Diet Plan for Skin Tightening – Can Foods Tighten Loose Skin?


We all know that what we eat, is what we become. The food & drinks we consume have a huge impact on many areas of our lives.

In fact in a recent article published by Oregon State university, it was proven that our nutrition has a big impact on our skins health and appearance.

That of course, includes our skin. Some foods/drinks can definitely harm both your health and skin, while other can make you not only feel great, but look great as well.

Our team researched the best skin tightening foods, and we hope you’ll give them more attention on your daily menu!

Lets dive right into it.


1.An Orange A Day Will Keep ‘Sagging Skin’ Away! (Citrus Fruits)


anti oxidants


It was proven in several researches, like this study that was done by Oregon University, that vitamin c has a huge impact on skin health.

Furthermore, Vitamin C, actually encourages accelerated production of collagen. Besides the fact that it helps your immune system, there are huge skin-benefits in consuming that vitamin.

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If thats not enough, these anti-oxidant rich fruits, can also help in blocking UV damage from the sun – so your skin stays healthy and young.

We absolutely recommend eating Citrus fruits at least once a day.

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2.  The More Broccoli, The Better! (Cruciferous Vegetables)




Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, Cabbage and kale, can help you firm loose skin. These are an amazing addition to your diets for so many reasons.

Not only they contain Vitamin c, they also contain Zinc and selenium. These all contribute to the elasticity of your skin & increase collage production.

Plus they’re super low on calories! 


3. Water – The Secret of Youth

We all know how crucial drinking water is.

But besides the obvious, water was proven to create a more glowing, healthy looking skin. In a recent article at the Washington post, water was recommended by dermatologists that said it can even prevent ‘sunken eyes’.

Furthermore, once you drink more water, you drink less sodas and unhealthy sugary drinks that can definitely hurt not only your skins health, but your overall health as well.

4.Pumpkin Seeds, Really?

This is one that we’re pretty sure you haven’t heard of before in terms of the huge benefits it has on your skin.

Either way, pumpkin seeds are loaded with fatty acids and Omega 3, that helps encourage collagen production in your body, and keep your skin nice and tight.

Believe it or not, they are DELICIOUS when roasted!


5.Tofu – A Natural Facelift?

Last on our list, is another surprising food that can help tighten & firm loose skin.

Tofu is full of healthy fats, protein and calcium, all great for your skins health. Tofu helps fight signs of aging, and even retains the elasticity of your skin! 

If thats not enough, tofu is great for weight loss and in some studies was even proven to help prevent cancer (!).

Foods That Are VERY BAD For Your Skin 

Now that we talked about foods that are great for your skin, we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

We don’t like to dwell on bad things, but as a general, you want to avoid these. And if you cant avoid them, at least minimize the consumption.

Sugar – bad for your health in general, sugar is known to increase acne and inflammation of your skin. When it comes to sugar, the less your consume, the better.

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Alcohol – Many that stopped drinking alcohol have reported that their skin suddenly looks much better. Alcohol is of course dehydrating, but worse, it can reduce the levels of anti-oxidants, which makes your skin more vulnerable to damage.

Caffeine – hurts to see one of our favorite ingredients in that list, but its true.

Caffeine is known to dehydrate your skin, which can reduce make your skin more prone to wrinkles (yep, we said the W word) and overall sagging of the skin.

However, when it comes to coffee, it doesnt mean you shouldnt drink it any more. Just keep a bottle of water next to you and keep yourself hydrate when consuming coffee.


The Bottom Line – 

The foods & drinks you consume has a huge impact on both your physicall appearance, and mental health. While the foods we spoke about today can definitely help tighten loose skin, they also have a ton of other benefits.

We highly recommend that you add them to your daily diet.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, and of course, avoid alcohol and sugary drinks as much as you possibly can.

These won’t just harm your skin and make you ‘age’ faster, they are also bad for your health.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and now better understand what kind of nutrition is crucial for your body and skins health.

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