best red light therapy devices 2022

The Best Handheld LED Light Therapy Device- Ultimate Guide of 2021

With the growing popularity of red light therapy, we get hundreds of emails from readers, asking us which is the Best Handheld Led Light Therapy Device in 2021?

The new led-light therapy technology has changed the anti-aging field forever.

Red light therapy can help your skin in so many ways.

In a recent study by Harvard Med School, red light therapy was found to be efficient to heal damaged skin tissue, reduce wrinkles, and even help pigmentation issues (like age spots, and dark spots).

Furthermore, in this trial that was published by the US National Library of medicine, red light therapy resulted in the “visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles”.

Isn’t that amazing? this could be the end of botox!

In this post, we will finally answer that question and will save you the headache of picking out of the hundreds of products out there.

First, we’ll talk about why red light therapy is great for your skin and how it can benefit you.

Then, we will reveal the best led anti aging device for 2021, and explain why we picked it(it was hard to pick one, but we did it!)

Admit it or not, but we all spend huge sums of money on skincare products; yet, most of us are often unable to achieve satisfying skin.

Every day our skin is exposed to the damaging pollution in the environment. And with regular usage of irritating ingredients in our skincare products, our skin mostly appears tired and aged.

In this regard, a Handheld LED Light Therapy Device is the ultimate hack to achieve your clear skin goals! These Light therapy devices are already in trend these days, and if you are an Instagram person, you’d have probably seen renowned celebrities posting post-therapy pictures of these devices.

Our skin is one of the most useful organs of our body, as it forms a protective barrier against micro-organism and the environment. Therefore, they rightly deserve to be pampered.

And indeed, what could be a better way to nurture oneself than by gentle, soothing light therapy!

These high-tech devices relax your skin with built-in systems that simultaneously target, heat, and stimulate your facial muscles while boosting collagen production by using infra-red lights.

They are the perfect way to eliminate wrinkles, acne, and blisters and to achieve that plump young skin. They are loaded with various specifications and features, which can also work on sensitive areas of skin.

Today, a diverse range of Handheld LED Light Therapy Devices are available in the market, each differing in terms of features, quality, and prices.

Choosing the best therapy device with ideal features can surely be a challenging task for many.

In respect to that, unfortunately, many skincare enthusiasts either buy an overly-priced massager or one that lacks some basic features; which ultimately prevents them from getting the desired results. But we know you wouldn’t love that!

Hence to assist you with choosing the ideal Handheld LED Light Therapy Device, here we have provided a full-fledged buying guide, with our top ten picks. Therefore, if you are willing to buy a light therapy tool anytime soon, this is a must-read for you!




How does Light Therapy work?

As the name suggests, Handheld Light Therapy Device includes light-emitting diodes which are very therapeutic in nature.

It was first developed by researchers at NASA to be used in space shuttles; however, due to its incredible healing effects, it soon became incorporated in most skin healing therapies.

These devices release beams of varying wavelengths from 600 to 1,300 nanometers, which can easily penetrate the epithelial layer of the skin. 

What makes LED Light Therapy so popular these days is that it doesn’t use ultraviolet Light, chemicals, or any other harmful residues.

Therefore it’s completely safe for your skin. This light therapy session had already been provided by dermatologists and aestheticians for the past decade.

However, with these powerful and portable handheld home kits, you no longer need to pay for expensive sessions, as now you can avail of these treatments comfortably at home (or anywhere you like!).

These Light Therapy kits come with multiple light options to target specific skin concerns. The Light can reach deeper depths to promote targeting fibroblast cells of the skin.

Therefore, due to its incredible anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, LED Light Therapy is highly recommended by dermatologists today.


Types of Lights Used in Therapy

You’d be most probably aware of the effects of a different light on the skin. Therefore, Handheld LED Light Therapy Device comes with various color options, with each having its distinctive healing properties.

They include:

Red LED Light: Amazing anti-aging & skin tone related benefits 

 the most widely used Light, particularly in anti-aging devices. Red LED is proven to have a rejuvenating effect.

Red light therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin cells. Therefore, it works readily improves the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Not just that, Red Light also makes the skin more resilient, making it an ideal therapy for rosacea-prone (broken capillaries) individuals.

In this study by the NCBI, LLLT (red led light therapy) was found to encourage rejuvenation of skin cells.

In more simple words, red light therapy will encourage your skin to renew, naturally, which is amazing.

Read more about the benefits of red light therapy here.


Blue LED Light: for Acne Prone Skin

BLT works miraculously for calming down breakouts as it promotes an anti-bacterial action.

It has varying wavelengths between the ranges of 405nm to 420nm, and when combined with other anti-acne topical, it can effectively eliminate blemishes, acne, sun damage, and fade scars.

With a frequency of 415nm, is readily absorbed by porphyrin, which can work on p.acne bacterium associated with pustule acne.


Amber LED Light – promotes skin revitalization

These therapies have wavelengths between 570nm to 620nm, plays a supportive role as it promotes skin revitalization by increasing lymphatic flow in the epithelial layer of skin.

Amber light is particularly ideal for irritated and sensitive skin, as its calming and soothing therapy can effectively flush out toxins. 


