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Best Hand-Held Red Light Therapy At Home Devices

Looking for the best red-light therapy at home option? Then this post is for you.

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If you too are concerned about the signs of aging making you appear older than you feel, you’re not alone.

Recently, LED Light Therapy devices became extremely popular as they seem to be effective in reducing the appearance of aging and the depth of wrinkles.

In fact, just recently the US National Library of Medicine researched the connection between led light therapy and anti aging benefits (read it here).  You can also read our post on red light therapy benefits, by clicking here.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using LED light on your skin, and recommend the top 3 best anti aging devices for 2022/23.

For those of you who just want a quick comparison, we created this beautiful table below. Just pick your favorite device and start using it asap.

Now that we chose the winner, lets dive into the review.


What Is LED Light and How Can It Help Your Skin

Before discussing the top three products that use this incredible form of anti-aging treatment, it is important to explain what LED light and how it works to improve skin health, texture and appearance.

This will help you understand why owning one of these devices should be an integral part of your beauty routine.

Light Emitting Diode, or LED, differs significantly from the light bulbs in your favorite table lamp. A special resin covers a computer chip inside of the device.

When activated, it emits light at the specified wavelength. The various treatment colors are simply different wavelengths, not unlike the colors in the rainbow.

LED Lights And Anti-Aging

Significant study went into LED lights for helping patients to heal from wounds. Eventually it was discovered that the lights could be used effectively for treating other skin conditions, including several signs of aging.

RED and infrared LED lights are the most commonly used for treating aging skin.

While some devices have additional settings, these are enough for restoring your skin. You will notice softer, smoother skin with regular treatments.

Green LED light is effective for reducing discoloration. It effectively breaks up the excessive melanin that causes age spots and other forms of discoloration.

It does this by targeting the melanocytes in the lowest layer of your epidermis. These are the cells responsible for melanin production.

Additionally, the light helps to prevent the melanin that is produced from traveling to the surface of the skin.

Red LED lights are useful for boosting collagen production. It stimulates blood flow to the skin, which is necessary for proper healing.

This light can penetrate deep into the skin, and can be used to diminish the signs of scars. For those who have been in an accident or had cosmetic procedures, this color can be used effectively to erase much of the surface damage.

This wavelength will be converted into ATP by skin cells, which can then use the adenosine triphosphate for energy.

As a result, collagen and elastin production are boosted. Skin will become fuller and more able to return to shape thanks to this LED setting.

Blue LED light is effective at combating acne-causing bacteria, no matter what your age. Although often associated with puberty, folks of any age can experience acne breakouts. This special color will eradicate the bacteria responsible.

Additionally, blue light is great for purifying and smoothing skin. Boosted collagen production and detoxifying properties make this a great setting to have on any LED anti-aging light therapy device.

Now that you know the benefits you can have by owning one of these devices, let’s take a look at our picks for top three anti-aging LED light devices.


#1.🏆 The Anti-Aging LED Device By Eternal Beauty 🏆

Our number one pick, this device by Eternal Beauty utilizes award-winning tech to bring out your natural beauty.

It is the only device out of our picks that offers all three types of anti-aging led lights(blue,red, green led lights). So you have all of the wavelengths necessary for firmer, younger looking skin!

It’s Well-Designed

The sleek hand-held design is easy to hold and control, giving you easy access around your ears, chin and other awkward treatment areas.

The settings are conveniently located so you can go from one setting to a different one with no problems.

The stand is included so the device can be put down during use.

Whether you have to respond to a text or simply take a break, this stand will ensure the anti-aging device is ready when you return.

The Led Device By Eternal Beauty Comes with Useful Accessories

In addition to the device and stand, the package comes with an AC power adapter, goggles to protect your eyes, and a user manual.

Everything you need is right there, ready to go!

Featuring a Breakthrough Technology – Galvanic ETS

In addition to LED technology, this particular device uses other forms of anti-aging tech, including radio frequency waves.

The galvanic electrical tissue stimulation (ETS) enhances the treatments.

The combined effect of these technologies includes improved circulation in upper and lower skin tissue.

Boost Collagen Production

Additionally, the device can boost collagen production so that it is distributed deeply into the dermal tissues. Skin cells are rejuvenated with regular use, which will leave you ready to take a selfie!

It Is AFFORDABLE & Offers a Great Value for the Price 

While you should expect to pay for looking great, this device is incredibly affordable.

When compared to other anti-aging devices (included the other two on our list), this one stands out against the competition.

It is well worth the money, and provides everything necessary to get started with LED therapy.

Light-weight & Mobile so You Can Use it “on the go”

Lightweight and travel-ready, you can easily take this lightweight device with you on vacation or other travels.

This one has it all.

All of these benefits just ‘made us’ pick this device as our #1 best-led device of 2022/3.

Its beautifully designed, powerful&new led technology, and a price that fits any budgets just makes it a huge bargain… you should definitely get one if you dont own it already!

To Purchase The Led Device By Eternal Beauty Click Here!

[su_highlight background=”#fffab0″ color=”#000000″]*The Led device by Eternal Beauty is our #1 choice of the best handheld led device of 2018. Read our complete review on it, Click Here![/su_highlight]

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2. Paragon LED Anti-Aging Device

The third device on our list is produced by Paragon. This one provides red & blue LED light options, so you can choose your treatment routine based on the needs of your skin. The instructions have a gentle reminder should you forget when you are using the device.

It has been tested and proven to help with a wide range of skin ailments, including several related to aging.

This product also comes with a special regenerating serum. While that is nice to have in the package, you can find affordable alternatives for less money. It includes hyaluronic acid and other beneficial compounds known to improve skin health.

These are our top three picks for anti-aging devices that use LED light. As you can see, they each have a lot to offer. You can compare them for yourself to see which one you believe will fit your budget and lifestyle.

Make sure that you remember the uses for different light colors so you will be more comfortable using your new device. Read all of the instructions for use, no matter which one you choose to purchase. Otherwise, you might might a mistake that renders it less effective.

Lets Wrap it Up

For a long time there was little women could do to stave off the signs of aging.

Only the wealthy had access to the best treatments, and even then incredible treatments like these weren’t available.

Fortunately for women and men today. LED technology has been thoroughly researched and proven beneficial for bringing out the best in skin tone and texture.

If you are tired of watching the signs of aging creep up on you, take matters into your own hand. Pick one of these great anti-aging LED light therapy devices and order it.

Once it arrives, learn how to use it and follow your routine faithfully. In return, you will have plumper, softer skin with an even tone in no time!

Also, red light therapy at home treatment will cost you way less than getting anti-aging treatment in a salon.

Out of the picks, we recommend the eternal beauty device, it is the most affordable one and gives you an awesome value for the price.

For just $149 (unlike other good devices, that cost over $1000) its a no-brainer.

To read more & order the eternal beauty led device click the button below.

Go on, you deserve it!

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