We Have Found The 3 Best UV Nail Lamps, EVER!

We recently got requests on finding the best uv nail lamp out there. At Esthethicshub.com, our mission is helping you guys, so we did!

Unless you’re getting SNS Nails, you will need a uv nail lamp.

Finding a good uv nail lamp isn’t as easy as it seems, since there are many low-quality lamps out there.

So we sent out our team in the mission of finding the best one out there.

First lets talk about what we’re looking for in a good uv nail lamp.


1. Quality Over Price

Don’t fail to the “cheap” trap. Remember that cheap products are cheap for a reason. We want to get a well made uv nail lamp that will last a while.

We’re not saying you should spend a ton of money, but avoid extremely cheap nail lamps as they tend to break easier.

2. Curing Speed of the Nail Lamp

Obviously, we want our nails dry, FAST.

LED nail lamps, as they are faster than UV lamps.

Led nail lamp it’ll take you 5 seconds – 50 seconds to dry your nails.

With UV lamp it’ll take you 2 minutes to 5 minutes, approximately. 

That being said, there are other factors that will determine the lamps speed (like the power of the lamp).

Look at the pre-set times to get a better understanding of how long it should take the specific lamp to dry your nails.

3. The Bulbs Life Span 

LED bulbs are known to have a longer life span than UV lamps.

Another thing to consider is how are you going to use the led lamp?

Are you buying it for personal use, or do you own a salon?

If you own a salon, you should probably a led nail lamp as its faster and more cost efficient. However, if you’re buying it for private use, UV lamp should be sufficient (and cheaper).

Elle magazine wrote a great article on the difference between led light and uv light when it comes to nail lamps, click here to read it.


4.The Design Of the Machine

Again, if you own a nail salon, you want the machine to look professional and possibly match your salons’ interior design.

If your buying a nail lamp for personal use, than it isn’t as critical but we still gave higher ranking to pretty lamp designs!


1.The Elicico UV Nail Gel LED Lamp 

best uv nail led lamp

This Nail lamp has a 50W wattage and it offers both UV and LED light.

This lamp was designed to provide extremely fast and efficient drying and it provides a high quality gloss that will last at least three weeks without any chipping or other defects.

It comes with preset timers of 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds that you can set according to the gel type you’re using.

There is also a large LED screen so that you can easily see how much time is remaining before you’re finished.

There is an IR auto sensor that automatically picks up when your hands or feet are in the machine. This machine also comes with an infrared light that you can use to make your skin whiter while drying your nails. You can access this mode by enabling the IR sensor mode.

This lamp is extremely easy to clean since it has a magnetic removable bottom that is very simple to remove.

When you purchase this lamp, you will get a nail dryer, ac adapter, nail manicure set and a user manual.

Be sure to thoroughly read through the user manual so that you properly use this machine for the best results.

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2.The SUNUV SUN6 36W UV Nail Lamp 


SUNUV SUN6 36W UV Nail Lamp  review


The next lamp that we’ll look at is the Sunuv Sun6 nail lamp that is extremely innovative and has dual UVLED light beads.

This means that is has dual optical wavelength that allows you to cure your nails 60% faster than other nail lamps.

If you’re looking for a more professional look, then this is definitely the nail lamp you should get.

It has a smart and painless hard gel curing, smart memory function, double speed curing, digital time display, over temperature protection, smart sensor etc.

You can use this lamp to cure any type of nail polish such as color gels, hard gels, top coat, bottom coat, acrylic, gem glue, sculpture gel and more.

There aren’t any brand requirements and you don’t have to worry about replacing any beads.

There is an automatic sensor that detects when you place your hand or foot in it and it comes with automatic timers such as 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 99 seconds and automatically shuts off when finished.

Best of all, this machine is highly portable so that you can take it wherever you need to go.

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sunuv nail led lamp


3.DeepDream 48W Gel Nail Lamp




The DeepDream Nail lamp is a much larger lamp that allows you to cure the nails on both your hands or feet at the same time.

This is a great time saver for people who want to get their nails done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It has a double light source which allows you to cure a wide range of brands such as CND, shellac, blue sky, OPI, elite 99 etc.

Also, once you place your hands in the lamp, it will automatically turn on so you don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons with your freshly done nails.

There is a timer available that has presets of 30,60 and 99 seconds and there is even a low heat mode which is best suited for people who have sensitive skin.

Even though this machine is larger because it allows you to do both hands or feet at once, it is still small enough for easy storage.

This machine is suitable to either a home or salon which means it can also be used professionally.

There is a clear LCD screen which shows the timer so you know exactly how much time you have remaining.

It is also an energy saving device that has minimal impact on the environment and won’t have a negative impact on your body.

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Nailed It!

We hope we helped you find the best UV nail lamp for your needs!

Be sure to check our top picks out, as we did the research for you!

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