La Mer Creme De La Mer Unbiased Review

La Mer is one of the most luxurious, and expensive skincare brands. It is an extremely popular and competes with other high-end brands like la-prairie and Channel.

Creme de La Mer ( “Cream of The Sea”) is their most popular cream, our team tested, reviewed it, and in this post we will help you make a smart buying decision!

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La Mers’ brand is known to be catering to the more wealthy customers (not everybody can afford it), if you’re on the look out for a world-class moisturizing cream, Le Mer Creme de La Mer will probably come to your mind first.

This review is going to analyze the moisturizing cream and explain its features.

Does it provide value in the long-term? does it hydrate your skin and provide anti-aging benefits (in other words, will it help getting rink of wrinkles?)

Let’s find out.


What Customers Are Saying About “Creme De La Mer” ? 

We read current users of the creme de la mer reviews (click here to read them), and here are a few of what we’ve found.

” This cream is fantastic! I’ve been using La Mers skincare line for 10 years now and the results are amazing. A must have if you want to get rid of wrinkles and slow down the aging of your skin ” -Janet, NC


Most Creme da la mer reviews were positive, which is impressive because usually when it comes to products with a higher price tag, people tend to be a little more negative.

Lets talk about the key features of this cream.


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Key Features – Creme De La Mer

1) Designed By La Mer
2) Built For Daytime Use
3) Provides Marine Scent
4) Ingredients Include Algae, Microcrystalline Wax, Sesame Seed Oil, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum
5) Comes In Iconic Opal Jar

What We Love About Creme De La Mer

1) Beautiful Delicate Scent

Let’s start with the marine scent because it’s intoxicating.

Your nose will stop dead in its tracks when you get a whiff of this moisturizing cream. It is one of a kind with its aromatic appeal. You’re not going to find a better-smelling cream on the market. The best part about this scent is knowing it will last on your skin and is going to work well.

Even if it dries down, you are still going to get that aromatic scent flutter by from time to time.

2) Long-lasting Hydration

How long does it last?

This is a question you’re going to have when it comes to the scent and its efficiency. Yes, you want a cream that helps your drying skin and makes it aesthetically appealing but the scent’s longevity matters. In general, Le Mer Creme De La Mar lasts for a long time.

You can get it to last for the entire day with one application.

This is why people love investing in a cream such as this one as it packs a punch. You’re not getting a weak cream when you purchase Le Mer Creme De La Mar.

3) Absorbs EXTREMELY Fast

This is one of the easiest moisturizing creams on the market to apply, and that’s a significant advantage.

Too many creams claim to do a lot but end up wasting time. You don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes applying cream to your skin. This is a complete waste of your time and isn’t worth it. Go with Le Mer Creme De La Mar if you want to save a lot of time.

4) Large Jar – Good Quantity

One of the primary concerns with top-tier moisturizing creams is the jar size.

Yes, this is a problem!

With Le Mer Creme De La Mar, you’re looking at a world-class product that’s equipped with enough cream to last you a while. It’s not going to finish in a matter of days. You will be able to get it to last for a long time if you follow the directions.

5) Ideal For Dry / aging Skin

Do you have flaking skin that dries down as soon as you step outside?

A lot of people have this concern, and it won’t be a problem any longer. Le Mer Creme De La Mar is a winner when it comes to handling drying or chapped skin.


What We Didn’t Like About Creme De La Mer

1) Easy To Overdo Application

This is a concern that has been noted by users over the years with Le Mer Creme De La Mar.

While it is a robust cream and provides exceptional results, you can easily overdo it. This is why it’s important to follow the directions to get it to work for you.

2) Results Take Time

It’s essential to note this is a case-by-case reality and not something to count on.

You are going to see results, but they might take time. In fact, a majority will see results immediately, but that doesn’t mean you give up if things don’t work out. You want to take your time and let the skin adapt to your new cream.


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How To Reduce Wrinkles Even FASTER : Anti Aging Routine With Led Therapy & La Mer’s Cream

Using a high quality cream like la mer is important. We believe that if you’re already using a high quality product like that, you should look at a device that can help you boost the results in terms of younger skin and reducing wrinkles.

La mer is a luxury skincare brand, that has only got more popular with the years.

Being one of the most popular skincare brands on the planet, the price of la mer products is, lets just say not cheap.

In this post we will review the brand and give some recommendations on their prodcuts.

If you’re trying to get younger skin faster, heres our recommendation.

  1. Get the New Anti-Aging Device by Eternal Beauty.
  2. Use it on clean skin, once a day
  3. Apply La Mers’ Creme De La Creme after using the led device

This is a very powerful anti-aging routine that you can adopt in order to get fantastic looking skin, we tried it, and it works!

To get the anti aging device – click here.

  • please send us an email after trying this routine for at least 2 months and share your results, we love seeing these before & after pictures!


How Much Does The Creme De La Mer Cost ?

The price of the creme de la mer changes because La Mer is known to constantly improve formulas and bring out new versions (Which is great, they’re always upto date with the newest anti-aging technologies).

Here’s updated price for the current version of Creme De La Mer – CLICK HERE!


Creme De La Mer – BUY OR BYE !?

In the end, Le Mer Creme De La Mar is one of the finest moisturizing creams in the business.

You’re not going to find a more soothing, well-designed product than this one. It is the complete package from its iconic opal jar to the beautiful marine scent. Its relaxing properties are a joy to the nose and skin when you first apply it. You will never look at any other option ever again.

NOTE – we are not affiliated with La Mer and this is simply our opinion after we have researched (and tried) their fabulous cream.

When it comes to moisturizers, like everything else in life, you get what you paid for. Don’t be discouraged by the price tag as the creme de la mer will last longer than most moisturizers, a small drop goes a long way.

Don’t forget to clean your face before applying the cream for best results!

Le Mer Creme De La Mar is a real winner and is a must for your collection.

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Updated : nov 18, 2021