Green LED Light – for damaged skin

Green light therapy specifically targets damaged skin, which has been irritated by environmental pollution.

It’s successful in eliminating uneven pigmentation while brightening the complexion by inhibiting melanin production.

Apart from these color properties, you may also opt for devices with infrared Light to reap the optimal benefits of light therapy.

It has similar functioning as LED lights, yet it can penetrate deeper, providing quicker and better results. Usually, Handheld LED Light Therapy Devices are incorporated with interchangeable Light heads, to provide users with a wider functionality.


Benefits of Using Handheld LED Light Therapy Device

Renowned dermatologists and expert aesthetician around the world acclaim the benefits of LED Light Therapy Device.

The wavelengths of these LED Lights are able to penetrate deep into the epithelial layer of skin and increase the skin’s wound healing response.

The intensity of these lights boosts the ATP cellular energy of the cell, which eventually stimulates collagen and elastin production.

This increased collagen production is critical for slowing down the aging process. Not just that, Infrared and natural red LED therapy relieves cellular stress, by boosting the anti-oxidants level in the body.

As a result, it improves lymphatic blood flow and skin regeneration.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive that delivers personalized results without any drawbacks.

The light waves emitted are non-thermal and free from harmful UVA/UVB rays. When combined with other cosmetic protocol such as Micro-needling, Laser, or Chemical Peeling, it can help with:

  • Rejuvenating Aged skin- Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.
  • Dealing with Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • Calming down Rosacea-prone skin (Broken capillaries).
  • Conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and erythema in sensitized skin.
  • Reduce inflammation and heals wound.
  • Reduce the appearance of Acne blemishes and acne scars.


Led Light Therapy – The Anti Aging Benefits 

You probably have heard of led light therapy, but do you know how does it really help your skin?

Led light is proven to help heal scars and damaged skin tissue.

It does that by encouraging regeneration of  keratinocytes & fibro-blasts and new skin cells, basically encouraging faster growth of skin cells.

Red light therapy will also help you with crepey, dry skin. It works even better when combined with crepe erase.

But one of the most important (at least to us, esthetics lovers) benefits of led light therapy, in ANTI AGING.



Yes. red light therapy does work and have many anti-aging benefits.

Lets talk about the technology and take an in-depth look into it, before you actually use it o your skin.

Led Light Therapy treatments basically boosts your collagen production, and helps promoting skin-cell rejuvenation.

It will help you get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin, and give your skin an over-all younger appearance.

Red light therapy treatments are effective in improving pigmentation issues, such as sun spots, age spots, un-even skin tone and even rosacea. 

There are hundreds of medical studies (such as the ones we quoted above) that prove the effectiveness of red light therapy, when it comes to the general improvement of your skins appearance.


Medical Studies: Red Light Therapy Benefits

We did some research and found the most recent studies on red light therapy and how it can benefit your skin (and general health).

After all, we don’t want to waste our time on useless treatments, unless they’re backed by science!

Red light therapy skin care benefits: medical studies 

Below are some medical studies and trials that prove the effectiveness of red light therapy treatment.

  1. Benefits of red light therapy – by Medical News Today
  2. Red light therapy benefits for skin and aging– Harvard Med School
  3. Light therapy and skin benefits – The National Library of Medicine
  4. Led benefits in Dermatology – research library
  5. Led light therapy and skin rejuvenation – Research Gate

If you’re lazy like we are, the conclusion from these studies in simple; red light therapy is effective and will help you get a better, younger-looking skin.

It does require some time to work so you will need to use it consistently, like every other treatment.

You will see progress, but remember, you cant lose 50 lbs by going to the gym once.

You have to be consistent is our point. Use red light therapy at least three times a week.

Now that we explained the many benefits of led-light therapy treatments, lets talk about the best treatment we have found, which is a combination of an affordable price and a powerful device.

Red Light Therapy Home Treatments vs Salon

Many of you might wonder, is it better to use red light therapy myself at home, or at a salon?

Well, our answer will surprise you. We actually recommend that you buy your own handheld red light therapy device, and treat your skin, at home.

Why Use Red light therapy at home? 

  • It will save you a lot of money. Red light therapy treatments at a salon can cost you anywhere from $25-100, per session.  For the treatment to actually work, you will need at least 24 sessions (3 times a week, for 2 months), so we’re talking about anywhere up to $2400. While the red light therapy device we recommend comes at a one time cost of $200-300 one and you get to use it as often as you’d like.
  • Its convenient. If you choose the “at-home” option, you get to pick when you use the product. You could watch Tiger King on Netflix (we know you so well!) while using the device, plus you can take it anywhere (if traveling).
  • You can use it on private areas. Some of us don’t feel comfortable getting our behind, chest or inner thighs treated at a salon and prefer to do it at the privacy of our own home. Red light therapy is especially effective for these areas.

Of course, if you still prefer getting treatments at a salon, you can. You can even combine both, get a few treatments at a salon and do the rest at home, its up to you.

Now lets get to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, which is the best red light theray device for at home treatments?



