The Perfectio Zero Gravity Reviews for 2022

We tried the Perfectio Zero Gravity Led device!

Today we will take a look into one of the newest anti-aging device.

It is probably one of the most popular devices in 2022 along with the Elevare device, and the Joli 2.0 by eternal beauty (which in our opinion is the best alternative).

Recently, theres a growing popularity to red light therapy treatments due to the benefits it provides to your skin.

This medical research published by the National Library of Medicine it was proven that light therapy can help renew damaged skin tissues!

In fact, we recently wrote a post on the benefits of red light therapy for your skin, see it by clicking here.

So if you’re trying to look younger and improve your skin, definitely take a look into red led light therapy, and in fact, all types of led light therapy (like green, and blue).

That being said, we decided to write our own Perfectio Zero Gravity review.

Does it work, or is it just a scam? Lets find out!

Here’s What We’ll Discuss Today: [Click to Jump to a Section]

  1. Why do we get wrinkles and skin-damage?
  2. The Perfectio Zero Gravity device review
  3. The Pros & Cons
  4. Perfectio Zero Gravity Price
  5. Before The Led Treatment – recommended steamers
  6. How to Use Perfectio Zero Gravity Device
  7. After The Led Treatment – recommended serums
  8. The Bottom Line – a recap of the review
  9. The Best Led Device Alternative to Perfectio

[su_quote]I wanted to get a face lift to get rid of my saggy skin. A friend recommended the Zero Gravity device, 6 month later, my skin is firmer and my friends say I look 10 years younger. Can’t thank you guys enough! Its not cheap, but it is cheaper than a face lift![/su_quote]

*The quote above is of an actual zero-gravity perfectio user.

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Can’t Pay The Price of Perfectio Zero Gravity?

Here’s an Affordable Alternative That WORKS GREAT!

We got a TON of e-mails and requests from customers who can’t afford zero gravity perfectio led device, or are just looking for a more affordable alternative.

Well, after a thorough (and expensive) research, we picked the best alternative.

  The Anti Aging Led Light Therapy Device by Eternal Beauty

Why We LOVE Eternal Beauty’s Anti-Aging Device:

1. Its Powerful, well design and actually comes with 3 types of led lights (Red, Blue, Green), each light has different benefits to your skin!

2.Its based on new, award-winning technology, that was discovered in 2020.

3.The price of the device is cheaper than Zero Gravity by a whopping 90%. (Zero Gravity costs around $1300 for the basic version, while Eternal Beautys’ device costs around $150)

This led light therapy device for wrinkles and firming, is our top anti-aging device pick.

If you’re looking for an alternative for Zero Gravity’s Device,

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Before we move on to the Perfectio zero gravity device Review, we need to understand what causes skin damage in the first place.


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Another alternative thats based on red light therapy, is the anti aging device by eternal beauty called joli 2.0. It is very affordable.


  • New technology : touch sensors, lights up only when touches the skin!
  • Strong red light therapy – for wrinkles and spot reduction
  • Made well and very similar in design to zero gravity’s products
  • Has 4.5 star reviews on amazon and people love it
  • The CHEAPEST price we could found for that quality! definitely our favorite.
  • Great for all skin types!

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1.Why Do We Get Wrinkles And Skin Damage?

A.Smoking Causes Early Aging

Your daily dose of smoke can produce free radicals, which are previously healthy oxygen molecules now unstable and overactive.

Free radicals will damage your cells which ultimately results to, among other things, early aging.

B.Stress and Anxiety Will Give You Wrinkles! 

Work-related exhaustion may have very harmful effects on your DNA cells.

Researchers conducted a study on the effect of stress on your cells and found out that those exposed to a lot of job stress resulted in damaged cells, which ultimately led to premature aging and heightened risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, and cardiovascular ailments.

In another study by the NCBI, stress was directly linked to aging signs, wrinkles, and inflammation of the skin. So there is a direct brain-skin link, meaning, your mindset can effect your skin. Like the old saying goes :” healthy mind in a healthy body”. Avoid stress at all cost is the bottom line.

C.Obesity Ruins Your Skin

Being overweight affects your health in several ways.

Besides the high risk of diseases like heart problems, certain types of cancer, and diabetes, excess weight can also affect the appearance and health of your skin.

In fact, in a recent article by medical-news, there was a clear link between obesity and collagen reduction! Shocked? well, we are not at all.

Various studies confirm that obesity accelerates the aging process of your skin.

Try to avoid gaining extra weight as well, you probably noticed how when people lose a lot of weight their skin is stretched and isn’t back to how it was before.

The elasticity won’t be there forever, so just avoid gaining weight in the first place.

D.Sun Exposure Creates Tremendous Skin Damage

It is the single biggest contributor to premature aging. The sun’s UV rays damage fibers in your skin causing it to stretch, sag and lose its ability to snap back after stretching.

