Best 50 Beauty and Skincare blogs of 2017 

It’s finally here! our team ranked the top 50 beauty and skincare blogs of 2017, we have done an extensive research to find the absolute best blogs to visit if you’re a beauty enthusiast you will absolutely love these.

These are the absolute best beauty blogs we have found, and believe us, we looked for a few weeks straight.

Note : we absolutely love all of these blogs and the numerical order doesn’t reflect anything, we just wanted to keep things organized.

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Without further ado, here are the best fashion and beauty blogs to visit in 2017, you’ll love these.

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1. Beauty Is Boring

This blog comes from a makeup artist and photographer who spent years in the beauty industry. Her blog focuses on unconventional beauty methods and styles.

2. She’s in the Glow

A newer blog aimed at millennials, the author here tries to create good solid how-to guides for new trends in beauty and how to wear them.

3. I Covet Thee

Blogger Alix has created an aesthetically pleasing and original blog aimed at product reviews of beauty products, with a special focus on what the author wants to buy again.

4. Cult of Pretty

Ann Soma has years of experience in the world of beauty and has created a blog focused on more obscure and specialized “cult classics” of beauty.

5. The Formula

This site focuses heavily on skin care, cosmetics and hair care products and new products in those ranges, complete with detailed and honest reviews.

6. Rouge 18

Among blogs focused on both new happenings in celebrity beauty and product reviews, this blog is intended to be up to the minute information about beauty.

7. A Model Recommends

Written by Ruth Crilly, a respected international model, this blog is intended to share insider information and tips from the heart of the beauty industry with the public.

8. The Love Vitamin

Kept by Tracy Raftl, this blog focuses on skin care and acne treatment. Many of the articles discuss ways to treat the underlying causes of acne, rather than individual blemishes.

9. Allure Magazine

You’ve almost certainly read Allure magazine before. This is the blog kept by that magazine’s staff, focusing on everything from health and beauty to skin care and makeup.


beauty and fashion


10. Jenni Raincloud

Offering fashion tips, makeup tips, and natural health advice, Jenni Raincloud keeps you up to date on everything you need to know in the world of beauty.

11. Beauty Banter

This may be the brainchild of Sarah Howard, but it’s a collaborative effort. Beauty Banter has been bringing you everything you need to know about fashion and beauty since 2006.

12. Tonya Burr

Burr keeps up not just a blog, but a vlog as well! You can read up on makeup techniques and new beauty products, and then watch her use them.

13. Miss Maven

She won’t call herself an expert, but she’s certainly got the skills and experience of one! Get help with hundreds of different makeup techniques, and information on the best products on the shelves.

14. Caroline Hirons

If you’re looking for the mother of all skin care blogs, this might be the one. She’s honest to a fault and knows more than most people have forgotten, so you can trust her recommendations.

15. Madeleine Loves

This is more of an all-around blog than a specific beauty blog, but what good is beauty if you can’t live life? Everything from travel tips to mental health advice, this blog touches all aspects of health and beauty.

16. Lisa Eldridge

Yes, that Lisa Eldrige. Makeup artist to the stars. If you’ve ever wanted fashion tips and video tutorials from someone who has worked on the rich and famous, this is the blog for you.

17. Tamira Jarrel

She may not post quite as much content as the others (though many of her articles wind up in her physical magazine), but she still offers plenty of advice. If you’re looking for a minimalistic approach, then you’re looking for Tamira Jarrel.

18. Miss Whoever You Are

Another blog that’s incredibly useful but doesn’t update quite as much as one would like. Still, Eileen is a great blogger for people of color looking for product advice for natural hairstyles.

19. Fresh Lengths

A Londonite blogger brings you even more advice about natural hairstyles and fashion. There are far too few genuinely good advice blogs for people of color, but this is one of the good ones.



20. Pretty Connected

Lara Eurdolian has been a brand consultant for some of the biggest names in makeup and fashion. Now, she brings that experience and information to you. Great for those interested in specific products!

21. Maskcara

Cara’s blog is filled with impressive and eye-catching before and after photo tutorials focused on helping visitors bring out their natural beauty with the right products.

22. Cityscape Bliss

This the United Kingdom based blog combines elements of classical British manners with bohemian styles. Tereza reviews a range of cosmetics and hair products and also uses self-modeled images.