#1. 3 IN 1 LED DEVICE By Eternal Beauty – Our Top Pick for 2022!

Red Light Therapy For Face by Eternal Beauty 2.0 - Red, Blue, and Green Light Therapy for Face - Firming and Tightening Device - Led Lift Wand for Wrinkles
  • 3 Led Light Modes in 1 Device : Red, Blue and Green light therapy all in one powerful anti aging device. Target different signs of aging on your skin, using our powerful anti aging wand.
  • Includes Heat of up to 120F - the heat will Increase blood flow to your skin, encouraging skin-cell growth and it feels like heaven!
  • Ergonomic, new design with glass head, Charges Fast (charger included) - the device was designed to be portable, light, and absolutely gorgeous. The glass head will make sure you are able to use our serum or any cream while massaging your skin with the device, without getting stuck in the head of the device (unlike other devices that are metal based or plastic based). Use it even when you travel - the charge will last you for multiple treatments.
  • Light therapy for dark spots and pigmentation issues - our device will help you with tightening your skin, reducing wrinkles, and even removing dark spots and other pigmentation issues.
  • 1 Year Warranty from Eternal Beauty - shop with confidence, we provide a 1 year warranty on our led skin tightening device. We are a US based company (from Miami) and will always be there for our customers, with anything you need.

The new red light therapy device by eternal beauty was launched in 2022, we received one from the company and we absolutely love it.



Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of it:

Device Features :

  • Newest technology touch sensors (lights up when comes in contact with the skin)
  • Newest red light therapy technology, with deep infrared LEDs range of 640–840 nm.
  • Easy to use
  • Well designed and very light
  • Helps with wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, tightening
  • Safe to use around the eyes, eye lids and lips
  • Use it on your neck for a tighter, better looking skin
  • Boosts collagen production, elastin production
  • Great for sagging skin on the arms and hips too!
  • Use it for 3 times a week, 2 minutes per area is enough! (2 min entire face, 2 min entire neck).
  • Best price we have found for a device of that level (!!!) 
  • FDA Approved

    Use this serum with any red light therapy device, for extra hydration and a boost of vitamins, it will also make the devices glide better on your skin!


Regardless of the red light therapy device you pick, we recommend using the ‘light therapy serum’ for extra hydration. It’s extremely light and based on vitamin c and hyularonic acid – so many benefits in 1 serum.


Plus – It was made specifically for red light therapy treatment. Give it a shot, if you wont like it they have a very flexible return policy.


The bottom line –

This device is absolutely amazing, it will deliver the results and the feedback we got from people using it is amazing.

It competes with the higher-end level therapy devices that sell for up to $6,000 and honestly we couldn’t find a big difference between this device to the more “high-end” ones that cost thousands.


The best part – for as little as  $199, you get your own red light therapy device, save thousands, and get the skin you always wanted!




#2 Editors Personal Pick: THE 3 IN ONE DEVICE BY ETERNAL BEAUTY [MSRP $249]


Do you often experience dull skin? Are you tired of investing in various skin acre serums and cream that bring no positive results? If you can relate to such issues in some way, Eternal Beauty’s Red light Therapy Device (Joli 2.0) is precisely what you need!

The New Joli 2.0 Red Led Light Therapy Device has been incorporated with Award-Winning Anti-Aging Technology that can significantly slow down the aging process. The Light-emitting diodes release therapeutic red Light, which can target deep layers of skin, renew skin cells, and transport collagen to lower epithelial in the skin.



Love getting quick results?

Luckily, Eternal Beauty’s Red light Therapy Device has been specifically designed to provide quick results; and trust me, within a couple of months, it will completely transform your skin. Unlike other Light Therapy equipment, Eternal Beauty’s red Light therapy can also work around sensitive areas of your skin, including your eyes. Therefore, with it, you can also bid farewell to crows-feet, puffiness, and dark circles! Pretty cool ‘huh?

Most importantly, it’s equipped with advanced touch sensors, which conveniently switch on the device by sensing your fingers. For ideal results, it’s recommended to use it for 5 minutes on each specific area, thrice a week.

What makes it one “the BEST?” Well, Eternal Beauty’s Red light Therapy Device is one of the most effective skincare devices, which is reported to work for every individual! And all that, with no Side effects or cons at all! And, when combined with other skin treating serums and oils, it can literally transform your skin. Trust me!


  • Affordable Price point.
  • Quick Results.
  • Absolutely safe to use around the eye area/ sensitive skin.
  • It can reduce wrinkles even in the most problematic regions of the face, such as the forehead.
  • Touch-sensitive sensor switch- Allows convenient usage.
  • Multi-purpose application.
  • An ultimate way to get young and plump skin.




  • None- (Hurray!)


YourFun Pro LED Face Mask

YOURFUN Rechargeable 7 Color LED Mask for Face and Neck Light Skin Rejuvenation Facial Beauty Daily Skin Wireless Version (White)
  • The YOURFUN Photon Beauty Device, designed for facial and neck beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.
  • Each color of light shows beneficial effects on particular skin conditions. Gentle, not stimulating!
  • Effective gentle and safe procedure.Increases the absorption of facial skin care products to more 40%-60%, maximizing their effectiveness,after Apply the required skincare or serum(Hyaluronic Acid Serum Vitamin C for skin, High Quality Acid Serum and so on) or your Favorite moisturizing mask to your skin.
  • This LED PDT Device is ideal for all skin types.Our premium design delivers facial beautification even for the most sensitive skin types.Choose your preferred color setting and start restoring your facial beauty.
  • 2 year warranty.

