Skin tags are very common, in fact, an article by Healthline claims that over 46 percent of Americans have skin tags on their body or face.


They are not esthetically appealing, but did you know that some skin tags can be cancerous as well?

If you have skin tags whether they’re on your eyelids, arm pits, neck, face, or anywhere on your body, you definitely want to look into tagband.

Rather than getting your skin tags surgically removed, tagband provides an easy, at home solution that costs a fraction of the price.

In this post, we will cover everything that has to do with skin tags, what causes them, what they are, and how to remove them.

We will also review the tag band device, and determine if it delivers on its promises, or not.

So lets dive right into it!

What Are Skin-Tags?

Skin tags, as described on this post on webMD are “small flaps of tissue that hang of the skin, by a connecting stalk”. To put in simple words, these are small tissues that grow from different reasons, and most people find to be not esthetically appealing and want to get rid of them.

What causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags can form due to various reasons such as : weight gain, aging, or friction. Skin tags often grow where skin rubs, thats why many get skin tags on their necks, arm pits, inner thighs, and so on.

How to get rid of skin tags?

There are a few ways you can get rid of skin tags, these are:

  1. Cosmetic procedures
  2. At home skin tag removal kits

There are also creams that claim to remove skin tags, but we haven’t found one that actually works. Thats why we highly recommend you stick to these 2 proven methods if you want to remove skin tags (or moles).

Tagband Customer Reviews

First, we like to search the interested for reviews from actual customers that have used Tagband. When we did that, we found out that the vast majority of customers are extremely happy with the product.

Here are some of the reviews we’ve found:

Best at home skintag removal kit: Eternal Beauty Vs. Tagband

The skin tag removal kit by eternal beauty is a better option than the tagband kit in our opinion for a couple of reasons:

  1. its cheaper, goes for $14 while tagband is twice the price
  2. double heads – stronger than tagband
  3. we like the color and design better, its easier to grip as well.

For all these reasons we recommend the eternal beauty skin tag removal kit over the popular tagband kit.

Many times, smaller brands provide better quality products than bigger brands; while bigger brands (like tagband) just invest a lot more in marketing. thats why you hear about them vs. the smaller ones. doesnt mean that the smaller brands dont have better products (in this case, we beleive eternal beautys skin tag removal kit is better than the tagband kit, for instance).

To purchase the skin tag removal kit by eternal beauty, click here.

Tagband Frequnelty Asked Questions

Below we have before and after pictures of TagBand users, the results are pretty amazing.

what is tagband skin tag removal device?

Simply put, tagband is an at home skin tag removal solution.

how to use tagband?

Simply place the band over the skin tag you wish to remove, and over time, the tag will suffocate ( the band reduces flow of oxygen to the skintag, which kills it).

how long does tagband take to work?

It depends on the size of your skin tag or mole, usually it takes anywhere between 14-30 days to completely remove a skin tag, so be patient.

can tagband be used on moles?

Yes, any skin tag removal kit can be used to remove moles as well.

who sells tagband?

Amazon, CVS, Walmart, all sell tagband products.

is tagband safe?

Yes. Tagband is completely safe in remove skin tags. It simply stops the oxygen supply to the skin tag, which results in the skin-tag’s death.

Can you use TagBand on your eyelids?

Absolutely. You can use tagband on any skin-tag you have, whether its on your face or body.

The Bottom line

Removing skin tags at a doctors office can get expensive. That’s why products like TagBand and Skin-Tag Remover By EB are on the rise.

These products allow you to remove skin-tags quickly, efficiently, in the convenience of your own home, and they are painless.

Usually, it will take you anywhere between 2-3 weeks to completely remove a skin tag, depending on how big it is.

Last, if you’re looking for a product that is slightly cheaper but still works great on skin tags, try the skin tag removal kit by eternal beauty.

We hope this post helped you with getting rid of your skin tags (and moles) and will appreciate it if you can share it via social media, so we can grow!