OSMOSIS SKIN CARE: Whats it all about?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock or been in quarantine for too long (Thanks to covid19), you’ve probably heard of Osmosis skin-care.

This new but fast-growing skincare company is sure making waves in the beauty industry due to their new-innovative approach.

After we’ve received multiple emails from our readers asking us to review their products and the company as a whole, we’ve sent our beauty experts to take an in-depth look.



Founded at 2008 by Dr. Ben Johnson (MD), Osmosis’ philosophy  is that all skin issues come from “within”, meaning imbalances, and in order to get real results (less wrinkles, younger looking skin) we have to fix our skin from the inside.

Osmosis is a holistic skin care company, their products are built with patented ,high quality ingredients.

One of the companies goals is to help people gain visible results with new, patented formulas.

They are strictly against animal testing, and have high environment awareness. They are proud to use non-toxic ingredients and all of their packaging materials are recyclables, which is great.



When it comes to the ingredients, Osmosis’ skin care line uses non-toxis, clean ingredients.

They do not use SLS and parabens in their products, which is great, since these chemicals have been proven to be harmful to both our skin and the planet.


One of the main ingredients behind their products is  human stem cells, stem cells are extremely popular nowadays in skincare and even treating conditions.

In this study by the NCBI, it is shown that human stem-cells can help replace our dead, old skin-cells and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

The products are non-toxic and the packages are recyclable, Osmosis is committed to protecting the planet by using natural ingredients, as their website states.

By reading customer reviews on osmosis skincare, we can tell people absolutely love their products. They also provide a money-back guarantee and you can tell they care about their customers.

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One of our favorites things to do when evaluating a skin care product is looking at before and after pictures of people who’ve used it. After all, you can’t argue with results.

Below are some before & after pictures of Osmosis skin-care customers.




As you can see in the pictures, customers are getting pretty amazing results.

Remember, when using any skincare treatment, consistency is key.



We’ve taken a deep look into the ingredients used in their products, as we believe the ingredients quality is what matters and will make the difference between a good skin care product to a product that won’t do anything.

The main ingredients are:

  • Human stem-cells
  • Witch Hazel extract
  • Lemon oil

As you can see above, these ingredients are natural and pretty rare in skin-care, which tells us that they have put a lot of research and thought behind their product line.

The most important ingredient in their line is of course, human stem-cells. We have seen the use of animal stem-cells in other products, but we haven’t seen any that use human stem cells, which is kind of amazing.




In this part of the review, we would like to answer some of the most common questions about the osmosis skincare line.

Does osmosis skin care really work?

Yes. They do work, based on results from customers who have used them consistently.

What is Osmosis Skincare?

Its a skin care company founded by Dr. Ben Johnson (MD) with the idea of non-toxic, high quality ingredients that will help your skin from the inside using stem-cells and other natural ingredients.

Is Osmosis Skincare vegan?

Yes. Osmosis skincare products are vegan.

Does Osmosis Skincare test on animals?

No. Osmosis products are cruelty-free and they do not test on animals, which is a huge plus!

Osmosis skincare vs obagi, which ones better?

Its not really a question of better. Obagi is more expensive and to be honest, for us, its “old news”. They’ve been using ingredients that are common in the industry.

Osmosis, on the other hand, came with some new, innovative ingredients and formulas that we are very excited to try.

Which Osmosis product should I start with?

If we had to pick one, we would go with the osmosis repair serum.

Where to buy Osmosis skincare?

The cheapest way to buy these products is online.

To buy and view the entire Osmosis skincare line, click here.



Osmosis skincare has multiple products for different purposes and treatments.

If you’re trying to get anti aging benefits, we recommend osmosis anti aging serum.

For cleaning and detoxifying, try the Osmosis Enzime Cleanser.

But then again, they have an entire catalog and we recommend that you look at it yourself and pick the products that you’re most interested in, by clicking here.




We hope you enjoyed reading our Osmosis skincare review and have made up your mind about this skincare line.

Overall, we recommend trying this line and love the thinking behind the products.

When it comes to skin care, most companies just copy one another and use the same ingredients, and its definitely not the case when it comes to Osmosis.

They have come up with some ingredients that were not used or known in skin care before, and we appreciate their innovative way of thinking.


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