We all want a bright and glowing complexion. Isn’t it? Luckily, now with YourFun Pro LED Face Mask, you can achieve that perfect youthful glow within no time! The Photon Beauty mask is equipped with 7 light colors that project natural Lightwaves. Such broad-spectrum of lights with distinct wavelengths provides users with unmatched customization, thus can treat your specific skin concerns accordingly.

As far as the safety of the Pro LED Face Mask is concerned, it’s an absolute 10/10! The mask has been recommended by expert dermatologists and is FDA approved, so even after regular usage, it won’t cause any concerns.

Not just that, the intensity of the Light-emitting diode is so calming that it works perfectly for even those with sensitive skin.

By regular usage, you may be able to start observing significant effects with a couple of months. And the best part is that, if you don’t find a noticeable difference within 60 days, you can also return the product and get your money back instantly!

Improved skin elasticity, minimized wrinkles, smaller pores, and other countless benefits you could name of-YourFun’s Pro LED Face Mask provides it all! Furthermore, it can even inhibit the production of melanin and help rejuvenate the skin.

It’s definitely worth a try!


  • FDA approved.
  • It works great for most skin types, even sensitive ones.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light Weight
  • Extensive warranty for two years-Reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence on their device.


  • It may not be able to fit properly on every face shape, especially those who have a smaller structure.
  • Relatively Expensive.

Pure Daily Care Luma- Light therapy Machine

Pure Daily Care Luma - 4 in 1 Skin Therapy Wand - Ion Therapy LED Light Machine - Wave Stimulation- Massage - Anti Aging - Lift & Firm Tighten Skin Wrinkles
  • 4-in-1 Beauty Powerhouse - Luma harnesses 4 powerful yet completely natural technologies to give you an all in one skincare tool. This skin therapy wand allows you to use each mode individually or combine them for tailored therapies including anti-aging, skin firming, and more depending on your skin care goals
  • LED Light Therapy & Wave Penetrating Cell Stimulationion - Luma's first 2 modes include powerful red, blue and green leds. Light therapy has been clinically proven to naturally help fight the signs of aging (red), calm skin (blue) and improve complexion (green). Wave Penetration technology is like your skins weekly workout helping lift and firm while retaining skin moisture to drastically stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Ionic & Massage Therapies - The third and fourth Luma modes include ionic/galvanic channeling and Massage. You can set either ion(+) or ion(-) to pull dirt and and impurities out of the skin OR deliver serums and creams into the deeper layers of the skin which drastically improving their absorption and effectiveness. Massage mode has two setting which harness the power of vibrations to firm your skin by gently working your facial muscles which improve muscle tone in the cheeks, eyes and forehead
  • Convenient Features - Enhanced features including an LED display allow you to quickly create your custom treatments. A premium lithium rechargeable battery lets you charge Luma so you can use it cord free. Lastly a built in timer feature lets you pre-set how long you want each treatment to last. Luma will automatically power down once the timer runs out so you know you're finished
  • What's in the box – 1 Luma wand, travel pouch, charging cable, quick-start treatment guides, instruction manual

Quite simply, Pure Daily Care Luma is an all-in-one package for all the skincare enthusiasts out there! It is capable of offering skin therapy in four modes, which are wave penetrating cell stimulation, LED light therapy, ionic/galvanic channeling, and massage therapy. Luma uses powerful yet effective technologies that were previously only available in professional skincare clinic. However, now with Luma, you can utilize light therapy at your home, office, or literally anywhere in the world!

The first two modes of the machine use powerful red, blue, and green LEDs. The extensive research in light therapy has revealed the incredible benefits of these lights as it can reduce inflammations, soothes acne, and brighten up your complexion.

Meanwhile, the third and fourth mode of the device utilizes ionic/galvanic conduits and massages.

The ionic model helps eliminate deep dirt and grime in deepest layers of skin, along with increasing the absorption rate for hydrating serums and creams. Lastly, it also offers therapeutic massages by gentle yet effective vibrations, which is perfect for unwinding oneself.

Pure Daily Care aims to offer absolute convenience and customization to its users; therefore, Luma has been incorporated with integrated timer function, which allows setting timer for each treatment. Once the timer reaches its limits, it automatically switches off the functioning.


  • It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, allowing wireless use as well.
  • Sophisticated Design.
  • It offers four distinct massaging modes.
  • Includes a LED-display.
  • Hygienic metal applicator.
  • Includes 1-year protection coverage.


  • Complaints regarding battery issues.
  • A bit confusing control.


