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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

In recent years, red light therapy became extremely popular for many purposes. That’s why we thought it’ll be important to write about the actual  benefits of this technology.

Wether you’re using red led light therapy for anti-aging purposes, hair growth, or even pain, you’re at the right place.


We divided this post to three parts – 

  1. Red light therapy benefits for your skin
  2. Red light therapy benefits for your hair
  3. Red light therapy benefits for pain

So lets dive right into it!


1.What Are The Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy for Your Skin?

Red light therapy can help with skin-issues and even anti aging.

A device like the Joli device by eternal beauty can :

  1. Reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles
  2. Encourage collagen growth
  3. Help with tightening your skin
  4. Help pigmentation issues
  5. Help you get rid of rosacea and redness
  6. Help rejuvenate skin-tissue
  7. Get rid of acne

The red light therapy helps stimulating your blood circulation as well which helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps the natural skin-cells renewal processes of your body.

According to this article by the USA National Library of medicine, red led light therapy was proven to help and is a legitimate anti-aging treatment.


red led light therapy benefits


2. Red Light Therapy Benefits for Hair Regrowth

Yes. Red light therapy treatments was proven to help with hair re-growth and even prevent hair loss.

We just recently reviewed the iRestore hair growth system that is based on red light therapy.

The red led light can penetrate deep into your scalp and encourage your hair follicles re-grow stronger – which leads to thicker, fuller hair.

With just 20-25 minutes of use a week, you can prevent balding with this non-intrusive treatment.


3. Red Light Therapy Benefits : Pain 

When it comes to pain, red light therapy can help as well.

Red light therapy is known to reduce pain and increase blood flow.

Many who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrom for instance, use red light therapy regularly and report a huge improvement.

People who suffer from arthritis benefit from using led red light as well, and from what we read on multiple review websites, are loving it!

If you workout often and tend to get joint or muscle pain, you should consider using red light therapy as well.

Many athletes use red light therapy regularly to help with these issues.



The bottom line 

The benefits of red light therapy are vast. These treatments can help you with skin issues, anti aging, pain relief, and even hair growth.

You should definitely try this treatment and we recommend that you use it daily.

If you’re looking for the skin benefits, make sure you’re using a good serum / cream after using red light therapy to avoid dryness.

Read this article on the skinmedica serum that work wonders with this treatment.

If you’re suffering from pain, make sure you consult your doctor before using red light therapy.

Last if you’re trying to re-grow your hair due to hair loss, or even prevent hair loss, read this review we wrote about the iRestore device.

This device is world-known and proven to help regrow hair.

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