LightStim Reviews : For Wrinkles, Pain and Acne

LightStim is very well-known brand in the Led Light Therapy World. They offer a line of led therapy devices, that treat Wrinkles, pain and even get rid of Acne.

In this post we will go over their whole line and take an in-depth look into their devices to determine : are they effective?

Theres no doubt that red light therapy and led light therapy in general has many benefits to our skin.

In fact, we recently reviewed the benefits of led light therapy at home, you can read the article by clicking the link.

You can also take a brief look at the article by the National Library of Medicine that concludes that led light therapy is extremely effective.

But in this post, we want to specifically focus on the LightStim line, so lets dive right into it.


1.LightStim for Wrinkles Reviewed

This device utilizes amber, deep red, light red, and infrared lights. This combination of lights can help to increase the amount of collagen in a person’s skin, which can improve elastin production rates.

Like all LightStim products, this device is non-invasive and includes a 30-minute automatic shut off. It also comes with its own beauty bag.

This device clocks in at 72 LEDs. It is approved by the FDA for usage on the entire face. A number of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other experts have recommended this device.

According to reviews, this device is extremely effective at reducing crow’s feet, vertical lines around the mouth, and nasal labial folds. Reviewers also say that the device effectively treats age spots. Most reviewers report that the device is easy to use; it automatically beeps when it needs to be moved to another area.

However, reviewers do have some criticisms of this particular device.

Users have stated that the device can dry out the skin.

For that reason, we can’t recommend using LightStim for wrinkles if you have sensitive or dry skin.

It seems like their led machine for wrinkles is just too strong and isn’t fit for sensitive facial skin, especially the eye area (which is a shame, because led treatment is effective in treating under-eye wrinkles).

The bottom line – we don’t recommend lightstim for wrinkles unless you have very oily skin.

Whats The Best  Alternative to LightStim for Wrinkles?

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When it comes to an alternative, we recommend the Anti Aging Device by Eternal Beauty, we have recommended this device several times and it seems to be just perfect.

Unlike the lightstim for wrinkles, this device won’t dry your skin and was made for all skin types, we have tried it ourselves.

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Overall, we didn’t really like the lightstim for wrinkles, but what about the rest of the lightstim line?

Next, lets take a look at the lightstim for acne led light therapy device.


2.LightStim for Acne Reviewedlightstim for acne reviewed

The LightStim for Acne device is specifically designed to help users achieve clear and healthy-looking skin.

The device can reduce inflammation, calm the skin during breakouts, and destroy bacteria to reduce the frequency of breakouts in the future.

It’s a natural way to treat acne in both teenagers and adults.

The device has been cleared by the FDA to treat both mild and moderate acne. It uses a combination of red and blue light to calm the skin, kill bacteria, and to give skin a smoother texture.

It clocks in at 36 LEDs. The device is fairly small — about 2 inches in diameter — which means it is highly portable. It has been recommended by a number of estheticians.

The device is designed to be placed against the skin for small increments of time and moved from one area to another.

From everything we saw and researched, including customer reviews, we love this device.

We have no doubt that the Lightstim for acne device is one of the best led light therapy device for acne out there.

Make no mistake, the device isn’t a miracle cure, and it won’t eliminate your acne overnight.

However, many have been able to improve their skin and clear up their acne after using this device on an ongoing basis.

The majority of customers have highly recommended using this product in conjunction with other products.

Most individuals seem to think that it should be part of an anti-acne routine, not the entire routine. Reviewers have also recommended combining this device with a healthy diet.

The lightstim for acne device is great for sensitive skin. It’s specifically designed to treat acne, but it’s gentle enough that it won’t make existing skin problems any worse than they are.

The bottom line – we highly recommend using lightstim for acne, and it seems to be very effective in getting rid of acne!

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3.LightStim for Pain Reviewedlightstim for pain order

Unlike other LightStim devices, this product isn’t trying to change the appearance of the skin. haha.

This is a pain treatment and it was approved by the FDA for that purpose.

When used, this device provides a gentle warmth that will soothe the skin and provide a great deal of relief.

The device uses infrared, deep infrared, dark red and light red lights to provide unique therapeutic benefits.

This device, which clocks in at 72 LEDs, is based on NASA’s technology.

Use for as little as five minutes or as long as 30 minutes.

We like how versatile it is. You can also use it weekly, daily, or several times in a single day.

It is completely safe; there are hundreds of studies involving this device, and none of them have shown any negative side effects.

We actually tried this device, and it works like a charm – highly effective at treating pain.

From our research, most users report that the device is able to deliver immediate results.

The device is also effective in reducing swelling.

If thats not enough, multiple doctors and other medical professionals have also praised this device.

While it does provide immediate relief, you should use this one as a long-term treatment.

The bottom line – we highly recommend lightstim for pain, if you suffer from joint pain or muscle pain!

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The LightStim Product Line – Wrapping it Up

If you’re going to buy a product from lightstim, we recommend to use the device for acne, or for pain.

We didn’t really like nor do we recommend lighstim for wrinkles, it just seems to harsh on the skin.

However, remember that lightstim is a popular brand in the led light therapy world.

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