Serums are FANTASTIC. They will give your skin deep hydration, a boost of vitamins and minerals, and even have anti-aging benefits. In todays post, we rated the best organic face serums, all you have to do is pick your favorites and start using!

First, lets look at the top 10 serums, rated in a chart below.

Here Are The Top 10 Organic Face Serums :



  1. The benefits of using an organic face serum for your skin
  2. How to pick the best natural serums?
  3. Which Ingredients MUST be avoided when picking a face serum?
  4. The top 10 serums – in depth review
  5. How to apply a serum the right way – in 6 easy steps
  6. The bottom line
  7. Lets dive right into it.



We love organic skincare, in fact, we love it so much, we recently reviewed the best organic face creams, the best organic eye creams, and even the best organic face cleansers (read it here).

The reason we love organic & natural skincare is the ingredients and benefits they provide to your skin.

Benefits of using an organic face serum – 

1.It won’t contain harsh chemicals (which we will specify next)

2.The serum will penetrate fast and will feel extremely light on your skin

3.Organic / natural face serums usually deliver better results, faster

4.They cost less, due to the fact big brands can’t make them (its just too hard to mass-produce an organic skin care product vs. a chemical based on)

5.They’re better for people with sensitive skin

These are just some of the benefits that an organic face serum will provide to your skin.

There are many more, and we will go over them on each serum review, as they are built different and serve a different purpose.

Now lets talk about picking the best serum for your face and neck.



Buying the right serum can be a daunting experience. There are many factors to look at, like the ingredients, the brand, and the texture of the serum.

We did base our top 10 picks based on these features to save you the time, but it is important that you understand how do go through the process yourself.

Picking the right serum is like picking the perfect spouse – you don’t want to pick the wrong one and you’ll definitely need them to be there for you in both your good & bad days! haha.


Most facial serums were built with specific benefits. Some target wrinkles and fine lines, others are for pigmentation issues and some were made to help you firm your facial and neck skin.

Think about the goal you’re trying to achieve, in the top 10 chart below, we wrote down the specific benefit for each serum to make your life easier.


Do NOT be afraid of heavier serums, many women (and men) don’t understand the purpose of a heavy serum.

Heavy serums are best used at NIGHT, the reason is you’re sleeping and they penetrate better and provide more benefits to your skin while its going under the rejuvenation  and renewal process when you’re asleep.

According to this article by, our skin regenerates 2X times faster at night and the process peeks at 2 AM, thats why applying a good serum before you go to bed is crucial. 

Lighter facial serums are better to use at day time (apply them in the morning), as you will barely feel them on your skin and they will absorb better.


When we talk about price in skincare, we never just look at the number, and neither should you. The reason is you don’t want to buy the “cheapest” option, just because its the cheapest option.

Some brands will create a cheap skincare product just to sell in higher volumes, while they sacrifice quality. The last thing you want to do is use a low-quality product on your skin, in fact, some skin care products are so bad, its better not to use anything at all.

So make sure you’re buying according to your budget, but remember to look at the quality of the product, not just the raw dollar number.


Something that is very important to remember is your allergies, when buying a facial serum or any other skincare product.

Some people, for instance, are allergic to Aloe-Vera. Aloe is very common even in the highest quality organic products.

It is great for your skin and have huge benefits, unless of course, you’re allergic to it.

So keep your allergies in mind when shopping around.


While the brand is not crucial as it used to be, and nowadays, we would even advise you to stay away from the big brands and pick the small ones, you should definitely take a look at the brand itself.

The brand / company that produces the product doesn’t need to be a household name, but it definitely needs to have some credibility.

These questions will help you determine the credibility of the brand – 

Have they been around for a while?

Do they have good reviews online, or are they slacking on customer service? 

Who’s behind the brand? Do they have experience in the skincare field?

These questions can help you determine if the company is serious when it comes to creating high quality products that will help your skin, or they’re just looking to make a quick buck.


Last but absolutely not least, is the ingredient list. We specified an entire list of ingredients to avoid in the next section of this post, but lets talk about some great ingredients to have in your facial serum.


We absolutely love vitamins, like vitamin E, vitamin C, Vitamin A (retinol) Vitamin K and almost any other type of vitamin. They all have amazing benefits for your skin and overall body health.

Ingredients like rose hip oil and pomegranate extract are fantastic for deep natural hydration, and look for hyaluronic acid for a plumped, youthful looking skin.

One serum that combines all of these fantastic ingredients is the Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid by Eternal Beauty for instance.

Now that we covered which ingredients you should have in your facial serum, lets talk about the ingredients you should AVOID when buying a serum or any other skincare product.