Rika LED Facial Massager

Rika beauty is a reputable cosmetic brand that has been developing quality skincare essentials for a very long now. Their strict adherence to quality and convenience has made it a popular choice today. In this regard, their LED Facial Massager is a stunning reflection of their expertise

 Rika’s LED Facial Massager is not an ordinary light therapy device; however, it’s equipped with an ideal blend of three technologies- LED Photon Rejuvenation, Ionic technology, and Micro Vibration. They are incorporated to work simultaneously to provide improved facial configuration.

The LED Photon Rejuvenation utilizes three types of Light of varying intensities; while powerful Galvanic Ion technology can effectively eliminate debris from deep pores, ultimately providing you with a clear and radiant complexion. Not just that, the nutria function of the LED massager is able to penetrate essential moisturizers and serums deep in the skin layers, boosting overall absorption.

The Rika’s LED Facial Massager is dermatologically tested and is entirely safe to be used regularly.

It’s painless and super convenient to use. Plus, its vibrating mode can quickly relax oneself, offering a spa-like experience at your home. The device has been designed to treat every skin type and is suitable to be used on the face, hand, and neck; hence you may use it without any worries!


  • When combined with other skincare essentials such as (Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid and Collagen serum), it can readily improve its effectiveness- up to 8 times!
  • Able to penetrate deep layers of the epithelium.
  • Anti-aging properties which reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.
  • The lightweight and travel-friendly design make it super portable.
  • Ideal gift for loved ones, especially girls and elderly women.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Complaints regarding Light not being intense.
  • Not useful for everyone.


Allisable’s Red Light Therapy Device

Hooga Red Light Therapy Device for Face, Body. Red Near Infrared 660nm 850nm, 60 Clinical Grade LEDs, High Power Output Panel. Improve Sleep, Pain Relief, Skin Health, Anti-Aging, Energy, Recovery.
  • 💡HOOGA HG SERIES: The HG series is our entry level series, perfect for getting started with red and near infrared light therapy. No unnecessary features, just effective, affordable light therapy. HG300 is a targeted device featuring 60 5W LEDs emitting red and near infrared light at a 1:1 ratio. Built-in cooling fan. Measures 12.2" x 8.2" x 2.5". 60 degree beam angle. Includes instruction manual, hanging kit, and eye protection.
  • 💡HIGH POWERED HOME USE: Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy efficient and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be achieved at home in just minutes a day. Much like we need nutrients from food and water, our bodies need light to function optimally as well.
  • 💡SPECIFIC & PROVEN WAVELENGTHS: Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red) and 850 (near infrared) nanometers in a 1:1 ratio for the perfect light therapy treatment. These wavelengths are ideal for skin health, reducing wrinkles, improved energy and performance, enhanced recovery, more mental clarity and so much more.
  • 💡IRRADIANCE & FUNCTIONALITY: When it comes to light therapy, irradiance is very important. Our panels deliver much more than 100mW/cm2 of irradiance at the surface, and at least 73mW/cm2 at 6 inches. With irradiance measurements like these, you can be sure you are getting an effective, efficient amount of light to your body when using the device.
  • 💡TWO YEAR WARRANTY & CUSTOMER SERVICE: If at any time within 30 days you find that you are unhappy with the light therapy, you are welcome to return it for a full refund. We also offer a 2 year warranty and friendly customer service. If any issues were to arise with the panel that were not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.

If you are looking for a multipurpose yet durable LED Light tool, Allisable’s Red Light Therapy Device has to be your definite choice! This is able to soothe and calm down any area, any muscle, or any joint of your body conveniently.

Not just that, this phototherapy device, relieves stiffness; relieves joint pain, swelling, stiffness caused by arthritis; enhances circulation, and boosts the immune system. Amazing  ‘huh?

As far as the quality and durability of the device are concerned, you don’t need to worry at all as it’s built with top-of-the-line components.

The sturdy yet elegant design also adds on to the look of the device. With that, the device is also equipped with multiple intensity modes- One-minute mode and Steady light Mode- The one-minute mode automatically switches off the device at an interval of a minute. In contrast, in steady mode, it remains functioning until the user itself turns it off.

Fortunately, it’s equipped with state of the art technology, and absolutely safe to be used. When combining with other healing treatments, it can make totally transform your condition.

Plus, it comes with incredible portability so you can use it at your home, office while driving, or even while binge-watching your favorite show.


  • Full body stainless steel and durable construction.
  • It comes with two rechargeable batteries, which can be used alternatively.
  • You may even use it on our cat and dog!
  • 100% Money back guarantee- depicts the manufacturer’s confidence in their device!


  • The design could have been more elegant.
  • It does not work for everyone.


Pulsaderm Red LED Light Therapy

Pulsaderm always standout in versatility and elegance; therefore, their Red LED Light Therapy is indeed an epitome of their perfection.

The device uses NASA developed red LED therapy, which is emitted at a wavelength of 650nm to target specific skin concerns. The optimal power intensity and diverse range of functions allow it to be used professionally in skincare clinics along with at home.

What makes it an absolute 10/10? Its FDA approved and highly recommended by expert dermatologists around the world.

So even if you use it too often, you don’t need to worry about any side effects at all! This therapy is an absolutely non-invasive procedure utilizes red, non-coherent LED light waves that are gentle and painless.

