Venofye Skin Care : Anti Aging Innovation or BS? 

Recently, venofyes’ skincare line became extremely popular and for a very good reason; the entire skincare line is based on bee venom! Yes, you read it right. 

We have decided to take a deeper look into that skincare line for our readers and realize, once and for all, if bees are more than just honey-producing stars and our venom is the actual secret to youth. 

Not many know that venofye is made by the same company that came out with oro-gold. Recently, we even reviewed the orogold peeling gel and the orogold eye serum.

Orogold is one of the most known and successful brands out there and it took the cosmetic world by storm, being the first company to launch creams that are based on 24k gold.

But is the new line by Venofye as innovative and delivers amazing results as the orogold line is, or is it just a miserable attempt for the company to renew itself? thats what our team tried to find out, and they did…


Can Bee Venom Really Benefit Your Skin? How?

Bee venom, who would’ve thought it could actually have anti aging benefits for your skin? well, apparently it does.

According to this article by the US National Library of Medicine, bee venom has anti aging benefits and can increase collagen production in the skin.

Experts explain that the venom “tricks” your skin to react and send a pulse of collage to the treated area, and ‘heal’ the skincells. Which basically means you’re getting a new layer of young, beautiful looking skin.

Of course venom is not the only ingredients used in the venofye line. Their products are based on vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin c, aloe vera, and even chamomile, which are all great natural additions to your skincare routine. 

Many celebrities have started using venom based products for their skin and it seems to work for them, so, why not? 

The main concern people have is with the toxins that are in venom, but of course theres no reason to worry, venoyfes’ lab isolate the ‘good’ part of the venom and its 100% safe and FDA approved. 


The Venofye Product Line : Which Products Do They Offer?

Now that we understand the power and skin benefits of bee venom, lets talk about the product line.

Venofye offer a wide variety of creams, serums and masks for your skin, here are the 5 must have products, rated by our esthetician team – 

1.Venofye Viper lift Syringe for wrinkles and puffiness



One of the most popular products is the syringe, it works great and feels awesome on your skin. This instant lift syringe will also help with tightening your eye-lids, reducing puffiness, and get rid of dark circles. Apparently the venom helps with blood circulation too.

We noticed that the tiny lines around the eye area (aka crows-feet) started disapearing after a few treatments with this product.

Highly recommended if you suffer from puffiness, dark circles, or any wrinkles around the eye area.

To buy the venofye syringe, click here now.



2.Venofye Queen Bee Day Moisturizer Review

Another fantastic product is the day cream by venofye. Its extremely popular and very light on the skin. This moisturizer will help you get rid of spots, and anything that has do with pigmentation issues.


To purchase the queen bee day moisturizer, click here.


3. Venofye Queen Bee Night Cream Review

The night cream that venofye offer will help keep your skin hydrated at night while the rejuvenation process is happening. 

It will also help with further prevention of wrinkles and tightening of your skin.

The night cream, unlike others in the market, is not too heavy and won’t bother your face when you sleep.

To purchase the Venofye Queen Bee Night Cream, click here.


These are the most recommended product in the venofye line. However, they also offer good masks and serums that we have not reviewed in this short post.

In order to explore the entire venofye line, click here now.

If you’re on a budget and could only choose one product, we highly recommend the Syringe for the eye area. It seems to be the most powerful product venofye offers and delivers results pretty fast.


Now lets see what other customers are saying after actually using the venofye product line. Do they like it? did they get any irritation from the venom? did they see results? lets find out…


Venofye Customer Reviews: What Are People Saying?

We have searched the web and looked into what people are saying about venofye. Most venofye users are happy with their products and like the results.

There were no feedback about any reactions or irritation caused by using their product line.

Below we posted a screenshot of some of the reviews we encountered. 



To read more customer reviews for the venofye line, click here.

From our own testing, the products do work. They are very light and feel great on the skin. We didn’t get any irritation or uncomfortable feeling when using the products.

Furthermore, the syringe was incredible when it came to the eye area. It even helped with some forehead wrinkles and the tiny lines around the lips.


Venofye: viperlift bio syringe reviews

One of the most popular products in the venofye skincare line is the viperlift bio syringe. The syringes’ purpose is to help you get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around your eye area.

The price of the venofye bio syringe is around $200 in stores but we have found it for just $91 online! 

To purchase the venofye bio syringe, click here.


Venofye: where to buy?

You can buy venofye in one of their local stores but from our own shopping experience, the prices in their retail stores are higher than online.

One of our writers visited the venofye store in and got a higher price that what she found on here.

We highly recommend to buy their products online, it will save you hundreds.

To explore and order venofyes’ products, click here…

As you probably know, retail stores have to pay very expensive rents, especially in malls. We believe thats what makes the difference between the retail price and the prices we have found online.

There are literally differences of hundreds of dollars when you buy these products online vs. in the store. Be smart, and buy them online.

Follow up: Whats the Best Serum to Follow up with after using the Syringe?


vitamin c serum

We’ve recently got this question a lot, so we’ve decided to edit the post and add that information.

After using the venofye syringe, your skin might feel a little dry and might require extra hydration.

For that we recommend using this natural vitamin c serum & hyaluronic acid by eternal beauty. You can order the serum by clicking here.


Our beauty team have tried this serum and many of our staff team is actually using it on a daily basis. Its absolutely fantastic. Its extremely light, doesnt get sticky, and has a good amount of vitamin c and hyaluronic acid which has great anti aging benefits (less wrinkles, yay!).

Use this serum as a follow up right after using the venofye syringe or you can use it as part of your daily hydration routine.

Recommended use: twice a day, daily and night.

Main ingredients:  Vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin e.




Overall, the venofye collection gets great feedback from customers, and from our own little test we love the products.

Made by the ‘orogold’ company, its another luxurious skincare line that delivers good results. 

With many trends that come and go in the skincare world, this one seems to have stuck and used by celebrities, doctors, and the general public.

Thanks to the world we live in, innovation in the skincare field help us stay younger. Who would’ve thought bees can help with that, right?


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We would love to hear from you, comment below and let us know what you think about the venofye line. Have you used it? are you planning to? let us know.