Have you heard about Alchimie Forever? This Swiss-based skincare brand is blowing up and taking the beauty scene by storm.

So what makes Alchimie Forever so amazing? In order to find out what all the talk is about, we’re back with another investigation. We’ve done our homework and we’re ready to talk about some of our favorite products from the line. Read on to learn more!


Alchimie Forever:  THE BRAND

The story behind Alchimie Forever is the story of a family business that became a brand. The products were first developed in Geneva Switzerland by founder, dermatologist Dr. Luigi L. Polla. He wanted to create products to help his young patients, who were undergoing invasive skin procedures.


Dr. Polla began creating cosmetic products to support better skin healing and in the process, discovered that the products also resulted in more healthy, glowing skin. One product led to another and a skincare line was born. Today the company remains family-owned but has grown to become a full-scale operation with a mission to create life-changing skincare products.


Alchimie Forever : MAIN INGREDIENTS

Alchimie Forever’s products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny, which we love.

But beyond that, these products utilize very clean and effective ingredients. They are free of any parabens, dyes or gluten and formulated without the use of toxic chemicals.

Alchimie Forever was designed and created by a dermatologist, so the products contain potent actives but also pure botanicals that the skin loves, such as shea butter, papaya enzyme, jojoba oil, organic apple stem cells, blueberries, grape seeds and more.


Alchimie Forever: PRODUCTS REVIEWED!

The lineup at Alchimie Forever is pretty extensive with lots of great products to choose from. However, to help you narrow it down. Let’s look at four of their best-selling products:

  1. Gentle Refining Scrub
  2. Kantic Calming Cream
  3. Tightening Eye Gel
  4. Firming Gel for Neck and Bust

These four products give you a good idea of just how versatile the line is. From eye care to exfoliation, Alchimie Forever has something for everyone. Now let’s see how they stack up!


  1. Gentle Refining Scrub

Our Take:

Finding the right scrub can be tricky, but Alchimie Forever has created the perfect balance of soft and silky moisture meets effective exfoliation in their Gentle Refining Scrub. Free of microbeads, the product is formulated with natural alternatives like cranberry and jojoba beads.


Unlike some exfoliators, this product does not strip the skin of vital moisture. It contains nourishing shea butter as well as antioxidant lychee and rosemary to help protect the skin from environmental stress.


Who’s it for?

The gentle yet effective cleansing properties of the scrub make it a great choice for all skin types and a good alternative for anyone looking to achieve smoother skin without the use of aggressive exfoliation.


  1. Kantic Calming Cream



Our Take:

Created to treat even the most sensitive of skin types, the Kantic Calming Cream might be the miracle you need if you’re struggling with stressed skin, maskne, rosacea or inflamed acne. It has serious calming properties that address these common concerns after just one application.


The cream is filled with antioxidants and moisture binders to help repair and hydrate the skin without clogging your pores. It has a lightweight gel cream formula that soothes the skin and reduces redness. Yes please!


Who’s it for?

With its gentle calming and soothing formula, The Kantic Calming Cream is suitable for all skin types but makes an especially amazing option for sensitive skin, reactive skin or skin that is sun damaged.


  1. Tightening Eye Gel



Our Take:

With a roster of super ingredients that produce instant results, Alchimie Forever’s Tightening Eye Gel is a must-try product. Its innovative formula is enriched with antioxidant technology to brighten and lift the eye contour area.


The other magic secret ingredient in the eye gel is caffeine. It’s true. Caffeine is actually an incredibly effective skincare ingredient as it helps to naturally stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.


Who’s it for:

They aren’t kidding when they call it “a shot of espresso” for the eye area! Anyone with tired eyes, crows feet or dark under eye circles will love this super-targeted treatment product.


  1. Firming Gel for Neck and Bust



Our Take:

The skin of your neck and decolletage need love too. With time the neck and chest can show age quickly, and yet many product lines neglect this delicate area. Not to worry. Alchimie Forever has created a unique product that specifically addresses fine lines and neck wrinkles.


The Firming Gel for Neck and Bust is infused with green tea, rosemary and other botanical ingredients carefully selected to treat aging skin.


Who’s it for?

For mature skin that is beginning to lose elasticity and tone, the Firming Gel for Neck and Bust is the perfect skin plumper. It can also be used as preventative maintenance for premature signs of aging.


Our Unbiased Opinion

With roots in dermatology, Alchimie Forever is a product line we trust to deliver on safe, yet effective skincare. Their wide range of options has been designed to treat a plethora of skin types and concerns and it’s easy to see the intention that has gone into creating this special line of products.

We also love that the products contain the perfect blend of holistic ingredients mixed with solid skincare science. If you’ve been in the market for clean cosmetics that get the job done, Alchimie Forever is a beauty brand worth checking out.


Alchimie Forever: Customer Reviews

The ingredients and clean formulas speak for themselves, but what do reviewers have to say about Alchimie Forever? We did a little digging to find out and learned that their customer  feedback is highly positive.


Customers are hooked on Alchimie Forever for their daily self care. They love the texture and feel of the products and the results keep them coming back for more. Reviewers are buzzing about the Kantic Calming Cream – a must have for sensitive skin types.

Meanwhile reviews for the Firming Gel for Neck and Bust call it a “holy grail” product for aging skin.



Overall, we give alchimie forever 9/10. Which is amazing.

The products are well made, the company is customer-focused, and they’re heading in the right direction.

We highly recommend trying at least some of their products, and see the quality for yourself.

You can view their skincare line by clicking here.

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