Dead Sea Salt Benefits : How it Can Help Your Skin 

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of the dead sea in Israel. This wonderful place is the lowest point on earth, and the sea contains a very high amount of minerals and salt.

We have received a several questions from our readers about the benefits of using a dead sea salt scrub, and we thought it would be worth an entire post!

Today we will cover :

1.What is the dead sea and whats special about it ?

2.The Benefits of Using Dead Sea Products

3.Why you should start using a dead sea salt scrub, and which one should you use?

In a hurry? here are our top choices of dead sea products, grab them from the table below.

1. What is the dead sea, and whats so special about it? 

The dead sea in Israel is the lowest spot on earth, it was announced as one of the worlds wonders and is considered the mecca for people with skin conditions.

It is known that the sea contains very high concentration of salt and minerals [magnesium, potassium and calcium of course sodium & more].

Thus dead sea products are extremely popular and in very high demand.

The “dead” sea is named that way, due to the fact that nothing can live in it. No fish or any type of algae can survive in such salty water.

The combination of salt and minerals has many benefits for your skin, and it can even help in healing several skin conditions, like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.

Our staff have actually visited the dead sea and can confirm that you do float when you swim in its water, but be careful – if you get even a tiny bit of the dead sea water in your eyes, it’ll take you hours to recover! (ouch)


Now that we briefly explained the dead sea, lets talk about why you should use dead sea products. More particularly, we love the dead sea salt scrubs and the effect they leave on the human skin.


2.The [AMAZING] Benefits of Using Dead Sea Products

Heres just a list of some skin conditions that dead sea salt can help reduce or even heal in some cases.



Dry Skin




Muscle Aches

Nail Fungus


That’s a small list of  the conditions that the dead sea helped, according to people who actually suffered from them. The salt & mineral water of the dead sea can help many more, and even if you dont suffer from a skin condition, its great for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

Besides healing skin conditions, the minerals of the dead sea are known to have anti-aging benefits. According to this study by  the USA National Library of Medicine, bathing in dead sea water can do wonders for your skin.


dead sea products benefits for your skin



3. Why You Should Use Dead Sea Salt Scrub, And Which One Is The Best One?

First, we have to say we are extremely biased. ALL of our staff members in esthetics hub use the dead sea salt scrubs, we are just addicted to them, we have to admit. haha.

There are so many good reasons to use these salt scrubs with dead sea salts, and here are some of them:

  1. It feels A-M-A-Z-I-NG, like a mini-spa at home.
  2. The dead sea salt scrub will leave your skin SILKY smooth.
  3. Due to the high concentration of salts and minerals, it will heal your wounds!
  4. It has anti-aging benefits, by exfoliating your skin and enriching it with the minerals in the salts.
  5. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, you absolutely MUST try it.
  6. As you see, we’re in love with these. But we have to say we are NOT endorsed by any company that produces dead sea products!

So the benefits are clear, but which dead sea salt scrub should you use?

We actually created a table of our top brands of dead sea salt scrubs!

The Best Dead Sea Salt Scrubs to Use – 


The Bottom Line 

We hope you now know the benefits of using dead sea salt scrubs, and in general, dead sea products. By the way, another amazing facial peel that has dead sea mineral in it, is the oro-gold peeling gel, which we reviewed in this post.

Generally, we recommend using the dead sea salt scrub at least once a week, preferably while taking a hot bath (so fun!).

Let your body relax and massage the scrub all over, gently.

Enjoy the treatment, and please share this article via social media so we can keep growing!

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