Some effects of exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays may not appear while younger, but they show up later in life.

There are so many medical studies on sun exposure and skin damage, but one of our favorites is this one by Science Daily, read it on your free time and you’ll understand the amount of damage your skin suffers when you expose it to the sun.

If you already suffer from Crepey skin, we recommend using crepe erase to get rid of it. It won’t make it go away in a day or two, but it will help in the long-term.

E.It’s Called Aging 

As the number of years piles up, changes in your skin naturally occur, for instance, rougher skin, thinning of the epidermis (skin will become more transparent), and increased fragility due to thinner walls of your blood vessels.

Although inevitable, effects of premature aging can be slowed down.

Wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines, lack of bloom and glow, and a tendency towards skin’s dullness are all visible manifestations of your skin’s maturity.

There are some natural ways where you benefit and help your skin from aging prematurely.

F.Can’t Sleep? You’ll Get Wrinkles FASTER!

We know.

We were shocked too. But recent studies have shown that people who sleep more, get less wrinkles. In fact, the aging process happens at night, so it kind of makes sense.

If you won’t let your body rejuvenate, you’re basically interfering with the renewal of skin cells!

So make sure you get a goodnight sleep of at least 8-10 hours a day.

We guess they call it beauty sleep for a reason!

G.Other Bad Habits To Avoid

Quitting smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol, eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants like Vitamins A, C, E, and B7 or biotin, and putting on sunscreen when exposure to the sun is necessary are some of the healthy habits you can start to develop now.

Healthy nutrition is critical in keeping your skin healthy and young.

Also, dont forget to drink water and try to avoid alcohol as much as you can (we know, we’re boring).

Others go to cosmetic treatments to battle skin aging.

A large sum of money gets expended annually on over-the-counter products, prescription creams, and some drastic measures like cosmetic surgeries.

 Now that we understand the causes of wrinkles and skin damage, lets talk about what perfectio’s device can do to help us get rid of them.

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2.Perfectio Zero Gravity Device – Our Review 

A.Perfectio Zero Gravity Device – What Is That Device, Anyway?

In short, this device claims to red infrared led light to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of wrinkles.

It will also help with pigmentation (such as age and sun spots) using a revolutionary new technology.

B.Who Is It For?

Men and Women over 25, with signs of aging (wrinkles or spots). Sun. Bad habits. Harsh weather.

They are just some of the severe conditions your skin are exposed to every day.

Although inevitable, you can take steps to aid your skin, most importantly your face so that it stays fresh-looking and supple. How your skin ages

Although inevitable, you can take steps to aid your skin, most importantly your face so that it stays fresh-looking and supple.

How your skin ages depends on a lot of factors, namely, your diet, heredity, lifestyle, and other personal habits.

There are many ways to combat the effects of skin aging. Some natural ways to do that is changing your diet and lifestyle.

Others opt to visit their dermatologist, however, keeping your regular appointments can be costly and inconvenient. A revolutionary product is now gaining a lot of attention that beats premature aging without the need to visit your doctor’s office.

C.How Does The Zero Gravity Device Actually Work to Reduce Wrinkles & Firm Skin? 

Perfectio Zero Gravity is an ergonomically designed hand-held device that combats premature aging using dual action procedures ” topical heating care and red LED light.

How does it work? watch the video below by Zero Gravity, to understand how the device works, and whats the LED technology behind it.

Update: Can Zero Gravity Device Helps You Get Rid of Broken Capillaries ?

We recently got a great feedback from a customer that emailed us, saying using the zero gravity led device, helped him get rid of redness on his face and broken capillaries.

In our article, how to get rid of broken capillaries on your face we reviewed a few ways to do so, but didn’t know the Zero Gravity Led Device can actually helps with that!

Thats awesome news we wanted to share with you guys! thank you Danielle for the e-mail.

D.Perfectio Zero Gravity Review: Whats Included

Each package contains the device, charging and storing base, carrying bag, an A/C adapter, and instruction manual.

The device must be fully charged before using.

Until the LED lights come in contact with your skin, no light will emit.

The end of the device features twenty-five infrared and red LED lights.

These lights gently penetrate through your skin’s epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis layers without harmful emission of UVB or UVA heat.

Some biological effects then take place when your subdermal cells become exposed to the red and infrared light.

Mitochondria organelles are stimulated to increase cellular energy production, enabling your skin cells to function better.

The red light prompts the arteries to emit nitric oxide gas, alerts the vessels to dilate, and increases blood flow.

Cells and connective tissues directly exposed to the light will then receive more nutrients. In effect, the abundance of nutrition will rejuvenate elastin, collagen and new skin cells.

