We Reviewed The Best Wrinkle Fillers – Best Botox Alternatives 

All of us know the feeling; you’re about to go out, look in the mirror, and see that annoying wrinkle that reminds you – you’re getting older.

Botox injections is an option that can help with these wrinkles, but some of us prefer less intrusive, more natural ways. We also know that botox has side-effects, which some people want to avoid.

Thats why in this post we will cover the best wrinkle fillers that are natural and are safe to use at home. Some of these wrinkle fillers even come in a form of a syringe to symbolize that they compete with botox.

No needles, no pain, and you won’t need to renew them every 3 months like botox.

Sounds great? because it is great! now lets dive right into it and get rid of these annoying wrinkles.

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  1. What are natural wrinkle fillers and how do they work?

2.Botox Vs. Natural wrinkle creams and fillers

3. The top 10 wrinkle fillers you must try


1. How Do These Natural Wrinkle Fillers Work, Anyway?

The natural wrinkle fillers that we will review today are basically very high quality creams that are made out of different anti aging formulas.

Some are collagen based and even have ingredients like the anti aging protein, elastin in it.

Here are a few of the benefits of using these natural wrinkle fillers.


Benefits of Using Natural Wrinkle Creams & Fillers:

  • Painless, no needles involved
  • Easy to use : its usually a cream that you have to apply
  • They work fast : these wrinkle creams deliver fast results
  • Safe to use and FDA approved
  • Cheaper than botox and facelifts
  • Less intrusive than botox and face procedures
  • You can follow up on them with make up
  • They have no side-effects



2. Botox Vs. Natural Wrinkle Fillers and Creams

The reason we prefer natural wrinkle creams and wrinkle fillers over botox is mainly the fact that they’re more natural.

Botox is based on a toxin called Botulinum (read about it here) that paralyzes muscles and reduces wrinkles. Generally, we are against the idea of injecting poison into your body. However, to each is own, and if you choose to, of course you can use botox as much as you like.

If however you prefer a more natural way, keep reading.

Just so you understand more about botox, below are a few reasons that we’re not huge fans of botox.

Disadvantages of using Botox: 

  • Based on a toxin (botulinum)
  • Paralyzes your muscles
  • Reduces facial expressions (like smiling…)
  • Have to be done every 3-6 months
  • Very Expensive – can cost hundreds of dollars per treatment
  • Involved needles (nobody likes getting a shot)
  • Have potential side effects


Thats why we prefer the natural way. Now that we got that covered, lets talk about the most popular wrinkle fillers and our rankings of them.

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3. Top 7 Wrinkle Fillers : Reviewed 

  1. Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler 

2. D’or 24K Non-surgical Lifting Syringe

3. Predire Flawless Skin Tightening Wrinkle Cream Filler Syringe

4. Vine Vera Wrinkle Filler

5. VENOFYE Viperlift

6. BIONYX Platinum Line Filler

7. Wrinkle Filler by DiMayor

Now lets take a deeper look into each one of these amazing wrinkle creams.

Quick Tip: simply click the name of the product in order to purchase it via amazon.


1. Lionesse White Pearl Facelift Filler 


lionesse wrinkle filler reviews

Click the image to purchase.


One of the best wrinkle fillers out there is the one by lionesse. the company prides itself for having innovative anti-aging formula, which they do.

We have even tried it ourselves, after applying a small amount of this cream under the eyes, the bags were reduced and the dark circles almost went away. Definitely recommended.

Based on natural ingredients, like vitamin e and vitamin a, this one is a winner.

It works great for lifting your eye lids, getting rid of bags and dark circles, and even these annoying wrinkles around the mouth.

We haven’t tried it on our neck yet, but we believe it will work on the neck wrinkles as well.

It does get dry on your skin if you do not use it with a good serum, make sure you order the vitamin c serum by EB  to follow up with, just to make sure your skin has the hydration it needs.



2.D’or 24K Non-surgical Lifting Syringe


Click to purchase.


The syringe by D’or 24k is one of our favorite wrinkle creams out there. It has amazing feedback from customers and it works fast.

Dor 24k is a known brand in the cosmetics world and they go above and beyond to keep their reputation and products at the best quality possible.

Based on 24k gold chips, this is one of the best wrinkle fillers in the market to date. In fact, one of our editors have used it our her neck and the results were amazing.

Furthermore, this one is more cost effective, and will last you for over a year according to the company and customers that have used this product.



3.Predire Flawless Skin Tightening Wrinkle Cream Filler Syringe



Predire Paris came out with this skin tightening cream not a while ago, and it works wonders. If you’re looking for a solution for your forehead wrinkles, this might be it.

The cream goes into the wrinkle and fills it out instantly, like botox does. We also love the packaging and the design, it looks very luxurious.




4. Vine Vera Wrinkle Filler

The vine vera wrinkle filler is sort of a cheaper alternative to the lionesse syringe we rated number #1. Its not a bad product, but you can tell that its not of the same quality of our top 3 choices.

However, we still ranked it 4th because it does deliver results and for the price, its a great purchase!



5. VENOFYE Viperlift

This is a very cool wrinkle filler. The reason being, its based on venom! yes, you read right, actual venom.

Of course it was scientifically modified to keep only the ‘good’ part of the venom, meaning you wont get the toxins into your skin, but you will enjoy the anti-oxidant effects of the venom.

Definitely worth a try! click the image above to purchase it.



6. BIONYX Platinum Line Filler

The bionyx line is based on metal and platinums, thus the name. They use ingredients like magnesium that help keep the skin healthy and young. This line filler works great and has been one of the best sellers of 2018.

We read multiple customer reviews and it seems like this line filler has to be used with a facial serum, do to its strength. We dont want to dry our skin out, so make sure you get a good serum to follow up with.

We recommended a facial serum that you can follow up with at the end of this post.



7. Wrinkle Filler by DiMayor

This is a new brand, and thus ranked the lowest on our list. However, we have heard good things about it. In terms of price, its one of the cheapest wrinkle fillers out there. Which can be a good and a bad thing. Good, because it saves you money.

Bad, because in order to sell it for a low price, the ingredients used might be cheap as well. We ranked it 7 because it became very popular quick, however, we recommend sticking to the top 6 wrinkle fillers unless you’re working with a super low budget.


This sums up our top wrinkle creams list, we hope you found one you liked!

Make sure you thoroughly wash your face with warm water before applying any cream, so that your pores are clean and open.

You can also use a pore vacuum to make sure your pores are extra clean and get rid of pimples or blackheads.



4. Best Serum to Follow Up With 

Its recommended that you follow up with a serum after using a wrinkle cream.

These serums will add hydration and even improve the effect of the filler by locking it in your pores.

For that purpose we tested a few serums, and recommend this natural Vitamin C Serum by Eternal Beauty.

It is a very popular serum for anti aging treatment such as this one, and led light therapy treatments.

Vitamin C Serum Eternal Beauty

This natural serum will help you stay hydrated and prevent skin tags.

This serum will provide you with extra deep hydration and anti-oxidants as well. In fact, its highly recommended to use this serum twice a day, morning and night.


Before you apply the serum to your face (and neck, dont forget the neck!) make sure you wash your skin with warm water and a cleanser. That will make sure the serum penetrates deep.


The Bottom Line

These are our favorite wrinkle fillers and creams. They are all great, and we believe you should give them all a shot at some point.  Especially if you haven’t used botox yet, and are looking for a safer, more natural alternative.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not against botox. We simply love natural solutions that are not chemical-based. So if we can use a natural cream/wrinkle filler and get the same result botox would give us, that’s what we recommend.



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