Top 10 LED Light Therapy Machines Reviewed

An LED light therapy machine can be extremely useful as an anti aging treatment for your skin. Especially if you’re over 40, you are losing collagen at a crazy rate of 7% per year.

But don’t worry, our beauty team is here to help!

We have picked the best red light therapy machines and handheld devices that will help you stop or at least slow down the aging of your skin.

These devices offer an incredibly effective way to stimulate collagen production in your body, which increases skin elasticity.

If you want to look years younger without any invasive procedures, it is a good option to consider.

It is important that you learn about some of the best options available so you can choose the right one. The more research you do, the easier it will be to get all of your needs met.

We recently wrote about the benefits of red light therapy feel free to read that post and learn more about this fabulous technology.


  1. Red Light Therapy Device for Face and Neck by EB



The Red Light Therapy Device for Face and Neck by Eternal Beauty uses innovative award winning technology that reduces common signs of aging. It can help with reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other blemishes. You can expect to have tighter more youthful-looking skin within just two to three months of using this device.

One of the strongest points of this red light therapy device is its versatile overall design. You can use it on your face, neck and even around your eyes. This gives you complete coverage when it comes to reducing signs of aging. It provides you with a highly effective way to tighten the skin on your face and neck.

There are three different LED modes to choose from, including Red, Blue, and Green. Each mode offers its own set of benefits. The red setting stimulates blood circulation, tightening and firming the skin on your face and neck. The blue light setting detoxifies and purifies your skin, which increases collaged production. The green light mode will brighten your skin, which can be very useful if you have discolored areas.

This device uses light emitting diode photon therapy and galvanic electrical tissue stimulation to deliver amazingly noticeable results.

It has a very simple design, making it easy for anyone to use right out of the box. When you buy this product you will receive an instructional video that will explain how to get the most from it. There aren’t many other LED light therapy devices on the market that are superior to this one as a whole.


Sale Price: $47 (reg. $400)

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2.TENDLITE Advanced Pain Relief


The TENDLITE Advanced Pain Relief device is FDA cleared, so you can be sure that it’s completely safe to use. This device has a sophisticated design that makes it very effective at reducing inflammation and improving skin quality. The light it emits penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin for maximum results.

Whether you struggle with joint pain or just want to look ten years younger, this device is a great investment to make. It uses a medical grade LED with 3000 mW input of the proven 660nm red light wavelength. The technology behind this device is very impressive to say the least. It has been rigorously tested to ensure fast and noticeable results.

The durable material this device is made from ensures that it lasts a very long time. This means that you won’t have to worry about having to replace it anytime soon. It measures 4 by 0.8 by 0.8 inches with a weight of 2.4 ounces, making it light and easy to handle.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the look and feel of your skin while reducing discomfort, this is one of the best options on the market. This device is a great alternative to prescription medications and invasive cosmetic procedures.

Another great thing about this red light therapy device is that it can actually heal damaged tissue. If you have damaged skin from sun exposure, acne or even mild burns, you’ll want to take a close look at this product.


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  1. Hydraskincare 7 Color LED Photon Light Therapy Machine

The Hydraskincare 7 Color LED Photon Light Therapy Machine is designed to improve circulation in the skin without any side effects. If you want to start looking younger with fewer wrinkles and lines on your face, this device can be very helpful. It is also good for treating oily skin, which can prevent and treat acne.

You’ll find that this red light therapy device is also great for lightening areas of the skin that have turned dark due to hyperpigmentation. You can use it to repair damaged skin, which can make a hugely positive difference in your appearance. It combines LED light and photo therapy technology to give you the best possible results.

There is nothing complicated about this device that would make it difficult to use. You won’t have to worry about any burning or discomfort whatsoever. This device has been thoroughly tested to ensure total safety for everyone. Even those with sensitive skin can use it without experiencing any irritation whatsoever.

Whether your goal is to eliminate acne or simply improve your skin elasticity, this device is a great overall option. It comes with a one year warranty and 24-hour customer support. This means that you can get help whenever you need it if you have a problem.

The seven-color design of this light therapy device means that it can do everything from treating allergic dermatitis to improving acne wounds. It is truly an all-in-one modern skincare solution that you are bound to benefit from in a variety of ways.



  1. Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Anti Aging Device


The Trophy RejuvaliteMD uses an FDA-cleared red light therapy lamp that is clinically proven to treat full facial wrinkles. It features an LED panel that is split between red 660nm light, yellow 590nm light, amber 630nm light, and infrared 880nm light bulbs. This means that it is able to penetrate the skin at different levels for a variety of benefits.

You can use this light therapy device to actually repair sun damaged tissue as well as wrinkles and other age-related blemishes. It is incredibly easy to use and only takes five minutes of your time per treatment. Most people who use this device seem to get noticeable results in just a few weeks.

One of the great things about this device is that it is safe and effective for people of all skin types. It is also dermatologist approved and recommended, so you can trust that it is a good overall investment. This product offers a quick and definitive way to get better skin without any dangerous chemicals or invasive procedures.

The invisible infrared light that this device offers will penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to repair cell damage while reducing signs of aging. It also speeds up healing, which means that even deep wounds can be treated.

When you buy this product you will receive a pair of goggles to protect your eyes, a bendable arm, weighted base, and a user manual. There are no complicated steps required to use this device, so you can get started with it immediately.