First, its important that you understand something about reading the ingredients list of a product.

The order of the ingredients matters: the ingredients are in the order of their actual portion of the product.

Meaning, the first ingredient take a very big portion of the overall product while the last ingredients are in it with in very small portions.

We love seeing “water” or “aqua” as the first ingredient Vs. Alcohol for instance, because that tells us the product is water based. 

Here are some ingredients that we don’t want to see in our skincare products, and preferably just avoid them at all.


Fragrance / Parfum

Try to avoid any face creams / serums where the fragrance is the main ingredient.

While they will smell good, the parfum dries the skin and kind of does the opposite of what you want it to – hydration.

If it exists in very small quantities and it is one of the last ingredients in the list its not as harmful but we still recommend to avoid it,.

Parabens – 

Avoid products that contain parabens. These are chemicals and used as preservatives, but they were linked to some types of cancer, including breast cancer.

According to this article by the FDA , the amount and type of parabens in cosmetics are being regulated, but we still won’t recommend using a product with parabens.

Look paraben free products, they will usually have the ” paraben free ” leaf symbol.

SLS – (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)- 

This ingredient was linked to cancer, organ toxicity and even skin irritation.

It was used in the early 20’s in shampoos and we have no idea why skincare companies still use it in their skincare products.

We assume its because of the cheap price of this ingredient and the fact that it foams – making the product “last longer”.

Avoid it, you don’t want SLS on your skin.


Another terrible ingredient is mineral oil. Did you know that its actually a by-product of petroleum? would you want to apply petroleum on your face? (we’ll  assume the answer is no.

Mineral oil can also clog your pores and actually prevent from your skins natural oils to surface.

Mineral oil was even linked to acne and blackheads.

Why would we want to use a skincare product with an ingredient that encourages acne?

You get the point. Just avoid mineral oil in your skincare product. Unless of course you’re trying to ruin your skin for some odd reason.

Formaldehyde (toxic chemical preservative) 

Another terrible chemical that is often used in face creams, serums and masks. This is a strong preservative, the only problem is that its toxic.

These toxins will penetrated your skin if you apply it on your face / neck.

Its just unbelievable what these big brand companies will do to save a buck.

They will use toxic ingredients instead of investing a few cents more in their “high quality” product for a natural preservative.


Would you like to buy a face serum that weakens your immune system, and may even cause Eczema and asthma an other allergies? no? shocking.

All jokes aside, this horrible ingredient called Tricolsan, is very popular in skincare, especially make up, and can weaken your immune system and even cause some skin diseases like Eczema. How terrible is that?

Just avoid it at all cost.

You’re not welcome here, Triclosan, not even in small quantities.


Well, that is one gross list, but it was important to inform you and now you know which product you should avoid on and in your body generally, and specifically in your skincare products.

Now that we got that out of the way, lets dive deeper into the review of the 10 best organic and natural face serums to use.


In this part of the post, we will go in detail into each of our top 10 picks. We will cover the main ingredients and benefits of each serum, and why we think its a great buy.

We did our research and looked at over 40 different types of serums before picking these, so the entire list is definitely the top of the top.

However, we recommend you briefly read the reviews so you’ll pick the right serum for your needs. 

Quick Tip: found the one you like? click the name of the serum to go to amazon and purchase it! 



organic facial serum vitamin c

This fantastic serum is our #1 pick for a good reason. Its completely water based, super light, based on vitamin C and has Hyaluronic Acid (which helps maximizing your collagen levels and gives you deep hydration).

The serum will penetrate in second and you can barely feel it on your skin, we tried it ourselves.

Users reported significant results after just a few short weeks of use, this combination of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid makes it the perfect anti-aging serum. It will also help with brightening your skin and get rid of spots (due to Hyaluronic acid).

It was made by Eternal beauty, the same company who brought to us one of the best, most affordable led light therapy devices (we reviewed it here) and this serum is also great for after & during a red led light therapy treatment – due to the fact its so light and fun.




Number 2 on our list is of course, the serum by Eminence. Eminence is a very popular skincare brand that makes amazing organic products.  Made in Hungary and based on only organic ingredients, it contains vitamin C and rosehip oil.

We recommend using this serum after you use their amazing cleanser (all of our team members use this cleanser, its that good) , the Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser, so it will penetrate even deeper and give you the maximum results.




What we love about the TruSkin brand, is mainly the simplicity. They won’t have a fancy bottle or packaging, but their products are well made.

We suspect that they actually invest money into the product & ingredients vs the packaging, which is rare in this industry.

Their vitamin c serum is a top seller and got thousands of positive reviews by users.