23. Dizzy Brunette

This blog examines the newest makeup and hair products on the market, with a special focus on the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in the latest and greatest check this blog out.

25. Dreaming In Blush

Run by Elle Flower, a renowned YouTube beauty guru, this blog focuses on the beauty industry from an outsider’s perspective, as well how-tos and alerts on sales of high-end products.

26. Curly Nikki

For those women and men who have naturally curly hair, Curly Nikki is here to show you how to wear and care for your natural curls, filled with reviews of products aimed at curly haired people who refuse to hide their curls.

27. The Beauty of It Is

The blog of Katey Denno, this is where a New York City-based top-level make up artist shares her vast knowledge of beauty tips and secrets for all to enjoy.

28. The Sunday Girl

A United Kingdom-based blog filled with not only a wide range of product reviews for drugstore products, as well information about how to best use those products.

30. Estee Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is YouTube famous, but her blog showcases a more grown-up feel than her videos, yet with all the same information, product reviews and new brand information.

31. The Beauty Look Book

Focused heavily on the luxury brands that have a worldwide presence, such as Chanel and Diptyque, this site is focused heavily on reviews and previews of what’s coming from the big names.

32. Barefoot Blonde

Filled with hair tutorials, this blog has a special focus on braided hairstyles and updos that go wonderfully with straighter natural hair.

33. Lily Pebbles

Another Internet famous YouTube beauty genius, Lilly Pebbles not only posts links to her latest videos but also publishes a wide range of outfit pictures and beauty product reviews.

34. Hello October

With a dizzying array of content from a world famous vlogger, this text blog focuses heavily on product hauls, beauty tutorials, and product reviews, though it will also do other content as well.

35. Vivianna Makeup

Filled with amazing beauty knowledge from Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup, this blog is extremely accessible, with product reviews, tutorials and little tricks that work.

36. Zoella

With 9 million YouTube subscribers, Zoella’s blog has a number of product reviews, updates to fashionable outfits, expert hair tutorials, and even good recipes.

37. Afrobella

Patrice Gell Yursik is one of the icons of natural hair and among the few women of color who have actually made a place for themselves in the beauty industry. Her blog is focused heavily on showing people how to make the most of their natural curls.

38. Eleventh Gorgeous

The brainchild of two girl bloggers, the creators of this blog seem to have an unmatched passion for beauty products, this site focuses heavily on the basics for neophytes to beauty.

39. Amelia Liana

This blog serves to catalog the latest beauty looks, tutorials in the newest beauty methodologies and product reviews of the latest and greatest.




40. Clumps of Mascara

Focused very heavily on all kinds of mascara, this is a fairly specialized blog but is extremely good at reviewing mascaras and helping visitors find the right mascara for them.

41. New Beauty

This blog wants you to have information on every aspect of health and beauty. From fashion tips to actual doctor recommendations, you’re sure to find what you need here.

42. Dr. Baily’s Skin Care

It’s hard to talk about skin care without this blog coming up. Dr. Cynthia Baily brings you expert medical advice as well as recommends products that will heal and beautify your skin.

43. Tea with MD

Much like Dr. Baily’s Skin Care, this blog offers medical advice and product recommendations. Joyce may not be as experienced as Dr. Baily, but she’s done her fair share of study and research.

44. DERMAdoctor

At first glance, this blog may seem like nothing more than a sales-page. Read a few articles, however, and you’ll quickly find out how much great info it has!

45. Pibuu

Interested in Korean beauty products? The founders of Peach & Lilly bring you plenty of information! You’ll find some amazing new ideas by browsing this blog.

46. Unit Skin Studio

While this blog only updates around once a month, it’s run by a legitimate dermatology clinic. So you know you’ll find solid information here.

47. Lunchpails and Lipstick

Another fashion and beauty blog that’s sure to impress. Targeting the adult woman, this blog talks about fashion, beauty, and childcare as well.

48. Dash of Darling

Fashion and beauty with a personal touch. See not just amazing outfits, but how they look in everyday life and the exact pieces that make them.

49. Penny Pincher Fashion

Want to look great on a budget? So do the people behind Penny Pincher Fashion! Get updates about new stores and sales, as well!

50. Scout the City

Another blog from merry old England, Scout the City is aimed directly at those who live in big cities. You can tell just by a quick look!




Wrapping it Up

These are our top picks for the best 50 beauty & skincare blogs of 2017, we are sure you will find a tone of value and great information in them.

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