Best Facial Steamer Reviews – Top 10 Best Skin Facial Steamers

While going to the spa is an activity that all of us would love to be able to do consistently, sometimes it is simply not a viable option. Thats why finding the best facial steamer is important, so you can treat it at home.

Thus, you might be looking for more affordable and practical ways to get the same kind of benefits you might get from going to a professional spa.

One of the best ways to take care of your skin at home is by using a facial steamer.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of facial steamers available on the market that can cater to your specific needs. Below, we will be going over a list of the top 10 facial steamers of 2018.

Note: The order of the facial steamers reviews is random, please pick the right facial steamer for your needs after reading these reviews. It will take you an extra 5 minutes, but will prevent you from wasting money and making a mistake!

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Our Top 10 Facial Steamers 

1.Conair Facial Sauna System With Timer Review

This particular steamer is one of the top rated on the market. Definitely one of the best facial steamers of 2018.

It is a 3 in 1 device that combines a steamer, a warming towel, and even a humidifier all in one single device.

Because of this, it has the ability to help not only clear up your skin but also to help with your sinus and nasal passages as well.

This particular unit comes with 2 different cones. Each one serves its own unique purpose.

One is meant to free up your sinus and the other is flared in order to allow you to place your entire face on it so you can effectively steam your skin and its pores. This provides you with the ability to open up your pores and unclog them.

This is particularly useful for clearing up troublesome and persistent blackheads. Along with this, it can help to make you feel very relaxed as if you were in a sauna.

It also happens to be one of the more affordable facial steamers on the market.

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2.Pure NanoSteamer Review

This particular facial steamer is a new kind of steamer that pairs a traditional heating element with an ultrasonic vaporizer.

The end result of this pairing turns into a steam with charges that are said to be significantly more powerful in being able to penetrate to deeper layers of your skin.

Because the unit and tank itself are large enough to hold a lot of water, you should be able to get a continuous 40 minutes of treatment out of it when all is said and done. Along with this, it comes with a timer feature that will allow you to set your desired length for steaming.

Because it offers one of the highest quality builds on the market along with groundbreaking technology, it hits number 2 on our list for those looking for a facial steamer.

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3.Spaire BF F1 Facial Steamer Review 

This facial steamer is more expensive than the previous two.

However, those that value quality over all will likely find this unit to be worth spending extra.

The steamer not only includes nano-ions technology, but it also features one of the best and easiest to use designs on the entire market.

Best of all, it doesn’t weigh much which makes it one of the more portable options on the market. This one is definitely one of the best facial steamers out there.



4.Panasonic EH SA31VP Facial Steamer Review

This particular steamer is a very expensive luxury steamer that is primarily geared at those that are looking to spend a lot on their facial steamer.

This steamer not only offers one of the best designs on the market, but it offers user’s with the ability to enjoy spa quality facial sauna treatments at the comfort of their own home with the simple push of a button.

It features nano-steam capability which can relax and soften your skin. While there are other steamers on the market that do largely the same thing for much less, with this option you are primarily going to be paying for the brand, warranty, and build quality.



5.True Glow By Conair Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna 

This option can help to protect against dryness, signs of aging, and even environmental damage. It comes with an exclusive 2 step process which first utilizes steam to open up pores and to cleanse the skin and follows with a cool mist to effectively close the pores and re-hydrate the skin. It comes with the ability to set the timer to various inputs and it also features an auto shut off.



6.Spaire Facial Steamer Review

This steamer utilizes nano-atomization technology. It works to open, cleanse, and close facial pores.

Along with this, it can help with detoxing your skin. It comes with the easy and intuitive operation and the ability to set timers. It comes with a full 2-year warranty.

This is more of a mid-budget option for those that might be looking to spend on a quality steamer but whom may be unwilling to opt for a high-end product.



7.KevenAnna Nano Handy Facial Mist Sprayer Review

If you are looking for something that is going to provide you with ultra portability and something that can provide you with ample use, you will want to invest in this.

It is a portable nano sprayer that you can spray without any time limitations.

Because it is incredibly portable, you should be able to carry it with you anywhere. When looking for the best facial steamer, this portability is one of the factors you should consider.



8.Panasonic Steamer Nano Care Pink EH SA95 P Review

This is going to be for those that are really looking for the highest of the high end of facial steamers.

It comes with an incredibly simple and compact design which allows for great portability.

It is quick to heat up and can take as little as 7 minutes to heat up adequately. This is especially good for those that might be suffering from dry skin. Definitely a great one, but we wouldnt call it the best facial steamer as there are other better steamers out there.


9.Kinga Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Review

This is a good option for anyone looking for more of a budget option.

It comes with much of the same features you might expect in a budget steamer and can be used for about 10 minutes prior to running out of the water.

There are minor questions about durability and warranty support however so if these are very important to you, it might be wise to go with a much more established brand.


10.Icarus Jocasta Professional Facial Steamer Review

This is an excellent option for those that are looking for something different. This steamer features a twistable arm and an ozone combo.

This is a great steamer for even a professional. If you do not want to utilize the ozone function, you can easily shut it off. It is a very effective and surprisingly affordable steamer that can provide you with excellent deep cleansing results for a much more youthful glow.


Overall, there are a lot of facial steamers available on the market. Regular use of these kinds of steamers can promote a much cleaner and healthier looking face.

We hope this post helped you find the best facial steamer for your needs.

This is a very economical and viable option as opposed to going to a spa every week. Consider investing in one of the facial steamers above for top notch skin care.

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