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Our Unbiased Crepe Erase Review UPDATED 2021

Getting older is a part of life. But we don’t like some of the changes that are coming with the age, one of these changes is dry, thin, paper-like-looking skin, which is also known as Crepey Skin.

That being said, did you know that Crepey skin, isn’t strictly an older peoples’ problem? Let’s find out what the reviews have to say.

People of all ages suffer from Crepey skin!

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In this article by Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Amy Kassouf explains just that and she elaborates: sun damage is one of the biggest causes for Crepey skin, not aging.

Well, now that we understand the size of the problem that is called “Crepey skin”, how do we treat it? then comes in Crepe Erase.

A new, popular treatment is trying to combat this problem nowadays, called “CREPE ERASE”.

We read some awesome Crepe Erase reviews for that particular treatment but wanted to take an in-depth look before we recommend it.

In fact, this treatment is so popular, you have probably seen the commercials that are running right now on TV.

Does it really work though? is it the end all be all for Crepey skin? well, we wanted to see what’s all the fuss about!


  1. What is Crepey skin?
  2. What causes Crepey skin?
  3. The review: “Crepe Erase” system
  4. Before & After using Crepe Erase
  5. The Ingredients
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Pros Vs. Cons
  8. Fighting Crepey Skin With Red Light Therapy
  9. The Bottom Line

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Crepey Skin – Definition, Causes and Treatment

Crepey skin is thin and has the appearance of finely wrinkled crepe paper. It may also feel loose or even sag.

While Crepey skin has numerous similarities with regular wrinkles, it tends to affect larger areas and it feels noticeably more thin and fragile.

Crepey skin is most common on the upper inner arms as well as under the eyes.

Crepe skin is the body’s response to low collagen and elastin levels.

Collagen and elastin are both proteins that allow skin to contract and stretch.

Protein production in the skin starts to drop as you enter your 30’s, which results in thinner skin that eventually starts to sag and wrinkle.

Crepe skin is more likely to form in parts of the body where think skin is stretched and pulled on a constant basis.

What Are The Causes of Crepey Skin?

1. The Sun Does its Damage

The most common cause of crepe skin is sun damage.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down elastin and collagen in the skin and once the fibers break down, the skin can thin, loosen, and even wrinkle.

Sun damage is however not the only cause of crepe skin. Other causes include aging, smoking, side sleeping, and a high-sugar diet.

2. Lower Collagen & Elastin Levels (Aging)

You produce less elastin and collagen as you grow older.

Stress, pollution, and smoking all take a toll on your skin over your lifetime and may contribute to visible signs of aging.

The skin produces less oil as you age compared to when you were younger.

The oils create an important lipid barrier responsible for protecting skin and helping to seal in moisture.

3. Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a catalyst to aging. In fact, in this great post by mayo clinic, its mentioned that smoking can not only cause age spots and early agin of your skin cells, but also deeper looking wrinkles, and not just around them mouth area!

We’ve recently wrote an entire post about getting rid of wrinkles around your lips, and if you’re a smoker, you probably know what we are talking about.

The duration and amount that you smoke has a direct correlation with the likelihood of wrinkled and crepe skin.

Crepe skin is not only found on the mouths of people that smoke but also on all parts of their bodies including the chest, inner arms, and even above the knees.

4. Foods That Are High in Sugar (high fructose)

If you have a high-sugar diet, a process referred to as glycation happens.

Glycation refers to the bonding of a lipid or protein molecule with a sugar molecule. Glycation eventually causes the protein fibers to stiffen and form incorrectly.

Elastin and collagen are the proteins in the skin most affected by glycation. When elastin and collagen combine with renegade sugars, they become discolored, weak, and less pliable and sagginess, wrinkles, and crepe skin ensue.

5. Side-Sleeping

If you sleep on your stomach or side, the face is typically smashed down against your pillow, which pushes the skin into creases.

If you lay in this position for between 6 and 8 hours every night, the wrinkles will eventually become etched into the face.