The only con of this serum is, we didn’t really like the way you use the serum. We prefer airless pump bottles, so you can pump some serum out, rub it on your face and go, vs their style of bottle.





This natural serum by TruSkin is based on Retinol (vitamin A). Retinol is a very powerful ingredient that we highly recommend in your skincare products.

In fact, we wrote an entire post on Retin A, click here to learn more about it and its benefits. We just mentioned this brand in our #3 pick, and for a good reason.

This serum comes with a pump too, its easy and fun to use.


#5. Organic Anti Aging Oil Serum By Soco Botanicals


A unique facial serum, based on essential oils, sea buckthorn, CoQ10 and rosehip oil. This cool serum by Soco, which is a Texas based company, has great anti-aging benefits.

We especially love the use of the sea buckthorn for hydration, but be careful if you’re allergic to seaweed! 

#6.Ogee Seeds of Youth Serum


One of our absolute favorite serums by the Ogee brand. This is more of an anti aging serum, and it is based on plant stem cells, which is a huge innovation in the skincare space.

The combination of the plant stem cells with the vitamin E and the hyaluronic acid, makes it a very powerful serum that will make a difference.

The ogee brand creates fantastic organic products, and this serum is no different.

#7.Coola Suncare Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum


Very cool suncare organic serum by Coola, we thought we should mention it. Its basically a ‘sunless’ tan product, but also an anti aging face serum. Very unique and innovative.

Based on Argan oil, hyaluronic acid, and plant cells, this combination is pretty great when it comes to wrinkle reduction.

We recommend using this one at day time when you’re exposed to the sun, that way you’ll also protect your skin from sun-damage!


#8.GloxiniaLife by Dr. Calle Youth Collagen Serum


A great serum if you have the extra budget. This one isn’t cheap, but they have a good reason. The company, GloxiniaLife by DR. Calle, guarantee 15% reduction in wrinkle within 2 weeks, our you get your money back. 

We haven’t tried this serum yet but we’re definitely going to order it and check this statement as it seems a little ‘too good to be true’ but with amazons 30 day money back guarantee its a risk free trial for us.

Give it a shot, buy it, use it for 2 weeks, if you got at least a visible wrinkle reduction – thats amazing! if you haven’t return it to amazon and get your money back.

#9. Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Firming Serum for All Skin Types


If you need some firming (we all do) the organic pharmacy firming serum is a great choice. Its not cheap, but definitely is cheaper than a neck or a facelift.

Based on natural ingredients, this one actually comes in a pack of 2, so its not that bad.

#10.The Organic Pharmacy Age Renewal Rose Plus Marine Collagen Complex


Another great serum by the organic pharmacy brand, this one specifically targets collagen production. Collagen  keeps your skin young looking, along with Elastin which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin, is the most important anti-aging factor.

Organic Pharmacy products are definitely not cheap, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.
In fact, the quality of their products is very high, and they use top quality ingredients.

To sum things up, if you have the extra money, definitely try their products out.



You really cant go wrong with this list. If you’re in a rush just pick one and start using it. However, we do recommend to go through it and pick the one you think will benefit your skin the most.

If you’re looking for a vitamin c serum for instance, look at the #1 pick, if you want however, a serum that’s based on … look at #…

We hope you found this list useful, it took us a long time to research!

Before we wrap this post up, lets briefly go over how to actually use these serums the right way and get the most out of them!



Now that you picked a serum, we wanted to quickly give you a few tips on how and when to use it, so you will get the most out of the serum.


Wash your hands & face thoroughly before applying the serum

We recommend cleansing and getting rid of dead skin before applying, use a natural face cleanser (we reviewed the best of them HERE)

After your skin is clean and your pores are open, apply the serum all over your face and neck

Make sure the serum absorbs into the skin

Follow up with a moisturizer (preferably an organic face cream, if you need one, we reviewed them in this post)

Thats pretty much it, now, you’ve used your serum the right way, Vs. applying it on dirt and clogged pores. Following up with a cream is important as well, the cream will lock the serum in your pores and will increase its efficiency! 

Now its time to wrap this post up, lets get to the bottom line.




We tried to make this post as informative as possible, rather than just picking 10 good serums and giving them to you. We highly recommend that you read this entire post.

We went over the benefits of organic face serums and even mentioned some ingredients that you must absolutely avoid when it comes to skincare. 

Then, we reviewed the top organic facial serums that are recommended for your skin.

We hope you learned a lot from this post, if you have please share it via social media so we can keep providing awesome & useful content on

Last, if you have questions / feedback on this post comment below we’ll be glad to hear from you!