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The Practical Guide to Tattoo Care and Treatment

The perfect depiction of your message has been selected, you know your artist and feel comfortable to go ahead with your tattoo.

But, have you given proper thought to the tattoo ointment you will apply?

Make no mistakes, these are not numbing creams, but lotions that should be used after you got your tattoo. If you’re looking for the best numbing creams, check out this post by our friends at

The Importance of Tattoo Ointment Immediately after Inking

After you have gotten a tattoo it is important to take care of the skin so that the young tattoo can settle in well with as little ill side effects as possible. Remember your skin is very delicate and has just been subjected to the trauma of multiple needles traversing the skin many times a second. Consider your tattoo a semi-serious injury.

Having a good tattoo ointment selected before you go in for your inking is a good idea. Your tattoo artist will apply this to the skin in hefty amounts after the procedure for a couple of reasons.

First, your sensitive skin in and around the affected area will feel very tender. A proper tattoo lotion can ease this burning sensation and keep you from subconsciously touching the skin and inflicting more pain. In the days and weeks after the tattoo is healing the skin will also need to be kept soft and supple so the wound does not scab and begin flaking off.

Without a proper tattoo ointment, it is possible that the tattoo will not heal evenly this can mar the fine work applied to your skin. You will need a good supply of ointment to apply to your tattoo at least three times a day.

After you wake your skin is especially dry so a good coat of ointment before breakfast is important. Then during the day if you begin to notice your skin drying out and flaking, don’t pick — apply more ointment.

After your daily washing, add an extra thick supply of top-quality ointment to your tat so it doesn’t dry out during the night. If you feel any discomfort as the night progresses, a little more ointment will soothe and protect.

The Need for Long-Term Tattoo Care

After you have properly nursed your tattoo to full health and feel very good about the bright colors and neat line work, think ahead. If you have ever seen the tattoos on a wizened salty mariner you will see how much the elements will play on your tattoo as the years roll by.

To keep your piece of skin art in perfect condition despite the coming of age you will want to do all you can to keep it safe from the harsh UV rays that can play around with the skin pigments. The better you keep it moistened and soft the better it will resist the dehydrating effects of cold winds and salty air.

An especially large or intricate tattoo is an investment in more ways than can be explained, and many too personal to tell. An ongoing treatment program will keep your permanent artwork in the pristine state it is now so that when you are old and wrinkled you’ll still have that fancy linework and bright colors that you love now — well, at least more so than you would otherwise have.

Following are some of the most effective skin salves and treatments that can be applied to your tattoo for endless preservation:

1. Ora’s Amazing Herbal Tattoo Salve

Naturally, the best way to address and boost the natural healing and moisturizers within the skin is through an herbal and organic salve like this. Grapeseed oil is the panacea in treating sensitive skins from insect bites to burns and this ointment can be used for treating many more minor wounds in the future.
A must-have item in any naturalists first aid kit. From the first exciting minutes after inking is complete, to the tales and laughs years later this is the last word in tattoo ointments.

2. Hustle Butter Deluxe

Tattoo artists everywhere swear by this product and with good reason. Hustle Butter was designed to improve every step of the tattooing process from the actual application of the tattoo to the ongoing care that keeps tattoos beautiful.

An especially large or intricate tattoo will take a few sessions to properly apply. After one portion is complete the Hustle Butter can be applied without botching any delicate stencil work that can take repeated attempts to get just right.

Made from the most carefully selected natural ingredients this 100% Vegan All-Natural product reduces redness swelling and allows the skin to be workable and soft thus preserving delicate work and contributing to an attractive final product.

Green tea, Rosemary Oleoresins and large quantities of vitamin E are some of the more important constituents of this impressive product. This allows the the skin to perform optimally when protecting the inks and colors from UV rays and other elemental hazards.

3. Tattoo Goo

For those with extra sensitive skin, a more soothing set of ingredients may be more suited. Skin can react in a many unexpected ways to needles and if you have a tendency to develop irritations, this may be the choice product for you.

Tattoo Goo contains several proven moisturizers, prolific amounts of Vit A and D as well as ingredients that control the burning and itching immediately.

The ingredients have been designed to quickly absorb into the skin and act fast to boost the healing process. Some users have mentioned that the ointment absorbs very quickly and will need to be reapplied in a short amount of time.

This is fine, but it may be necessary to purchase an extra bottle or two.


Wrapping it up

It is importat to get a good tattoo lotion in order to heal your skin and prevent irritation. We hope this post helped you find the right one for your needs!