Unlike other skin targeting treatments like lasers and micro-needling, Pulsaderm Red LED Light Therapy requires no healing time at all! It’s recommended to use the device on each area of the skin for three minutes, for thrice a week.

Most probably, you will start observing prominent results by 3-7 weeks.  

Whether you have fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, uneven skin tone, or any other prominent skin concern, Pulsaderm’s Red LED Light Therapy can work wonders for all! Also, it boosts the collagen level in your skin, which will be keeping signs of aging at bay for years!

Trust me; you will be amazed by the results. Do try it!


  • Quick Results-within 3-7 weeks only!
  • Unlike other treating devices, it accelerates the repair of damaged skin cells and increases protein production.
  • Although the LED light is completely safe for the eyes, however, it still contains safety goggles for precaution.
  • Fully rechargeable and cordless.
  • Medically proven to alleviate the skin issues caused by aging and excessive sun damage.


  • It doesn’t last long.
  • Issues with batteries.


Infrared LED Therapy Pad- Radlites

HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad - Comfortable and Flexible Soft Mat Filled with Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade Gemstones - Negative Ions - Inframat Pro - 40 x 24 inches
  • SOFT Series is a fan favorite for its overwhelmingly comfortable surface and flexibility. Our infrared heating pads are constructed with 21 functional layers. The entire top surface of the mat infused with certified jewelry grade untreated, unpainted, and crushed natural Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Jade gemstones.
  • DEEP PENETRATING Far Infrared Rays (range of 5-14 um) and calming Negative Ions (range of up to 1500/cc). Additional layers not only block EMF radiation, but make the mat comfortable and easy to use.
  • HOT STONE THERAPY: Stone surface impacts pressure points on your body to relieve tension. Feel hot stones against your skin as they relax your muscles
  • SOPHISTICATED TIME & TEMPERATURE CONTROL: high tech controller for heat and auto shut off settings. Highest quality materials in the industry including: Heavy duty industrial grade parts and materials, durable heat resistant medical-grade mesh fabric
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY! BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE: Highest quality materials in the industry including heavy duty industrial grade parts and materials, durable heat resistant medical-grade mesh fabric. FAST and KIND CUSTOMER CARE and TRADE IN BENEFITS.

Radlite’s infrared LED pad is a popular choice among individuals, particularly due to its phenomenal pain relief and quick healing.

It has been designed to penetrate infrared LED light deep under the skin, and allow cell regeneration. It can effectively alleviate sore muscles, chronic pain, and relieve stiffness (even the worse ones!)

It’s equipped with 49 high powered LED lights, which emit infrared waves at wavelengths of 880nm. At such intensity, the infrared waves can reach the deepest layer of epithelium.

It can help an individual with Arthritis, Neuropathy, Back Pain, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Pain, Knee Problems, Ligament Tears, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain, and Osteoarthritis, etc.

Radlites Infrared LED Therapy Pad is an epitome of engineering perfection, as its new 3′ Elastic Strap with Hook and Loop provides optimal comfort and relaxation.

Not just that, it also allows users to set timers for 15 minutes. It is definitely worth every dollar!


  • Prolonged Power Output- 50,000 hours
  • Stretchable Strap to fit every individual.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Depth penetration will run up to 9 inches using the optimal deep penetrating wavelengths.


  • Complaints regarding malfunctioned timer settings.
  • Poor qualities build up.
  • Not enough value for the price.

NORLANYA RED Light Photon Therapy

No products found.

Undoubtedly, the list of best handheld LED light Therapy devices remains incomplete without NORLANYA RED Light Photon Therapy! 

Norlanya Brand is a trusted distributor of cosmetic equipment, and its RED Light Photon Therapy is equipped with all the advanced features of a therapy device.

Users are facilitated with two-photon modes, Continuous and Pulse Modes in which lights are emitted distinctly. Waves are released at a wavelength of 660nm to target aging, facial toning, facelift, skin firming.

Fortunately, the massager involves cordless operation; hence you can easily charge it by connecting it to the computer, USB port, or mains directly.

The device has been specifically engineered with careful consideration of the user’s convenience; therefore, the control panel of the device is relatively easy to operate. Besides, the device also has foldable features allowing you with optimal portability.

As the Norlanya Photon Therapy machine offers such a broad range of treatment options, it can be considered as a mobile dermatologist clinic that you can set up at your very own home!


  • Automatic Light sensor Control- Waves will only be emitted after the device detects your skin!
  • 40 Pieces of LEDs and Big Light-emitting head which can affect a larger area of the face.
  • Long standby timing of 1100mA- Can easily work over 2 hours after fully charged.
  • Multipurpose treatment- Can alleviate sagging skin on neck and jaw, wrinkles on the forehead, reduce aging signs, and skin damage.
  • Non-invasive and chemical-free- A perfect substitute for harmful skin treatments.
  • Ideal gift for loved ones! 


  • May dry your skin; hence a moisturizer must be applied after therapy.
  • It doesn’t work on acne-Unable to eliminate bacteria! 
  • Unsuitable for muscle pain.

Rejuven’s Skin Anti-ageing LED therapy Device Review


No products found.