However, the creasing, smushing, and etching is not just restricted to the face since it occurs on other parts of the body too.

That should help you understand the causes of Crepey skin.

However, if you’re looking for a more scientific explanation of what causes Crepey skin, we recommend that you read the article by Medical News Today.

Crepe Erase Reviews: Effectively Treat Crepey Skin

Crepe skin can be treated using various products but none is as effective as the Crepe Erase system.

This anti-aging skin care system developed specifically for treating aging, crepe skin. The products are developed and sold by one of the leading skincare brands in the world.

The Crepe Erase brand that features a variety of skincare products including body polish, restorative facial treatments, body scrubs, dietary supplements, and hydrating lotions.

All the products marketed under the Crepe Erase brand are based on the patented TruFirm technology designed to promote youthful-looking skin.

Does Crepe Erase Actually Work?

Yes, it does. If you read the customer reviews on the official website as well as those on message boards and forums. 90% of the reviews say the same – it works like a magic.

The consensus seems to be that the Crepe Erase products actually works for most people that bought and tried out the products.

We tried it ourselves and did get pretty fast results.

It did not get rid of our Crepey skin completely (mainly on the legs area) but it did deeply hydrate it at first.

After a few weeks of treatment, the Crepey skin was almost gone.

Which is pretty amazing!

Crepe Erase products work by targeting the most visible areas on the body.

By restoring the youthful appearance of the skin on the neck, arms, legs, knees, cleavage, and neck, the products provide a significant confidence boost to users and help maintain healthy skin.

Crepe Erase products are made using TruFirm, which is a patented formula for skin rejuvenation.

It works by supporting and reinforcing the netting in the skin thus helping you achieve healthy and youthful-looking skin.

The formula is designed specifically to target crepe skin but works on all types of aged skin.

Red Light Therapy – Can It Help With Crepey Skin? a Great Alternative or Addition to Crepe Erase

Recently we have got a lot of people asking about red light therapy devices and Crepey skin.

As a great (if not better) alternative to Crepe Erase, we would recommend using red light therapy to get rid of sagging, Crepey skin.

A device like the joli 2.0 by eternal beauty will help you not only tighten your skin, but get rid of wrinkles as well.

Red light therapy was studied and proven to help with boosting collagen levels and tightening loose skin in all areas of your face and body.

It also is cheaper than Crepe Erase, since you’ll have to re-buy the creams, and the device is a 1 time purchase with a lifetime warranty.

You could even combine the too, regardless, we highly recommend adding red light therapy to your skin care and anti -aging routine, wether you’re etrying to firm, tighten your skin or just get rid of deep wrinkles and age spots.

To purchase the Joli 2.0 Led Device from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

Crepe Erase System – Before & After Pictures

These are before & after pictures of actual Crepe Erase product users.

You can see the amazing change in the Crepey skin, in some cases its completely gone while in others its reduced, both are great results.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Remember, results will vary and your skin is different from other peoples skin. However, not many skincare products can show that can of an impact on your skin.

Especially when it comes to Crepey skin, most products we’ve tested didn’t really work.

Products like body lotions, body butters, exfoliators and even some hydrating masks gave temporary results and hydration. But after a while, the Crepey skin came back.

That’s what makes the crepe erase treatment so special, it delivers permanent results.

Crepe Erase: The Ingredients

  • Shea butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cassava plant extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Bees Wax
  • Anti aging hydration oils

As you can see, crepe erase is based on natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Lets dive deeper and examine each of the ingredients in crepe erases’ system.

The ingredients used in Crepe Erase products are responsible for their efficiency.

Without the ingredients, there would be no remarkable results since they support the performance of Crepe Erase products.

The ingredients used are all natural and help maintain skin health as well as ward of the unwanted signs of aging.

Shea Butter

Used for treating rough and dry skin and does its job perfectly.

Rich in both Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids that hydrate and nourish skin, for a youthful, toned look.