For people who travel a lot, Perfectio offers an adapter kit with four multiple plugs compatible with 100 to 240 voltage available in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, and United States. There are also zippered, lightweight travel bags available.

3.Pros & Cons Of Perfectio Zero Gravity

The Good – 

The Zero Gravity device works and is proven to reduce lines, firm skin, and even helps get rid of redness!

Well designed and looks fancy!

Can be used on your facial, neck and even chest skin!

Way more efficient than more intrusive procedures!

Cheaper than a face-lift!

The Bad –  

A hefty price tag of $1300-$4500. 

With a price tag that high, even if you can afford this fantastic product, we can see why you might think twice before buying it. Some of us want to try the whole led-light therapy treatment before they invest that much money into it.

If thats the case, we recommend a more affordable alternative for a way lower price. (click here to get the alternative).

If you can afford that price tag, then definitely go ahead and purchase the zero gravity device (click here to get Zero Gravity).

4. Perfectio Zero Gravity Device The Price

The perfectio zero gravity device has a price range that varies between $1300-$4500. It is not a cheap device, but it is a great product if you can afford it.

If you just can’t come to peace with the hefty price tag, we did offer an alternative (scroll to the end of the article).

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Can’t Pay that Much for Zero Gravity? Heres an Alternative that costs WAY LESS, and the quality is still there!

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5. Before The Led Light Therapy Treatment –

It is important to clean & exfoliate before using any anti aging treatment, including led light therapy treatments.

We want the skin to be clean. You’ll need to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt so the treatment will be more effective.

We recommend getting a facial steamer, but its not a must, you could wash your face with warm water and a good exfoliating product instead.

Best Facial Steamer to Use Before a Led Light Therapy Device – 

We recently reviewed facial steamers and we recommend that you pick one and use it before you use any led light therapy device.

The reason is simple, these facial steamers open your pores and detoxify & clean your skin.

A facial steamer will also take off layers of dirt, which will result in allowing the led light to penetrate deeper into your skin, which means better results.

2020 Update – 

Zero gravity have recently released a new device that will help deep cleanse and clean bacteria prior to using their perfectio device.

The new device is called The Sapphire and is based on blue led light therapy. We have wrote an entire post on the Sapphire device, click here to read our review. 

6. Instructions: How To Use The Perfectio Zero Gravity Device?

Use Perfectio three time a week for the initial month to get better results. Use as needed after the first month, typically, once a week. Refrain from putting any lotion before use.

-Ensure that the wand is fully charged (green light indicator) before using. Cleanse and dry the areas you want to treat.

-There’s no need to wait to heat up the wand, after turning it on, place the metal head on your skin. The LED light will then automatically emit and get activated.

-Move the probe in small circular motion while applying a light pressure.

-Treat your face, eyes, and forehead for three to five minutes each.

-A small amount of moisturizing cream is recommended in the treated areas after each session. Massage gently in small circular motion.

-You may use a paper towel or dry cloth to clean Perfectio after every use. Ensure that moisture does not enter the seams of the unit. Never allow the wand to get wet.

Independent clinical studies were conducted, the most notable of which was by Princeton Research Division in New Jersey, to prove the effectiveness of Zero Gravity products.

Live subjects were overseen to use the product for two months in the Princeton clinical trial.

The study resulted in visible improvements for 90% of its subjects, after a period of one week’s usage.

The improvement was defined by the research team as wrinkles and fine lines reduction, radiance, smoothness, and enhancement of clarity.

After seven weeks of use, all subjects have dramatic visible improvements with about thirty percent advancement in the overall image of the skin in regards to all vital signs of aging.

7.After The Led Light Therapy Treatment – Hydrate Your Skin

After using the Perfectio device, or any other led light therapy device, it is important to hydrate your skin.

The led device is strong and we want to calm the treated area, preferably with a powerful anti aging serum.


After using the perfectio zero gravity led device, it is highly recommended that you use a serum, not a cream, to calm down your skin and add deep moisture to it.

A good, anti aging serum will not only help your skins general hydration, it can actually improve and boost the effects of the zero gravity device, which is reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Best Serums to Use After Using a Led Device – 

If you’re looking for other great serums to use after the perfectio device, here are some recommendations.

  1. The Eternal Beauty Vitamin C Serum for led light therapy treatments. This serum was built specifically for led light therapy treatments and its extremely light and fun to use.

2. Skin Medica, for more info visit our skinmedcia serum review.

3. Orogolds’ eye serum. Especially around the eye area its critical, due to that are being a very thin layer of skin. In order to learn more about it, go to our  Orogolds eye serum review.

QUICK TIP: Need more information before choosing a serum? We wrote an entire review on serums to use after and during a red light therapy treatment, read it here.

Now that we got you a new anti aging serum, lets move on.

