The Complete Guide to Getting rid of Wrinkles Around Your Mouth & Lips Area

We all got them and we all hate them: these wrinkles around the mouth and lips area.

Wether its due to excessive facial expressions, smoking or even hereditary, there are plenty of way to “win” these annoying lines.

But fear not, dear ladies! in this post we have recruited our beauty team for 1 crucial, live or die mission: helping you find the best ways to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth and lips, once and for all! (or at least reducing them, significantly).


In this post we cover:

  1. THE CAUSES: What causes wrinkles around the mouth & lips area?
  2. THE TREATMENT: The best natural treatments for wrinkles around your mouth and lips
  3. BOTOX & FILLERS: Everything you need to know about botox and fillers for mouth&lips wrinkles
  4. PREVENTION: How to PREVENT wrinkles around your mouth and lips
  5. The bottom line (a quick summary of this post)

This post is going to be filled with useful information that will help you, we highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee / wine and reading it thoroughly!



According to medical studies, there are several causes that can cause or enchance the wrinkles around your mouth and lips area.

We named the causes below, and while some of them can be controlled (which we will talk about in the prevention part) some are out of our control, sadly.

Main Causes for Wrinkles Around Your Mouth and Lips

  • Smoking. Well, this one might be obvious but its important that we name and acknowledge it. Smoking was found, in this medical study by insilico medicine, to accelerate aging process (!). You can read the study by clicking here. Smoking has so many bad side-effects and hazards that it would take us too long to name them all, but when focusing on wrinkles around your mouth and lips area, obviously, smoking is one of the biggest contributors. So stop smoking, and if you cant quit by yourself, get help, no shame in that.


  • Age & DNA. Heres a factor that none of us can control, which is aging, and our DNA. If your parents have wrinkles around their mouth (or any other wrinkles) odds are you will have them too. Yes, they are hereditary, blame your old folks. Of course, aging is a huge contributor to wrinkles, as we age, the collagen levels in our skin drop and as a results the skin loses elasticity which causes wrinkles and sagging of your skin. Thats why we highly recommend using collagen supplements which can slow down that natural process.


  • Facial Expressions. Don’t laugh. literally! facial expressions definitely cause wrinkling of the skin and especially around the mouth area. Of course we’re kidding and not expact you to stop smiling just so you won’t have wrinkles, however, be mindful about your facial expressions.


Facial expressions will cause wrinkles around your mouth…


  • Bad nutrition and eating junk.if you’re not eating healthy, you will get more wrinkles, including specifically around the mouth and lips area. The reason is simple: sugary and oily foods are linked to overall bad health and specifically wrinkles and signs of aging on your skin, according to numerous medical studies, like this recent study by Webmd. Eating healthy foods that are filled with fiber, like vegetables and fruit, and generally whole-foods, will help you stay healthy overall, and looking younger with less wrinkles.



If you use straws often, you will get more wrinkles around your lips.


  • Using straws.  This one is big and many women and men don’t even know about the damage their doing to their mouth and lips area, wrinkles-wise. Do not drink with straws, especially if you’re drinking water or sparkling water, that will not damage your teeth. If you’re drinking soda and are worried about your teeth, heres a quick tip: don’t drink soda! not only its unhealthy, it also puts you in a place where you have to choose: stain your teeth or get wrinkles around your lips. We choose neither!


  • Sun exposure.  We love tanning and the sun too, we get it. But when it comes to wrinkles and signs of aging on your skin, sun exposure causes, sadly, a huge issue. Keep that in mind next time you’re at the beach or laying around tanning.


  • Missing teeth. Heres another cause for mouth and lips wrinkles that not many are aware of. If you have missing teeth, your skin will sunk in and that will cause wrinkles not just around your mouth but generally on your face. Take care of your teeth and keep good hygiene to prevent losing your teeth. And if you already lost teeth, go to the dentist and get it fixed.


Now that we named the main causes for wrinkles around your mouth, you’re probably asking yourself :”well, how can I get rid of the wrinkles around my mouth and lips?” and thats a great question! So lets talk about the treatment options.




  • Red Led Light Therapy Treatments. 

We absolutely love red led light therapy treatments. They are natural and with a red light therapy device, like this one by eternal beauty, you can get them done cheaply, at home!

We did cover the benefits of red light therapy in a recent post that you can read here, so we won’t repeat all the benefits, but red light therapy was proven to reduce wrinkles around your mouth area especially.




  • Anti aging creams and serums.

Using anti aging creams and serums can help with reducing wrinkles, and that includes the ones around your mouth and lips.

We prefer serums that include vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as this combination was found to be very effective in fighting wrinkles and signs of aging.

If you dont have one yet, you’re welcome to order your own bottle by clicking here.

However, these take time to work and we consider them to be wrinkle-prevention more than a treatment.

We found that red led light therapy treatments we mentioned above will work faster and are more effective in reversing the signs of aging, and serums& creams will help reversing signs of aging as well, but they are more effective when it comes to prevention.

