The ReVive LED Light Therapy Unbiased Review 

We all want to look young and dislike the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin, thats one of the reasons red led light therapy is becoming so popular.

There are plenty of medical studies that have looked into red light therapy, and its benefits. For instance by this study by the US national library medical of library there are obvious anti aging and skin benefits when using red light therapy on patiences’ skin.

In this post, we wanted to review the popular Revive led light therapy device.

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With the advancement in technology over the years, led light therapy became a very popular anti aging treatment.

We decided to take a closer look at  reVives popular Red Led Light devices.

First, after we have tested and tried ReVive’s led devices, we will talk about the technology behind them, and how effective they are, or in other words, did they help us get rid of our ugly, deep wrinkles?

Second, we will compare the 2 led red light therapy devices ReViVe is known for, the handheld device VS the led light therapy panel, and the differences between them.

ReVive has two popular led red light therapy devices, one is a panel, and one is a hand-held device. While the technology behind them is similar, we will discuss the differences between them so you can decide which one you should buy.

First, lets take a look at the revive hand-held red led light therapy device.

ReVive Red Light Therapy Anti-Aging System (Hand-held device)

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The reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy Handheld system is a device that uses light technology to implement a couple of therapeutic effects on the skin.

It is originally made to stimulate the production of proteins in the skin layers that affect the way skin lines and wrinkles appear. It also helps reduce the visibility of blemishes and scars on the skin surface.

The device comes in different light treatment options for increased variety and proper selection depending on the skin problems one is facing. Heading over to the specifics, this item is seen to use red and infrared lights to penetrate the skin and improve its appearance.

Over the years, infrared and red lights have been employed in a wide variety of skin related therapies with the most common ones being the elimination of wrinkles, dealing with skin discolorations and improving skin rigidity among others.

The reVive system has been clinically approved and confirmed by the FDA as one that uses natural light for its therapeutical purpose.

Now, lets quickly look at the panel version of Revive led light therapy.

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Best Alternative to Revive light therapy Device ! 


Many readers emailed us after we published this post saying the revive device is too expensive. While its not as expensive as the perfectio X, we do understand that paying $300 might be hard to some people, especially nowadays.

If thats the case, we highly recommend the red light therapy device by eternal beauty (click here to get it).

The device costs only $149 and its powerful, with features like touch sensors, both red and infrared light therapy, and heat!

We reviewed the device by eternal beauty and found it a great alternative to both the perfectio x and the revive devices.

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ReVive Light Therapy DPL II Full-Face Wrinkle Reduction LED Light Therapy Panel

led light therapy device

Panel Red Led Light Device Vs Hand-held device

They are pretty similar in terms of the technology behind them, the two main differences are:

  1. The panel has a stand and was more convinient to use (our hands didn’t get tired)
  2. The panel provides stronger led light and we felt it was more effective (in terms of reducing lines) and stronger than the hand-held led device.

The bottom line is, if you can afford the panel, get it, if you can’t go for the hand held device, or if you tend to travel a lot and would like to use it on the go, obviously the hand-held device is the way to go for you.

How Does it Work?

The revive leg light device is very simple to use. However, we recommend that you read the instruction before using just to make sure you’re doing it right.

For maximum results, use the peptide serum by reVive.

After applying the serum,  switch the device on using the power button.

Pass the device with the light illuminating on the affected part slowly and leave the device on the affected area of the skin for around three minutes to allow the light to act on the affected areas.

After treating your skin and neck, clean the serum from your skin and the device using a clean dry cloth.

Who Is The Revive Led Light Therpay For?

Due to the rigorous checks that are done during the design and implementation of the device, it is safe for people with all kinds of skin tones.

It uses red and infrared lights which are not risky and highly renown for their therapeutical purposes.

Men and women of all races and skin tones can use this device without fearing the eruption of common skin issues such as swelling and discoloration.

The red leg light therapy device is also safe for people who have both oily and dry skins.

