ELEVARE REVIEW: Our Indepth Review on Elevare

Red led light therapy treatments have became extremely popular recently. We even wrote an entire post about the benefits of red light therapy treatments as an anti aging treatment, and have reviewed several anti aging devices like this one by eternal beauty.

In our Elevare review, we will take an in-depth look into the popular anti aging device. Does it really work? is it worth the hefty price tag? keep reading to find out…

You probably have many questions about the elevare device and this form of anti aging treatment, if you do, stick around.

  • Today We Will Answer – 
  • What is Elevare and how can it help your skin?
  • What kind of skin benefits does the elevare device deliver?
  • What are some of the benefits of red light treatments?
  • Before and after photos of actual Elevare users [results]
  • What is the best serum to use with the elevare device ?
  • What are the best alternatives for Elevare?
  • How to use the elevare device?
  • What is the price of the elevare device?
  • Where can you buy the elevare device?
  • Elevare vs. the perfectio zero gravity device

Lets dive right into it and discover everything there is about this device and treatment.


The Elevare device is an anti aging device based on the popular red led light therapy treatment.

Using that beautifully made device will deliver long-term results on your skin, some of these results are below.

Skin Benefits of using Elevare

  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Mends skin damage caused by the sun
  • Shrinks your pores
  • Can help with reduction of skin inflammation
  • The Elevare will help increasing your blood flow to that skin area
  • Encourages collagen and elastin production

The bottom line is, the Elevare device, using red led light therapy, will help your skin look younger and more esthetically appealing. 

The device is absolutely beautiful [see image below] and very light, making it easy to use and hold.

Red light therapy treatments briefly explained 

We already spoke about the benefits of red light therapy treatments in several articles in the past, however its important to understand what red light therapy actually does.

Other than pain relief, red light therapy was proven to help with :

  • Increasing blood-flow
  • Increasing collagen levels
  • Helps with pigmentation issues
  • Reduction of the appearance of rosacea

In this article by UNLM you can learn more about the effects and efficiency of red light therapy and infrared therapy. We recommend that you read it briefly, it will teach you a lot about this fabulous technology.


From our teams research and our own experience, the elevare device does deliver significant results. 

After a short few weeks of using the Elevare, you will notice a reduction in wrinkles, a smoother skin, better skin tone, reduction in redness and age spots and even a tighter, firmer neck.


When it comes to anti aging treatments, the best way to see if they actually work is to look at before and after photos. Like the saying goes ” a pictures worth a 1000 words”.

We looked online and have found many before and afters of actual elevare customers, you can take a look yourself below.


The red light therapy device by eternal beauty costs about $97, a fraction of the cost of the elevare device.

It has very similar features like the Elevare device: touch sensors, deep red led light, and a fantastic design.

We recommend taking a look at this device before buying any expensive red light therapy devices. We ranked it #1 in our best led light therapy device of 2021 for a reason!


Its a very good idea to hydrate your skin after a red light therapy treatment session. For that purpose, we highly recommend the light therapy serum, it was made specifically for red led light treatment.

The serum is based on vitamin c and hyularonic acid, its extremely light and fun to use, your skin will feel like silk after applying it! Many even use this serum twice a day.

In fact we recently ranked it as the best serum for light therapy treatment, read the review here.


Using the elevare anti aging device is extremely simple, which makes it even better.

Basically, there are 5 steps to the elevare treatment.

Step 1: make sure the elevare device is fully charged, charge it overnight.

Step 2: wash your face with warm water, we recommend using a high quality, organic cleanser. Make sure you dry your face after you wash them and do not apply creams before using the device.

Step 3: turn the device on and massage your skin lightly with circular motions, be gentle.

Step 4: continue massaging your face, neck and even body parts with the device for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: After the session, apply a good quality, natural serum.

Simple, isnt it? when our team members used the device and followed up with the serum, other than the skin benefits, they said the feeling was of a ‘mini spa at home’.

So save your money, dont spend it on facials in your local salon, and enjoy this device instead.


The price of the elevare device is between $1199 online and we even found it for over $2000 in stores. The best price we have found online can be found HERE

We know, the device isn’t cheap. But what we appreciate about this device is that its cheaper than a face lift or even botox treatments when looking at the long term.

A facelift will cost you $8,000-$20,000 depends on where you get it, and then a neck lift adds a few thousands to your cart.

We would much prefer a natural treatment rather than an invasive surgery, but its really up to the person.

Some men and women that did get a facelift reported that they use the elevare device either way in order to prolong the results, which is kind of awesome!


Katy, one of our team members, have actually found the elevare device in a local beauty shop in Miami.

However, the price was significantly higher than this price we found on amazon.

We highly recommend purchasing the device online, this will save you a lot of money.


This two devices are pretty similar in terms of functionality. Both look great and are using led-light therapy.

The Perfectio is slightly more expensive but the perfectio brand is also more popular than Elevare and have a bigger following, which might suggest the quality is a bit better.

Read our perfectio zero gravity review to learn more about the perfectio device.


If you can’t afford paying the price tag of Elevare [which is $1000+] we have a great alternative for you.

That alternative is called the Joli 2.0 Device by Eternal Beauty.

The price of the joli device is about 10-15% of the original price of Elevare, so you might want to check it out if your budget won’t allow you to invest in the Elevare.

To order the Joli Anti aging device, CLICK HERE.


This sums up our Elevare review, we hope you got the answers you were looking for and have decided whether you should get it or not.

Our personal opinion is that the Elevare device is definitely worth trying. Its better to try a natural anti aging treatment vs. going under the knife or getting botox right away.

You can always get a facelift or a neck lift if the red light therapy treatment Elevare offers didn’t work for you.

In fact, many that do use botox or got a lift, reported that they love using elevare in order to help the blood flow to that areas and prolong the result they got from the procedure.

To order your own Elevare device, Click Here for the best price!

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