Strivectin Eye Cream Review: An in-depth look 

You asked – we answer! After receiving hundreds of email requests from our readers to review the strivectin anti-wrinkle intensive eye cream, we’ve decided to do just that.

In today’s post we will cover everything from start to finish, and by the end of this post you’ll be able to form your own opinion on the ultimate question:”should I buy the strivectin anti-wrinkle eye cream?

We took a look into the ingredients, the brand, and even customer reviews, to answer that question, so lets find out!


The Strivectin Brand

Strivectin is a popular skincare brand that was established back in 2002. The Strivectin skincare line have received a jaw-dropping 21 beauty awards right after it was released;

Due to the high-quality ingredients and propriety blends the Srivectin team have developed, users could see quick, permanent results to their skin.

The company motto is :”born in a lab, not a board room” and it emphasizes their attention to science when developing their skincare products.

One of their secret ingredients is a blend called NIA-114™.  It is proprietary and only used in Strivectin products.

According to their team, the blend is based on an optimized form of Niacin(vitamin b3), which was clinically proved to reverse signs of aging and provide a strong skin barrier.

Strivectin skincare products are all paraben-free, and cruelty-free.(not tested on animals).


Strivectin Eye Cream: Made with top-notch Ingredients

Below are the key ingredients used in the formula of the Strivectin eye cream.

To your convenience, we have linked each ingredient so if you’re interested in a further explanation on their purpose and how they can help your skin, feel free to click and read.

As you can see, the strivectin brand picked a great list of ingredients for their eye cream, and that what makes the product so powerful, especially in reducing signs of aging.

If you suffer from crows-feet, puffiness, sagging eye lids, or dark circles, this eye cream was made for you.


Strivectin Eye Cream: Our Review

Our team of beauty experts have tried the eye cream and we love it so far. The texture is silky, the ingredients are great and the skin around the eyes feels amazing after just one application.

If you have used eye creams before, you know how to identify a good product just by the texture of the cream; You don’t want it to be too heavy and oily, but light and refreshing.

The Strivectin eye cream feels just like that. And we are confident to recommend it to our readers & friends.

After doing some online research, we have found multiple customer reviews that brag about the results they got by using the product.

Below are some examples.


Strivectin Eye Cream Customer Reviews

After a thorough research online, reading multiple customer reviews, we ranked the product at a 4.5/5.

Meaning most customers were extremely happy with the strivectin eye cream, some reporting visible change in the skin around their eyes within a few days of use;

There were no major issues or side-effects that we could found, unless of course, you are allergic to one of the ingredients in their product. Always check the ingredient list of a skincare product, if you are suffering from different allergies.

Some examples of customer reviews are:

” …been using the strivectin eye cream for years now, and I love the results. its becoming difficult to find it in stores so I bought it online” by Elizabeth.

” …it does a great job for dryness around my eyes …” Dwaine Thomas.

“… a very good eye cream, been using it for a long time and I recommend it to anyone that wants to get rid of crowsfeet, and dark circles ” Angela.

Overall, customers are happy with this product, and we couldn’t find very bad reviews.

The worst one we could find said :” got a defected tube, returned, the company sent me a new one and it works great ” . that’s normal as sometimes mistakes happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I buy the strivectin eye cream?

Answer: We have found the best price online for you : click here to get it.

Q: how to use strivectin eye cream?

A: Simply apply the cream around the eye area, after cleansing your skin, including your eye lids, twice a day morning and night.

Q: is strivectin eye cream good?

A: Yes, in our opinion its very good and priced well.

Q: does strivectin eye cream work?

A: YES. After reading hundreds of customer reviews, and trying it ourselves, we are confident to say that strivectin eye cream does work, and delivers the results it promises. It won’t be instant, so be patient and use it for at least 1-2 weeks before seeing results.

Q: which strivectin eye cream is best?

A: We recommend the strivectin intensive anti-wrinkle eye cream, which can be bought by clicking here.

Q: does strivectin eye cream contain retinol?

A: Yes. it does.

Q: is strivectin eye cream safe for pregnancy?

A: Consult with your dermatologist, however, we found no evidence that strivectin eye cream is not safe for pregnancy.

We hope we answered most of your questions about the strivectin eye cream, and if you have any other questions please comment below and we will address them as soon as possible.


The Bottom Line

After doing hours of research so you won’t have to – we can confidently recommend the strivectin eye cream for anyone that is looking for a good quality eye treatment.

Its well made, affordable, and delivers fast results. Suitable for all skin types, and of course, not tested on animals which we love.

While there are many eye creams out there – most of them don’t really deliver results other than moisturizing the treated area. We are happy to say that we already see results after using the eye cream by strivectin, after a short period of use.

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