8.The Bottom Line – Zero Gravity Led Therapy Device 

To be honest, we were very skeptical at first.

When we went to write our Perfectio Zero Gravity Review we were cautious.

However, after two of our editors tried it, they were surprised to see a noticeable difference.

We also read other customer’s reviews and they were all positive. It does appear to make a big difference on your skin, and is way less intrusive than a face lift surgery.

The use of the wand without cord enables freedom of movement.

It is user-friendly that takes about ten minutes per session three times a week for the first month, saving time and energy compared to regularly going to your dermatologist.

You may use the wand on your face, neck or even chest areas. Reduction of inflammation, pores, and pigmentation (or melasma discoloration) are visible after about two weeks of use.

The fine lines are visibly diminished. It is safe for all colors and skin types, painless, and somewhat relaxing.

For online purchases, a thirty-day money back guarantee with no questions asked is available.

Zero Gravity professionals are accessible seven days a week to answer customer’s questions and demonstrate Perfectio benefits.

However, some users are reluctant because results can be only be seen after regular use for about two or more weeks.

Furthermore, for those with some areas requiring more attention, treatment may span for more than thirty minutes per session.


Our team looked for the best price online and we’ve found it on amazon, click the button below to buy the perfectio zero gravity device.

We hope our perfectio zero gravity led device review helped you make up your mind on buying this fabulous product, please contact us if you want more information or have any suggestions!

9.Looking for an Affordable Alternative to The Perfectio Zero Gravity Device?

click to order yours!

Looking for an alternative for the perfectio zero gravity device?

We recommend the led device by eternal beauty.

Our team tried it, it has 3 different modes and its well designed.

Being a more affordable device, this led device is a catch.

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Update: Perfectio Released a New Led Device for Acne

Recently perfectio contacted us to let us know they have just released a new led device that targets acne and breakouts specifically.

If you suffer from these, read our Perfectio Sapphire Review, this device works on blue led light.

Blue led light therapy is known the help inflammation, acne, breakouts and heal your pores.

Also, there is a new version of perfectio called perfectio x. We will fully review the new device soon on our blog!

To read more great skincare product reviews click the link.


In this section, we will answer a few of the most common questions we recently received from you, our readers, about the perfectio zero gravity device.

We hope it’ll help you make a better purchasing decision when it comes to this device.

Does perfectio zero gravity work?

The short answer is yes. The longer one, is it takes time to see results, don’t expact overnight results when using red light therapy products generally as it works on the deeper levels of your skin.

Is perfectio zero gravity made in china?

Yes. Perfectio zero gravity is made in China. That being said, it is a quality product nonetheless.

However, If that bothers you, we recommend that you order the joli 2.0 which is made in the USA. (click here to order and reviews)

What is perfectio zero gravity?

In short, its an anti aging device based on red light therapy, that helps with wrinkles reduction, fixing pigmentation issues on your skin, and firming sagging skin.

Can I use perfectio on my neck?

Absolutely. the perfectio device is safe to use on your neck and chest area as well, in order to improve the appearance of your skin on these areas.

Can I use the perfectio device every day?

YES. According to medical studies, red light therapy can be used daily and in fact, in order to accelerate the results, its recommended to use it daily for at least 5 minutes, per treated skin area.

Why is perfectio so expensive?

This is a very common question we get. Perfectio device is expensive, theres no way around it, and we definitely understand that not everyone can afford it.

Thats why we highly recommend the led light therapy device by eternal beauty as an alternative,  if you’re not willing to spend over $1500 for the perfectio device.

The device by eternal beauty will cost you around $129.

Which is way cheaper, and will deliver very similar results.

Can the perfectio by zero gravity be used by pregnant women?

Please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant before using this device.

Can I use perfectio zero gravity on my thighs? 

Yes. you can use perfectio zero gravity led device on your thighs and arms, like all of the other devices we have recommended in this post.

Does perfectio zero gravity has warranty?

Yes. the device comes with a warranty for 1 year.

How to clean perfectio zero gravity?

Simply clean the head of the device gently with baby wipes, do not wash it with water as it may damage the device. Make sure the device is turned off while cleaning it.


We hope our review of the perfectio zero gravity device have helped you decide wether it’s for your or not.

Red light therapy treatments are proven to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and are now even offered in spas as facial treatments. However, these treatments will cost you hundreds per visit.

That is why we love the at-home light therapy devices, they save you money and are more convenient to use, who has time to go to a spa 3 times a week anyway?

The perfectio device has 1 major con which is his price tag, it costs over $1000.

If you can’t afford it, the alternative, which was made by eternal beauty, is a fantastic device that will give you a great bang for your buck.

Its based on the same technology and we loved using it.

To order the Joli 2.0 by eternal beauty (reg. $95) click here now!