By keeping your skin hydrated and giving it the vitamins it needs, you can slow down the aging process of your skin cells, which in turn, prevent wrinkles.


  • Facial Massage.  Frequently overlooked, but a facial massage, can definitely help strengthen your facial muscles, which in return pulls the skin and prevents sagging and wrinkles. And theres more good news – you can do that at home! In a recent post by you can teach yourself how to massage your face at home, and its pretty easy.


  • RF (radio frequency) and skin tightening devices  in this recent medical study by the US National Library of Medicine, it was found that RF devices actually help with tightening and firming your skin. RF devices send pulses to your skin and helps with tightening skin tissues.  If you haven’t used one, we recommend you buy the  5 in one anti aging device by EB(link) it does have RF plus has other cool anti aging modes.


Now that we talked about the natural ways to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth and lips area, lets discuss the more controversial ones – botox and fillers.



While on we’re not huge fans of botox and fillers, in some cases, we do think they’re worth using around your mouth and lips, specifically.

If you used to smoke a lot and the wrinkles around your mouth are extremely deep, you might want to consider botox.

Lets explain how botox works so you learn a little more about this popular ‘magic’ treatment.


Botox, mayo clinic describe botox as “injections that have the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles”. In other words, injecting botox will make your wrinkles disappear or fade significantly.  That being said, botox is actually a toxin (botulinum) that paralyzes(doctors like to call it ‘freeze’) your facial muscles.

There are side effects to using botox, we thought its important that you know the risks.

Side-effects of using botox

  • Pain or swelling of the area
  • Droopy eye lids
  • Vision problems
  • Breathing problems (rare)

The reason  some people like to use botox for their wrinkles is pretty obvious, its works fast.

However, we suggest you give the natural treatments we mentioned a shot first, if they dont work for you, then go ahead and get botox, but we believe botox is being over-used because people have this “quick-fix” mentality nowadays. Just our opinion.


Fillers, anyone?

Lets talk about fillers. Also called “wrinkle fillers” these injections are meant to be injected under the surface of your skin to add ‘volume’ and ‘fullness’, thus the name fillers.

Again, like botox, fillers does work fast, but come with a price (literally). First of, from our experience, women (and men) that use botox and fillers thousands of dollars a year on these treatments, vs. those who use natural anti aging treatments (They are just way cheaper).

Botox usually lasts for 3-6 months and then you’ll have to go again and… pay again. Same is true for wrinkles fillers.

We recently wrote a post about the best natural wrinkles fillers that are a good alternative to botox and fillers, give it a read.

Again, we are not saying that botox and fillers are totally terrible and you should never use them.

However, we do recommend trying the natural treatments first, they are cheaper, healthier, and who likes needles anyway?

Now that we covered the available treatments, lets talk about prevention. Or how you can avoid getting wrinkles around your mouth and lips area, in the first place.



“Its better to prevent than to fix” is a known, and very true saying.

Being mindful about what causes wrinkles and aging can save you a lot of money and energy, trying to get rid of these same lines later.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you prevent wrinkles on your mouth & lips.

How to prevent wrinkles around your mouth 

  • Don’t use a straw when you drink
  • Avoid smoking or vaping (same facial expression)
  • Don’t purse your lips
  • Be mindful of your facial expressions
  • Drink collagen supplements 
  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid long sun exposure
  • Avoid sucking on objects for long period of time

These are just a few quick tips that will help you with the prevention part.

While some of them might be obvious, its important that you keep them in mind.

One more thing we need to cover here.

Laugh lines, as the name suggest, are caused by laughing throughout your life. These are the wrinkles that go from the side of your nose all the way to the sides of your mouth.

In order to treat laugh lines efficiently, we highly recommend cleaning the area daily to smoothen the skin and then hydrating it. These lines, when given some attention, can fade significantly.


We do realize this post contains a lot of information, so we’ve decided to recommend a quick yet powerful anti aging routine you can follow at home, in order to get rid of the wrinkles around your lips and mouth area!




Repeat this treatment 2-3 a week, to reduce your laugh lines and prevent them from getting deeper.

  1. Cleanse your skin with the charcoal facial cleanser (buy it here)
  2. Dry your skin
  3. Apply the vitamin C  and Hyaluronic acid serum by eternal beauty (order here)
  4. Use a red led light therapy device on the area for 5 minutes (get it here)
  5. Follow up with your favorite facial cream / for extra hydration



We covered everything that has to do with wrinkles around your mouth in this post, including causes, treatments, and even prevention.

When it comes to botox and fillers, we do recommend that you wait before getting them done and try the natural anti aging treatments we suggested.

Don’t forget to wear sun screen if your skin is very fair, preferably on a daily basis.

Try to not use straws and if you’re smoking, just quit. (easier said than done, we get it).

Last, we hope you enjoyed reading this post as it took us a lot of time and energy to research and write it.

Please go ahead and share it via social media so we can keep writing high quality anti aging & skincare tips for free and help you keep your skin young and healthy!