Age has never been raised as a concern for people who are eligible to use this device.

Despite the fact that it is an anti-aging therapy and is suitable for aging people.

That being said, it can be used to solve some common skin conditions in younger people.

Is It Safe To Use The Revive Led Light Therapy Device ?

So far, this device has emerged as a very safe one to use.

One notable one is the absence of UV radiations emanating from the device.

UV light have several side effects on the skin such as sunburns and tans among others.

However, the red light therapy doesn’t contain any of these harsh rays.

The Revive device also has a cooling circuit that ensures the device does not get over heated during the treatment process, which is GREAT!

We love that feature simply because it prevents your skin from getting dry!

In the package, there is a pair of safety goggles which are not mandatory to use.

The red and infrared lights do not affect the eyes, but people with vision problems may find them too strong.

Are There Potential Side Effects? 

It has been emphasized that the light utilized by this system is completely safe.

It does not react with the skin in any way and the treatment period is completed without a trace.

The concept of light therapy is widespread due to its safety, and the only thing one should expect is the increased temperature of their skin during the treatment process.

This device comes in three options that help treat different skin conditions.

These options are seen from the various lighting heads which are the red, blue and purple. The red one is meant for relieving pain, the blue one for acne and the purple one for anti-aging therapy.

This is a great option for buyers since they can be able to treat different conditions using the same device with all they are required to do is to get the heads.

These heads can be purchased for $69.00 giving the much-needed versatility to the device.

By the way, to treat crepey skin, you should check this treatment called Crepe Erase. Check out our Crepe Erase review here.

How Much Does The reVive anti-aging Device Cost? 

The reVive anti-aging therapy wrinkle reduction panel can be purchased for around $349.00 last time we checked, however, check the latest price by CLICKING HERE!

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Lets quickly review the cons vs the pros of using the Revive led light devices, that should help you make a smarter purchase decision.

The Pros : 

• The system is effective and people get awesome results by using it.
• The system is light, and this makes it easy to hold and use.
• Its effectiveness helps you avoid all the long trips to clinics and salons for your skin therapy sessions.
• Steers you off the risks associated with applying the risky chemical solutions to the mentioned skin issues.
• Delivers excellent results without risking burning your skin.
• The system is safe and provides a long term solution to the aging effects on your skin.
• The device is very simple to use as it has very straightforward instructions.

The Cons : 

• To get the best results combine this therapy with a healthy skin care schedule. (which for some people can be a hustle)
• It takes some time for the treatment to start taking effect. (However, most treatments that are a “quick fix” usually fade after a while).

Whats The Best Alternative for the Revive Led Device? 

If you’re looking for an alternative for the revive led light therapy device, you want to take a look at this one.

This is the New Led Device By Eternal Beauty. 

Heres why we think this device is a great alternative –

  1. The led device by Eternal Beauty actually has 3 led modes (green blue red) and each has a different benefit for your skin. (read more here)
  2. Its better design, smaller and easier to hold vs. the Revive device
  3. The Eternal Beauty Device got better reviews vs the revive anti aging device.

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Last, we would say that the reviVe system is one worth buying for people with the mentioned skin problems.

Despite its not-so-cheap price tag, it is worth it and people who have been suffering from the skin conditions due to aging can attest to that.

Modern day skin treatment procedures involve taking drugs that usually have some adverse side effects especially in the long run.

Here is one amazing treatment option that does not need any prior training or requirement.

All you need to do is to massage the led device on your skin for the specified minutes every day and see the results.

We love natural treatment option, like the led light therapy treatment.

They are not as harsh as botox or face lifts, and still provide fantastic results.

When we tried the device, we did notice a change after around 30 days of use, the led therapy devices especially reduced the craws-feet, and made one of our staff members’ neck skin definitely tighter (which is amazing!)

The bottom line is, we highly recommend that you at least try the ReVive led light devices, we’re sure you’ll love them.

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