Our eye lids are one of the thinnest layers of skin on our body, and as we age, the muscle responsible for tightening them, called the levator is getting weaker. Therefore, droopy eye-lids are one of the first, and most common signals of aging.

You probably know you can get an eye-lid lift and fix the issue with a surgery, however, that solution is expensive, can be dangerous, and is NOT permanent (usually lasts a few years).

But we have good news for you, there are natural eye lift treatments that can help you deal with your eye lids, without the hefty price tag or the side-effects of a surgery!

Our beauty team went on a research and found the best ways to do just that, and we reviewed them so you can tighten your eye lids naturally!

Lets start by identifying the causes for sagging eye-lids.



As we age, our skin loses collagen. Thats why we wrote an entire post on the best collagen supplements recently, and you should definite give that a read.

Other than losing collagen and generally the elasticity of your skin, and especially if you are still young but suffer from droopy eye lids, you might be suffering from ptosis.

Ptosis, also known as lazy eye, is an actual condition that can worsen if left untreated. To read more about ptosis visit this post by wikipedia.

Last, the main muscle thats responsible for controlling your eye lids is called the levator.

As we age that muscle weakens, therefore it doesn’t hold the skin on your eye lids as strong as it used to.

You could strengthen that muscle along with other muscles on your face by giving yourself facial massages, as we discussed on our natural anti aging tips post [read it here].

Now that we understand the causes and how you can prevent your eye lids to sag, lets talk about the actual treatments that will help you lift them back up.



In our review on the best led light therapy device, we also specified the benefits of red light therapy treatments.

Two of these benefits is increasing blood flow to the treated area and tightening the skin by increasing collagen production. 

These 2 can definitely help you tighten your eye lids naturally, and will also help get rid of the crows feet, puffiness and dark circles.

Our favorite led light therapy device is this one by eternal beauty, its also the most affordable out there [other brands will charge you $1500 or more].



We’re huge fans of eye creams and serums, we even reviewed the best organic eye creams in a recent post.

That being said, we were looking for a product that specifically targets the droopy eye-lids, not just fine lines.

In fact, our beauty team have tried the non-surgical syringe by D’or 24k and the results were pretty shocking. At first we thought its a short-term solution, but after reading reviews and seeing what other customers say, we absolutely love this product.

It comes in the form of a syringe and you simply apply it on and around your eyes. Then it helps with tightening the area and even reduce the appearance of fine line (you can actually feel the area tightens!)

Definitely a great product, but its not cheap. So we went looking for a more cost-effective alternative, and have found the Vine Vera non-surgical syringe which seem to be very similar and costs less than the d’or 24k one.



Some people swear by their home- made remedies for droopy eye lids. These include using ice, egg yolks, and even coconut oil.

We do believe it will give you some sort of a result to an extent, but we couldnt find any proof of a long-lasting, life-changing result.

That being said, if it wont hurt to try, especially because these are really cheap and easy to do.

DIY treatment for sagging eye lids – 

The recipe as you can see is super simple.

  1. wash your face with warm water (especially your eye lids) then dry your skin out.
  2. crack open an egg, separate the egg white from the yolks, dispose [or eat] the yolks.
  3. apply the egg white on your eye lid, while closing your eye.
  4. wait for 5-10 minutes, you’ll feel the egg white dry out on your eye lid.
  5. wash it off.

Simple, isn’t it?

We recommend repeating this treatment for 2-3 times a week. Rinse the egg white completely when done.

Some people have claimed to see great results just following this simple DIY mask, so give it a shot, what do you got to lose?



You have probably heard of blepharoplasty. If you have not, blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery where the excess skin on your eye lid will be removed surgically by a plastic surgeon.

The cost of an eye lid surgery varies and can go anywhere between $2500-$5000.

In most cases this surgery is safe but like any other surgery, complications and side-effects might happen.

Here are some of the side-effects of blepharoplasty : 

  • Swelling of the area
  • Blurry or double vision
  • Insufficient or excessive tearing
  • Pain
  • Difficulty sleeping

Below is a before and after picture of an eye lid lift surgery patient.

Eyelid lift is expensive, but it does deliver results in most cases.


As you can see the results in that specific case are wonderful, but of course it doesnt mean yours will be.

We’re not 100% against an eyelid lift surgery, but we do 100% recommend trying the other natural methods before you go and get your eye lids done!



If your eyelids sag, we recommend trying the eye lift treatments above. Even if you consider a surgery, try the natural way first.

Who knows, it might save you the pain and money that surgery will cost you.

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