  1. EASYBEAUTY PDT LED 4-in-1 Photon LED Light Therapy Machine



The EASYBEAUTY PDT LED Light Therapy Machine has a 4-in-1 design that maximizes its effectiveness for reducing age marks. It penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin to promote better blood flow. This can be helpful for reducing the appearance of acne, wrinkles, fine lines and a number of other blemishes.

The blue light function of this device kills bacteria in the skin, which has a sterilizing effect that promotes clear pores. This can be particularly useful for those who struggle with acne. The green light function is great for people with sensitive skin, penetrating up to 2 millimeters. The yellow light function helps with discharging toxins in the skin that can have a negative impact on its overall health.

This device’s roller probe design makes it ideal for use on the face and neck areas of your body. This makes it easy to reduce visibility of age marks that can be quite unsightly. The increased collagen production resulting from use of this device can do wonders for your skin.

You can use this device to reduce and even completely reverse skin damage caused by everything from acne to excess sun exposure. If you are ready to start improving your skin in a very noticeable way, this product is one of the best options available. It can help you get the kind of skin you’ve always wanted without any risk. The simple design of this device means that you can use it right out of the box without having to follow any complicated instructions.


  1. NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Salon Skin Care Treatment Machine



The NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Skin Care Treatment Machine stimulates collagen production to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. If you want to start looking younger and more attractive, this device is worth looking into. It can significantly improve your skin elasticity, which can take years off your appearance.

This device uses 135 LEDs for red light, 135 LEDs for yellow light, and 150 LEDs for blue light. You will be able to get a variety of benefits, including improved circulation and overall skin health. It is a great investment to make if you have issues with skin discoloration or damage.

There are two different programs that you will have to choose from with this device. The first program is ideal for daily care in the spring and summer months. It uses yellow light for 10 minutes, red light for three minutes, and blue light for four minutes. The second program is best for the fall and winter months. It consists of yellow light for eight minutes and red light for four minutes.

The 420 pcs of total LEDs this device offers gives you very noticeable results that you can count on time after time. It has a power output of 25 watts, so it works very effectively. It should only take you a few weeks of using this device before you start seeing a positive change in your skin. There aren’t a lot of other red light therapy products on the market that can deliver the same amazing results as this one.



  1. Full Body Red Light Therapy Device


The Full Body Red Light Therapy Device from Anyork has the power to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen complexion within just a few weeks. It can also be incredibly helpful to those with arthritis. The red light LEDs reduce joint pain to make everyday life more bearable.

You can hang this panel on your wall to get a near full body treatment every single time. It should be applied at a distance of 5 to 30 centimeters from your body. Each session only takes 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the distance.

When you buy this product you will also receive a hanger, power cord and goggles. This device is very easy to use and doesn’t require you to follow any complicated steps. Despite its fairly large size, this full body red light device only weighs 3.5 pounds.

Another huge benefit of this red light therapy device is that it boosts cellular energy, which can help with building muscle and increasing your strength,.


  1. Korean Face LED Red Light Therapy Massager Device


The Korean Face LED Right Light Therapy Massager Device will make the skin on your face look and feel better in as little as 4 weeks. It has the amazing ability to tighten your skin and improve elasticity for a younger look that you are bound to notice.

This device helps your skin absorb your favorite creams, lotions and serums deep into the skin as quickly as possible. The 108 degrees Fahrenheit heating of the LED bulbs ensures that you get the best possible results without putting your health or well-being at risk.

You can use this massager device to increase collagen and elastin production for youthful, great-looking skin in no time at all. It stimulates the microvascular and cellular tissues in the skin to repair damage very efficiently. If you have started developing wrinkles or fine lines on your face, this is a great device to use on a daily basis.


  1. Dpl Professional Light Therapy Panel

The Dpl Professional Light Therapy Panel has an FDA-cleared design, and it is clinically tested as an OTC Class II Medical Device. It uses a total of 198 LED lights to provide you with a safe and effective anti-aging solution. You can get the same positive results from this device as you would from invasive and risky cosmetic procedures.

This device’s powerful FAR infrared light array promotes fast skin healing and recovery to reduce wrinkles as well as fine lines. Each treatment session only takes three minutes with this device, so using it is not time consuming at all.

When you buy this red light therapy device, you will also receive an instruction manual, power cord, and relaxation goggles. You can use it to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, crows feet, frown lines, and dark circles under the eyes. It gives you very noticeable results much faster than a lot of other methods that are far riskier.

Measuring 11 by 4.2 by 9.5 inches with a total weight of 1 pound, this device is light and compact. It is designed to offer amazing anti-aging results on the neck and face simultaneously. This is by far one of the easiest to use devices of its kind on the market right now. The light this device emits penetrates deep into the skin for real results that don’t take long to start noticing.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy a red light therapy machine or as others call it led light therapy devices, checkout our top 10 list.

Our staff have picked The Wand by Eternal Beauty as the #1 choice and the best red light therapy device of 2019-2020.

Thats because the Wand is not only affordable, its well designed and very effective when it comes to using red light therapy. Users have reported reduction in wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and an overall glowing skin.

To purchase the wand, click here.

There are other devices on our list that might be worth buying. If your budget allow it, we even recommend getting a few of the devices we have recommended as some of them have other functions that can help your skin.

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