The confidence that comes with glowing skin is truly remarkable! To be really honest, achieving that perfect skin isn’t some rocket science! You just need the right equipment, a proper skin routine, and patience!

In this regard, the Rejuven Skin Anti-ageing LED Therapy Device is an innovative therapy device that features four interchangeable heads.

Each head emits different lights at varying wavelengths to deal with Hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, as well as lymphatic drainage. It’s incorporated with a revolutionary technology that can target collagen fibers and stimulate them.

The new 2.0 Model of Rejuven Skin involves a completely hands-free application as now the base supports the device in a vertical position as well.

The Galvanic Technology thoroughly cleanses the impurities, when negatively charged IONS attract and encapsulate toxins out of the deep layers. Besides, high-level sound wave technology penetrates into dermal layers and allows greater oxidation. Plus, the MICRO-VIBRATIONS at 12,000 rpm also increase the absorption of toners, creams, and serums by up to 200 %- (Not bragging!)


  • The four interchangeable head allows diverse application
  • The red, blue, green can effectively diminish inflammations while preventing acne and breakouts.
  • Brightens overall complexions and inhibits melanin production.
  • Calms down the sensitive skin.
  • Hands-free application


  • May not work for every individual.
  • Slow results.
  • It doesn’t include instruction manuals.
  • Complains regarding the malfunctioned battery. 

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device Review

TENDLITE Red Light Device
  • RELAX | RECOVER | RENEW - Feel your best again and again, take control of what really matters to You. Empower your wellness with Shine’s line of products, always ready at home or away on your next adventure. Try a Shine device now to get the benefits of natural red light.
  • UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL - Get back to your best with confidence that you are choosing a scientifically proven device. Start feeling good today, so you can get out there, move your body and get back to your active lifestyle. Living an active life is the best way to achieve great health and longevity. Let TENDLITE help you get there.
  • NATURALLY HEALTHY LIGHT - Don’t let pain keep you from doing what you love. Dare to live your life to the fullest. Simplify with Tendlite, feel wonderful again and start crossing things off your bucket list, today! Shine devices DO NOT use any harmful UV rays so you can use this High Power LED Light for natural relief.
  • RECOMMENDED BY LEADING DOCTORS - Did you know that today’s leading doctors, physical therapists, trainers, and top athletes are using Tendlite? It’s time to Shine, the next-generation in health & wellness - take control with the touch of a button.
  • YOU PROBABLY WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED - but RED / INFRARED Light technology was actually developed by NASA research, more than 40 years ago. We are able to bring you optimal results based on over a decade's worth of research, real world experience and work with the leading Red Light Therapy scientists and engineers.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, portable, and effective Pain Relief device, TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device has to be your definite choice!

The TENDLITE is torch shaped, and it can emit red Light on highly targeted areas of pain. Its compact design and lightweight allows it to be used on literally any area of the body.

The TENDLITE works phenomenally for joints, spinal discs, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately, the red Light involves a one-minute timer, after which it automatically switches off. This frequent switching off may be quite frustrating for those who enjoy prolonged use.

The device is approved by the FDA and includes a warranty of 60 days Manufacturer Return Policy! The package includes a storage sleeve, wrist band, protective eyewear glasses, 2 rechargeable batteries, and a charger as well.

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device is highly recommended today by leading doctors and top athletic coaches. It can effectively alleviate chronic or acute pain, arthritis, back pain, joint pain, tendonitis, sprains, and other muscle pains.


  • Lightweight and easy to hold.
  • It comes with a travel pouch.
  • Can heal scarred out tissues.
  • TENDLITE offers commendable customer care service and stands by their warranties.
  • Different intensity settings.
  • Unlike other premium therapy wand, TENDLITE doesn’t get heated.


  • The biggest drawback that comes with TENDLITE is that it can target a limited area, making it an ineffective want for larger regions.
  • It requires frequent charging.
  • The one-minute timer prohibits prolonged use, causing serious inconvenience to the users.
  • Relatively expensive

Cinlinso Led Face Mask Review

Cinlinso Led Face Mask is indeed no less than a wonder for all the ski care enthusiasts out there! It’s a multi-functional phototherapy mask that emits seven colorful therapeutic lights of different wavelengths-Red Light (650NM), Blue Light (463NM), Green Light (527NM), Yellow Light (590NM), Purple Light (600NM), Light Blue Light (510NM), and lastly NEW White Light (470NM).

The mask is made out of 190 beads, and aims to work for most skin types, including sensitive ones Believe it or not, but using Cinlinso Led Face Mask for 10-20minutes daily will literally transform your skin!


  • Increases lymphatic blood flow, and can kill acne and tighten the skin.
  • Soft and comfortable glue to support the mask.
  • An all in one package which can treat all your skin problems.
  • Ideal gift for loved ones, especially women.
  • Premium designs work on even sensitive skins.
  • Uses PDT cosmetic technology, with adjustable light intensity


  • It doesn’t include protection coverage/manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Doesn’t fits appropriately on every face- May be heavy and slide around.
  • Light is too bright.

