at least several different methods so you will have a number of options to choose from. While one method might work well, there could be another that is even more effective.


Benefits of Giving Yourself an Eye Massage

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy from giving yourself an eye massage, such as the ability to focus and think clearly.

Those who have eye fatigue find it very difficult to continue working. While you might think that getting some sleep is the only way to get your focus back, this is not always the case.

One of the best things about eye massages is that they are typically very simple and easy to do no matter where you are.

The improved focus that you get from doing this will allow you to keep working uninhibited. Sometimes an eye massage is really all you need for your eyes to stop feeling so tired. If you happen to work at a computer screen most of the time, it is crucial that you learn some of these techniques.



Massaging your eyes can help them in so many aspects, as you can read above. Especially nowadays, when we’re constantly looking at screens wether its your iphone, ipad or i…whichever device, you’re putting a lot of stress on your eyes.

Take the time to massage your eyes every once in a while, they will thank you for that.

If you tend to work on your computer, we also high recommend getting a good massage chair  and a scalp massage, to make sure you’re getting a good blood flow to these areas.