Do you want a younger looking, healthier skin complexion? (who doesn’t?) Then you need to start taking anti-aging supplements more seriously.

Picking the right type of anti aging supplements can be over-whelming and confusing, thats why we sent our beauty experts on a mission to find the absolute best  anti aging supplements out there!

First, we needed to take at what our skins really needs so we’ll know how to supplement it the right way.

Then, we looked at over 100 anti aging supplements and picked the most crucial ones.



Why You Need Them 

Collagen is the most vital protein in our skin, its responsible for the elasticity of the skin and has many other benefits, like thickening your hair and strengthening your bones and teeth.

In fact, we recently wrote an entire post on collagen, you can read it here.

Best Collagen Supplements

We absolutely love this collagen supplement by Vital Proteins, its very easy to consume and contains a high amount of collagen. No fluff, or sugar added.



This collagen supplement by Sport Research is another great choice. Its an amazon best seller and has a whooping 4.5 stars rating for a good reason. We tried it ourselves and it has no taste, so you can basically add it to anything you drink without a disgusting after taste.



Last, if you’re not a big fan of the powder form, try these collagen capsules by Code Age. What we loved about this one is that you’ll see results fast – silkier hair and glowing skin are just some of the changes users reported.


Moving forward, another anti aging supplement you want to take daily, is Turmeric Curcumin. 


Why You Need Them 

Turmeric Curcumin is known to have many skin benefits, the main ones are naturally glowing skin, wound healing, acne reduction and a more even skin tone. Turmeric is also known to strengthen joints which is a huge benefit.

As a strong anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory, its definitely one of our favorite anti aging supplements.

Learn more about the benefits of turmeric to your skin in this post by healthline.com.


Best Turmeric Curcumin Supplements

First is the Turmeric & Ginger supplement by Vimerson Health.

Definitely one of the best turmeric supplements, some of our editors have been using it for a while and absolutely swear by it.

These are vegetarian capsules, gluten free, dairy free and 100% natural. The powerful combination of turmeric and ginger make it a must have!


The Turmeric Curcumin supplement by Bio Schwartz is another great choice. Its made in USA and tested. An amazon best seller and has a money back guarantee.

Contains bioperine, which has immune system benefits and is known to help improve memory.


3.CoQ10  Supplements

Why You Need Them

CoQ10, or CoEnzyme q10 is an enzyme that our body produces naturally. The problem is as we age, our body produces less and less CoQ10, thats why many take it in the form of a pill.

The skin benefit of CoQ10 has to do with the ability of your body to renew its skin cells and slow down the aging-process and dying of skin cells.

Its also known to help high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Best CoQ10 Supplements



Simple and effective, this CoQ10 By Nature Made is a great coq10 supplement. No fluff, no added chemicals, just coq10. It comes in the form of a capsule and is very easy to consume on the go.


4. Vitamin C Supplements

Why You Need Them

You knew it was coming; Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins you can consume, especially for anti aging & healthy skin benefits.

Other than taking it as a supplement, we recommend using skincare produjcts that contain vitamin C, like this Vitamin C & Hyaluronic acid serum by Eternal Beauty.

Best Vitamin C Supplements

Nature Made is a leading brand in the supplement industry, and for a good reason. Their 1000 mg Vitamin C Supplement will suffice all your vitamin c needs.


5. Zinc Supplements

Why You Need Them

Zinc is a mineral that helps keep your skin, teeth, nail hair and bones young and healthy.

It also has a major role in muscle repair, and is known to help decrease the signs of aging.

Often overlooked, Zinc is one of the most important minerals and is absolutely crucial for your health.


Best Zinc Supplements

The Zinc supplement by NOW foods comes in the form of a vegan capsule, easy to take, and has 50mg of Zinc in it. Take it daily for a younger looker skin.


6. Coconut Oil Supplements

Why You Need Them

Coconut oil is one of the best, most popular oils in the beauty industry. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, this fabulous oil will give your skin the protection it needs with a deep, silky, moisture.

And while you’re at it, it will also help you get a silkier, softer hair texture.

Best Coconut Oil Supplement

This virgin coconut oil supplement by Nutra Champs is unrefined and cold pressed. Take a pill a day and enjoy the power & benefits of coconut oil.


7. L-Lysine Supplements

Why You Need Them

We bet you haven’t heard of L-Lysine, and if you have, you’re probably not taking it as a supplement. This widely over-looked amino acid is a vital nutrient that for combating the signs of aging both internally and externally.

Promotes youthful skin, hair growth, and muscle repair, you should no longer ignore the power of this amino acid (plus its super cheap).

Best L-lysine Supplement 

Nature MAdes’ L-Lysine Tablets are our choice of l-lysine supplement. They give you 3 bottles at the price of one, making it a super-bargain.



Anti aging supplements are an important addition to your daily life, if you’re planning on having a healthy, younger looking skin. Other than the skin benefits, they offer plenty of other benefits.

Some of these benefits are hair growth, stronger teeth and bones, and better blood circulation.

They’re also easy to consume – most of the supplements above come in the form of a pill, so you can take one with a sip of water and go on with your day.

Combined with a good skin care routine, and a good nutrition plan, anti aging supplements will definitely show you their power.


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