What Moisturizer to Use When Using Accutane?

If you use accutane, and are looking for a good moisturizer or serum, we recommend an organic one, such as the ogee moisturizer (click here to get it from amazon).

In fact, we wrote an entire post about organic moisturizers, which you can read here.

The reason we wrote this post is we got an email from a reader asking us “what should she use to hydrate her skin while using accutane?“, as her skin gets severely dry.

Most accutane users complain about dry and itchy skin, and definitely want to use the right type of moisturizer. So we thought this is a very good question, and today, we’ll answer it.


Heres What Well Cover Today : 

1.Why You MUST keep your skin hydrated when using it Accutane?

2.What are the best moisturizers to use if you use Accutane


Using Accutane? You need to Hydrate Your Skin!

If you’re taking accutane for acne, your basically drying your skin out.

Heres how accutane works – basically, it dries the oiliness from your facial skin so it won’t clog your pores – and thats how it prevents your skin from getting even more acne and zits.

Thats all great, but the problem is obvious – accutane will cause your skin to dry out.

The main side effects of accutane on your skin (according to rxlist.com) are: 

  • Dry skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes on the skin


So while accutane is very effective in treating acne, we highly recommend to keep your skin hydrated when using it.


7 Best moisturizers to use if you use Accutane

Most important thing to look for when buying a moisturizer for an accutane user, is to make sure it has very few alcohol / fregnance, preferablly non.

When using accutane, you want a natural, preferably alcohol free and fragrance free moisturizer. You definitely don’t want any ingredient that might dry your skin even further. (like alcohol).

We absolutely recommend you use an organic or natural moisturizer. In fact we recently reviewed the best organic moisturizers, you can read the review here.

To save you some time, we picked the 7 best moisturizers and serums for accutane users, just pick the one you like from the table below.


The Bottom Line 

We hope this post helped you understand why its important to hydrate your skin while using accutane.

While accutane is extremely effective in getting rid of acne, it does cause skin dryness, and sometimes even itchiness.

To counter-punch this side effect, you will want to use a moisturizer a few times a day. Pick your favorite moisturizer from the top picks table above, all of them are great for accutane users specifically. They are all natural or organic, and will penetrate fast, so you dont have to worry about a heavy cream clogging your pores even further.

*Skin Tip : You’ll also want to keep your skin clean, consider using an organic facial cleanser, which you can read about on our review by clicking here.


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