It also helps soothe the skin once applied.

Cocoa Seed Butter

 natural ingredient that’s known for skin softening and smoothing abilities.

Great for getting rid of wrinkles and helps maintain a good amount of moisture in the skin. It is regarded as one of the best ingredients in any skin care treatment.

Cassava Plant Extract

It is used as an ingredient in Crepe Erase products to protect against irritation.

The cassava plant is well-known for its soothing properties and even helps make skin feel both silkier and smoother.

Vitamin E

It is a powerful antioxidant used to reduce the appearance of both fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps in nourishing and protecting the skin and even offers a strong barrier against the effects of exterior toxins to the skin’s surface.


It is included in Crepe Erase products to combat dry skin. It helps improve skin hydration and provides natural protection against external factors that may be responsible for skin damage.

Skin Smoothing Exfoliators

Crepe Erase products contain skin smoothing exfoliators for removing dead skin cells in a gentle and natural way, which helps pave the way for faster absorption of the creams thus speeding up the results.

Hydrating Oils

Crepe Erase products contain both coconut oil and olive fruit oil to soften and smooth dry and flaky skin. The oils also work great on irritated skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: we will update the frequently asked questions section for crepe erase as we get them to our email. Feel free to contact us with any questions about this treatment, and we will answer here.

What is Crepe Erase?

Crepe erase is a facial and body cream made to treat crepey skin. It became extremely popular nowadays due to great customer feedback and its appearance on TV and online.

Does Crepe Erase Work?

After we’ve researched for hours and read several hundred of reviews, our answer is YES. Crepe erase does work.

That being said, do not expect over-night results, as this is a treatment and not a “quick-fix”. Use it as directed, and you will get rid of your dry, crepey skin.

Can Crepe Erase Used on The Face?

Yes. Crepe erase can be used on your face and body. Thats another reason people love it so much.

Can Crepe Erase be Purchased in Stores?

No. Crepe erase can be purchased online, click here to purchase.

When to Apply Crepe Erase?

We recommend applying crepe erase daily, after a warm shower.

When you take a warm shower, the hot water will open your pores helping the crepe erase cream penetrate deeper and give you the maximum effect.

How is Crepe Erase Rated?

Crepe Erase is rated with 4 stars by our staff. It is a very high rating based on customer experience and our own opinion.

There is no doubt the treatment works, for some users it takes very little to effect and for others the treatment might take longer.

What is Crepe Erase Made of?

Cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E, Bees Wax, and Anti aging oils are the main ingredients in it.

These are all natural and powerful, giving the treatment a soft, creamy texture that’s very effective in fighting dry skin.

How Much Does Crepe Erase Cost?

The basic 2-piece crepe erase package costs around $59.95, shipping included.

However, there is also a larger size kit for  $129.95.

Some websites charge more than others, so we highly recommend picking the best offer we found for crepe erase, which can be found here.

Does crepe erase work on cellulite?

Yes. Crepe erase can also help with cellulite and even scar tissue. In fact, some users have reported that their cellulite was completely gone after as few as 5 treatments.

Is crepe erase safe to use?

Absolutely. Crepe erase is completely safe to use even if you have sensitive skin.

The reason is, the ingredients are completely natural, they do not use harsh chemicals and made it for people with sensitive, gentle skin.

Can Crepe Erase Used on Your Face?

Yes. crepe erase can be used on your face to treat your facial skin, and of course your neck area as well. Due to the treatment being natural and based on natural ingredients, it is safe to use on both your body and face, even if you have sensitive skin.

Is Crepe Erase Cruelty Free?

Yes. Crepe erase treatment is cruelty-free. It is very important for us personally, here on EstheticsHUB, that our readers understand what are “cruelty free” products and why its important to use them. Cruelty free products are products that do not involve any type of animal testing. While we all love our skin and want to look younger and feel better, that doesn’t mean we should test products on poor, adorable animals. That’s another reason we love crepe erase, they don’t do any of that.

