Getting Your Vag Tighter: V Tight Gel Review

As we age, our body changes. For women, that includes our vagina.

If you’re familiar with, you know we’re all about empowering women and making them feel beautiful and sexy.

Thats why we have sent our team of beauty experts to do some research and review one of the most popular vagina tightening treatments of our days : it’s called V Tight Gel.

If you’re looking to tighten your vagina fast (and naturally) you better keep reading…


In this post, we will cover

1.What Causes a Loose Vagina (medically known as Vaginal Laxisty)

2. The V Tight Gel Review : Does it Work? Is it safe to use? can it really tighten your vag?

So without further ado, lets get our vag tighter!


What Causes Vaginal Laxisty [ a loose vagina] 

We’re firm believers [no pun intended] in understanding why your vagina is getting loose in order to treat the problem.

In its medical term, vaginal laxisty, or in common words, loose vagina, has a few main causes that if you understand, you might prevent it before it actually happens.

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What causes a loose vag?

  • Childbirth (especially multiple ones)
  • Intercourse with a male partner that is large down below
  • A complicated delivery of a baby
  • Genes
  • Aging

Lets dive a bit deeper into each of these causes.

Childbirth expands your vagina and the bigger the baby – the worse the effect on your vags muscles.

Especially if you gave birth to multiple children, your vag will stretch out more and will get looser and looser.

Intercourse with a “well equipped” male, according to this article by, having intercourse with a male that has a large penis might loosen your vagina on the long run.

It makes sense and thats why many “professional actresses” [in “the” industry…] usually have very loose vaginas and other pelvic floor problems. So, does size matter? yes it does, but it comes with a price!

Complications when giving birth, can also have a long term effect on the tightness of your vag, for obvious reasons.

Then of course, your genes, and your age, will also have an effect on the elasticity of your vaginas skin and strength of muscles.

Now that we got the causes out of the way, lets talk about why you would want to tighten your vaginas skin and muscles in the first place.


Loose Vag vs Tight Vag : Why You’ll Want to Keep it Tight!

In the post titled ‘the truth about tight and loose women’ by psychology today, which is a great read by the way, Dr Michael covers the differences and myths of a loose vag vs a tight vag.

Interesting fact: psychology has a lot to do with how tight or loose your vagina is. If a woman just doesn’t feel like having an intercourse with someone for whatever reason, her vag, and vag muscles, tightens and the opposite is also true. Interesting, isnt it?

There are consequences to having a loose vag. If your vag is loose, you might not enjoy intercourse as much due to the lack of friction with your partners’ intimate parts. 

Furthermore, women with a loose vag usually are not proud of their vag and are very aware of it, which is always a bad feeling to have.

A tighter vag looks better and is way more esthetically appealing, so if you’re a little loose down there, we totally get why you’d want to tighten things up.

Every woman wants to feel sexy, proud, and comfortable in her own body.

Pro tip: Kegel exercises can help strengthen and tighten your vag and pelvic. The vagina is made out of a very strong and elastic muscle tissue. The tighter and stronger the muscle is, the better control you have over it.

V Tight Gel Review: We Tried It!



One of the most popular treatments that helps in tightening your vagina is the V Tight Gel. As the name suggests, its a gel treatment thats based on natural ingredients and helps with tightening the loose vag skin.

Two of our writes, Kate and Dana, have actually tried it, and they said it did make a difference.

Lets review this treatment and understand how it can help you tighten your vag.

V Tight Gel Ingredients 

  • Water
  • Sodium
  • Fruit extract
  • Potassium
  • Witch Hazel Extract

This fantastic combination of natural ingredients is what makes this gel a success. When it comes to your vag, you’re dealing with a very sensitive area. The V Tight Gel is based on water and not alcohol, and its a very delicate and effective treatment.


V Tight Gel: The Price

The cost of v tight gel treatment varies between $40-$120. It depends on how many bottles you order and what kind of package you choose.

Either way, its way cheaper than a vag tightening surgery or other treatments that are also harsher.


V Tight Gel : How to Use

To use the v tight gel, simply apply the v tight gel on your vag. The directions will be written on the bottle, read them after you order it.

Is V Tight Gel Permanent ? 

Short answer is YES. The v tight gel treatment is, as the name suggests, a treatment that tightens your vags skin in the long run. It is not intended to be a short-term solution.


V Tight Gel : Customer Reviews

We’ve researched and looked at what other users say about the v tight gel treatment. The feedback overall is very positive when it comes to that treatment.

As you can read in the reviews above, most women are very happy with it.

It especially helps women who have given birth and have a very loose vag, but can also help younger women with a slightly loose vag that just wants a little tighter skin in that area.


Where Can I Buy The V Tight Gel Treatment?

You can only get the v tight gel treatment by ordering it online.

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The Bottom Line

This sums up our V tight gel review. The treatment is effective, and way cheaper than the alternatives.

We highly recommend trying it, especially if you have considered a vaginoplasty , that kind of surgery will cost you $8,000-$10,000!!!

Instead, the price of the v tight gel treatment is as low as just $40-$120 depends on which package you get.

According to women who have used the treatment, the v tight gel works wonders.

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