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We Tried OROGOLD’s 24K Intensive Eye Serum

The “Orogold” brand is becoming more and more popular, and people keep e-mailing us asking for a review on orogolds products, among them, the orogold 24k intensive eye serum.

Orogold is a luxurious 24k gold based skin-care line. We read many orogold reviews and decided to check it out ourselves!

Gold is known to have a rejuvenating effect on the human skin, and orogold is taking it to a whole new level!

We just recently reviewed orogolds 24k peeling gel treatment.

It is absolutely fantastic, and we’re excited to take a look at another product of this luxurious brand.

orogold reviews

But does it really work?

Is this serum worth your hard-earned money?

Is it of high quality or just a hype?

We did all the research in order for you to make a good decision on wether to buy it or not, we even bought it and used the serum ourselves!

So lets get right into it!


First, we looked at customer reviews [click here to read them]. From what we saw, people who used the serum are extremely happy with it, and describe it as one of the most effective eye serums around.

OROGOLD EYE SERUM REVIEWCustomers especially love how it reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eye area (Which, sadly, we all suffer from!).

Also, they describe it as a having a very rich, smooth texture (which it should be, as its not a cheap product).

So far looks great, lets move on and take a look into the ingredients of orogolds 24k intensive eye serum.


So, what is in it and what makes it work well? It contains a new formula with real 24K gold, vitamin C, and palmitoyl oligopeptide. Other natural ingredients include aloe vera and green tea.

orogold skin care reviews

In case you didn’t get the Gold element, we have found out that gold has been used in ancient Egyptian times when it was used to heal sores.

Cleopatra wore it for a glowing complexion. Today’s use of gold in skin creams and lotions is known as chysotherapy.

Gold helps reduce inflammation as well as firm and moisturize skin.

The way that it works to restore youthful skin is that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It makes skin look smoother and more radiant.

When gold is applied to the face or under the eyes is also offers a protective layer that promotes collagen retention and keeps elastin from breaking down.

These are essential to young looking skin.

Lets talk about the elephant in the room, should we really use 24k gold in our skin-care products, or are we just being fancy? (which is fine by us by the way, haha)


Well, research have shown that gold can encourage collagen growth.

When people age, their collagen, and elastin break down and cause wrinkles.

When collagen production is rejuvenated or when it is protected skin naturally looks younger and healthier.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, a study was done on skin ulcers with gold leaf. It helped heal the ulcers and those who used it in the study had no allergic reactions to it.

The creators of Oro Gold products took the knowledge of what 24K gold can do to heal skin and put it into a formula that gently helps restore under-eye smoothness and beauty.

The aloe helps moisturize skin and the green tea helps firm it.


As you know, here at EthesthicsHUB, we love to find you the best deal possible. This serum is in high demand and was pretty hard to find for a good price.

The price ranges and depends on where and when you get it (prices raise during Christmas probably due to high demand).

Click the button below to check availability and price!



Expect the online price range to be within  $250-300.

We highly recommend that you purchase all your skincare online!

In fact, one of our staff members have reported that he found the same serum in his local mall Orogold store for $400!

As for buying it at the mall, there is some criticism that the salespeople are too pushy about it.

Because of this, potential customers walk away from the kiosk without even trying it, which is a shame, because this is a really good product.

We have tried it ourselves (how lucky are we?) so lets talk about our experience with it!

orogold serum


If you’re trying to get rid of puffiness, dark circles and craws-feet, read carefully.

We have recently reviewed the best hand-held anti aging device of 2018, click here to read the complete review.

Led-light therapy treatments have proven to be extremely effective for the delicate eyes area.

Combining led-light therapy with the oro-gold 24k eye serum can produce results even faster. If you’re looking to try your first anti-aging led device, we recommend you go with Eternal Beauty’s Led Device – click here for more info & to purchase.


So two of our staff members tried the serum on their eyes, for a whole month, to see if it really works and how does it feel on the skin.

The results were AMAZING. We were really shocked with the change. It actually reduces the fine lines around the eyes (what we call “craws feet”) and it even helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The texture is very light so it doesn’t bother you when you apply it, and the bottom line is – WE LOVE IT!

Before You Get It – Make Sure You’re NOT ALLERGIC TO GOLD!

If you’re one of those unlucky people who are allergic to gold, this product is not for you. Although 99% of people are not and gold-allergy is very uncommon.

It should be something you are aware of before you buy it in case you do have a reaction.

If you buy the product on Amazon, however, you are backed by Amazon’s guarantee to buyers, so you can always return it in case you are allergic.


Should I Buy OROGOLD’s 24K Intensive Eye Serum?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY.

This is a high quality serum that is definitely worth trying and it is easy to use.

You apply it every day around your eyes. OroGold also makes a 24K intensive eye cream that can be applied right after this.

Make sure to use it once a day to see lines and wrinkles disappear.

The gold is part of nanoparticles in the serum which are so small they can pass the skin’s barrier to absorb directly into the skin cells.

It penetrates deeply and quickly allowing the gold to work to combat the effects of aging.

You will gain smoother skin, tightened eyelids, less bagginess, and even improvement in dark circles.

Remember that if you discontinue using it, you might not get the results that you want. This serum works to correct aging problems and it helps prevent them.



This is not a cheap product, but you are getting real 24K gold formulated in an excellent serum that contains many other natural ingredients.

People who use it see the results of the gold’s benefits to their skin immediately. Gold has proven benefits to any skin type.

You will start seeing results fast even if you have never used any anti-aging products under your eyes before.

Eye serums are everywhere, but their effectiveness is not always consistent.

With Oro Gold’s 24K Intensive Eye Serum the effectiveness is pretty instant, lasting and beautiful.

When we tried it, we definitely got good results on our wrinkles.

Some of our team members’ craws-feet completely disappeared, and thats priceless, as there are so many products that SIMPLY DON’T WORK.

So we believe that once you find a good eye serum, you should buy it, and if you want to save money, buy it by using the link below (its guaranteed to be the lower price available).

Click Here To Order Orogolds 24k Eye Serum!


orogold eye serum reviews

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We will write more orogold reviews soon, stay tuned.

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