Is Crepe Erase Gluten Free?

Yes. We contacted crepe erase and they have confirmed that crepe erase is gluten free. So if you suffer from an allergy to gluten or just avoid using gluten based products, you are completely safe to use crepe erase.

Crepe Erase Lawsuit – Explained 

We’ve recently got a lot of inquiries from our readers about the lawsuit filed against crepe erase, and wanted to chime in.

We are not legal experts and this is not legal advice, we simply looked into it, for the safety of our readers, before recommending crepe erase.

First, here’s a quite from the bbb national programs on regards to the conclusion of the crepe erase lawsuit :

 ” New York, NY – December 17, 2019 – A 5-person panel of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) determined that Guthy-Renker LLC has supported certain express performance and ingredient claims, before-and-after photo comparisons, an expert opinion, and a celebrity endorsement for its Crepe Erase® Anti-Aging Body Care Treatment System. “

So the bottom line and without getting into ‘legal’, there was a claim that Crepe Erase used “false advertising claims” (we are not taking sides here, just bringing the facts).

There were claims that crepe erase used advertising slogans like “the #1 treatment for dry skin” where they should have used “the #1 selling treatment for dry skin”, because they coulnd’t really back the first claim. So basically, we’re talking about their advertising tactics.

There was also a debate about the following statement :“Crepe Erase is the leading anti-aging body care system clinically shown to reverse crepey-looking skin,” however, the board sided with crepe erase, saying this is a fair claim to make :” the term “reverse” conveys the improvement, not elimination or near elimination – in the look of crepey skin, a message substantiated by the advertiser’s clinical study results.”.

The bottom line is : Crepe Erase lawsuit was related to their advertising and did not come due to their product quality or anything similar, and we still stand behind our recommandation of their products.

An actual review from a customer. click the image to purchase crepe erase…

Should You Buy Crepe Erase? Pros vs. Cons

Crepe Erase products are made using natural ingredients coupled with the patented TruFirm formula.

The products can be used as standalone items, together, or even in combination with other natural skincare products.

The Pros 

Here are some of the benefits associated with these treatments:

    • Restoring skin elasticity
    • Softer, firmer skin
    • Eliminates Crepey skin completely after just a few weeks
    • Works for people of all ages
    • Work for both men and women
    • Provides your skin with deep hydration
    • Safe and risk-free
    • All products come with a 60-day money back guarantee

The Cons

    • Incorrect use of the products can lead to adverse effects on the skin such as irritation
    • Some customers complained about the companies return policy. However this policy is popular when it comes to the skin-care industry due to the nature of the products.

After taking an in-depth look into the treatment, we feel comfortable recommending the treatment if you suffer from creepy skin.

At EstheticsHUB, we will never recommend a skincare product or treatment we don’t feel is worth your money or actually delivers results.

Next, we would love to answer a very interesting question we got from some of our readers.

Combining CREPE ERASE With Red Led Light Therapy Treatments to Treat Crepey Skin Even Faster

We recently got questions from you guys about the effects of red led light devices on Crepey skin.

It made a lot of sense to us, because red led light therapy is known to be extremely effective for pigmentation issues.

Crepe erase is an effective treatment for Crepey skin that’s for sure, and we think combining it with red light therapy can get you even better results.

Especially for thick layers of skin, mainly your body parts (legs, arms, belly, chest), the combination of both treatments will definitely accelerate the results.

We recently reviewed the best handheld led light therapy device of 2021, to read the review click here.

The Bottom Line

That sums up our article, and we hope we gave you enough information about that line so you can make a wise buying decision.

This premium line of skincare products will help rejuvenate crepe skin and give it a youthful appearance.

It contains natural ingredients, it is cruelty-free, and works for both men and women of all ages.

If used as directed and consistently, Crepe Erase products produce remarkable results that help improve skin health and appearance.

So, if you are suffering from Crepe Skin, Crepe Erase products are definitely the way to go.

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