Factors to be considered while buying a Handheld LED Light Therapy Device Review

Indeed getting an LED Light Therapy Device isn’t just therapeutic, but it a perfect way to treat your skin. Our skin is one of the most exposed parts of your body, and they rightly deserve to be pampered regularly.

However, with a variety of Handheld LED Light Therapy Devices available in the market, with each having distinctive specifications, quality, and price point, it’s quite challenging to find the best one for oneself.

To assist you in this regard, here we have discussed the necessary aspects to consider while buying a perfect LED Light Therapy Device. The above-mentioned products were also chosen by these factors only. So which so every product you choose, make sure to consider:


Doubtlessly, Budget is a major constraint for most of us. Fortunately, LED Light Therapy Device is available at a wide range of price points and is generally affordable by most.

We carefully consider your concern regarding price points; hence all the above-stated devices range between$5 to $160 depending upon its type and its specifications.

An important aspect of being comprehended here is that an overly priced device doesn’t necessarily mean better devices.

Often, expensive kits are not able to work for many while a basic tool for reasonable rates works wonders! Therefore, never fall into the money trap!

Safety- FDA approved

Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs of the body; therefore, you must make sure the LED device is safe to be used.

Your chosen model must have been approved by the FDA, and its usage must be allowed by a dermatologist.

You may also look for other safety features as well, such as auto shutoff and timer. These will prevent you from overdoing the treatment, intentionally or unintentionally. Not just that, some devices also include safety goggles to protect your eyes.


This is one of the most significant aspects which you must not miss out at any cost. While choosing the perfect Light therapy tool for oneself, make sure that it doesn’t just work great, but also fits comfortably.

Fortunately, most wand-style heated, infrared, and light therapy device doesn’t cause any irritation around the sensitive areas such as eyes.

Besides, often wearable masks are built of high-quality material for skin and are stretchable, so they may fit any face shape perfectly.

A device that specifically targets your concerns

Now, this is an important aspect, which people often miss out on. Every phototherapy device is unique in terms of features, intensity levels, and modes.

Therefore your model must prefer a toolkit that particularly targets your flaws and weak points. You must question yourself what you actually want to deal with and make an appropriate list of essentials.

No doubt, it’s quite demoralizing to have a light therapy model with several functions, but not the one you want!

Design and Portability

No one likes an outdated device, Right? The aesthetic appeal of the therapy device is a very vital factor to consider while buying it. Although many aren’t much picky about how their model looks, you shouldn’t compromise at all as it plays a significant role in creating a charm. 

Although most led therapy devices are primarily built to be portable, some indeed score better in this regard.

Your ideal light therapy device must have a compact design and be lightweight. Such a Handheld device will not just allow easy usage, but you should be able to use it literally anywhere- Work, vacation, lawn, or while binge-watching your favorite show!


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Is using Led Light therapy safe?

YES, using Light therapy isn’t something to be worried about, as most devices meet the safety standard set by the FDA.

However, it must be known that if you stare into a light for a prolonged period of time, you may get headaches.

Therefore, it’s recommended to wear goggles or be blindfolded. Besides, it’s also not ideal to use LED light therapy devices if you are already taking anti-acne supplements such as anti-acne, or using exfoliating serums which makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.


Are There Side effects of using a Handheld light therapy Device?

NOAs these Handheld light therapy Devices don’t utilize Ultraviolet rays, there aren’t any possible Side effects.

Although rare, you may observe some slight redness, inflammation, and rashes if you use it overly. 

To be safe, we recommend using the red light therapy device by eternal beauty, since its FDA approved.


How often should I use the LED therapy device?

For best results use led light therapy devices for a minimum of 2-3 times a week, for 10-15 minutes per session.

For even better, and faster results, experts suggest getting led light therapy treatments as frequently as once a day for 10-15 minutes. However, we realize that can be hard for most people.

Remember: We recommend only using the led therapy devices on clean and well-exfoliated skin. Make sure to remove your makeup, sunscreen thoroughly from your screen. This will allow greater penetrations, and will eventually lead to optimal results.


The Final Verdict

Led light therapy devices are awesome, there’s no doubt about it.

They can save you a lot of money and get you the skin you desire. Just remember to actually use them, and not just leave them on the shelf.

They are also an oasis of relaxation, and perfect for individuals of every age.

Their modern features, along with the deeply relaxing effect, make them a necessity for everyone with eye distresses. They are specifically crafted with exclusive technologies, providing you the opportunity to keep aging at bay!

Many individuals are often unable to find the appropriate equipment for themselves, which results in a waste of money and time.

Well, you will definitely not be among them, as this guide is all you need.

Although every device mentioned above are top tiers in every aspect and include a perfect balance between cost and quality; however, our ultimate favorite pick is “Eternal Beauty’s Red light Therapy Device”. Quite simply, it’s the epitome of perfection!

We hope our guide would have provided you with essential information regarding Led Light therapy and would have hopefully solved all your queries.

In case, if you are still in confusion regarding any aspect, Let us know.

Lastly, I’d say that if you believe in self-care (which you must), Investing in a quality hand held Light therapy device is absolutely worth it. You will definitely love it.

We promise!

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