How Effective is Vitamin C Serum in Getting rid of Acne and Acne Scars?

Vitamin C serums became extremely popular nowadays. Today we want to answer the question : is vitamin c serum effective to treat acne? well, the short answer is absolutely.

In this study by the US Medical Library, that explains the roles of vitamin c in skin health, vitamin c helped get rid of acne, and other forms of skin inflammation.

However, we want to dive deeper into the question and explain why it helps, and what are the general benefits of vitamin c serum for your skin.

In This Post We Cover – 

Part 1: How Vitamin C Serums Can Benefit Your Skin?

Part 2: Can Vitamin C Serums Help in Getting Rid of Acne?

Part 3: What are the best vitamin c serums to use?


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Lets start with the benefits of vitamin C Serums.


Part 1 : How Vitamin C Serums Can Benefit Your Skin

The benefits of vitamin c serums for your skin are significant, we listed them below.

1.Vitamin C Protects Your Skin from Sun & Environmental Damage 

Vitamin c is a strong anti-oxidant that protects your skin from sun damage and free radicals in the air that can harm your skin. It will also help with strengthening your skin and its defense mechanism, naturally.

Specifically, vitamin c was found effective for protection from the suns’ UVA and UVB rays, that are known to create wrinkles and ruin the texture of your skin.


2. Vitamin C can Help Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes 

Most of us suffer from under-eye dark circles, especially in todays stressful world. Vitamin C serums can help with that, by helping with improving the blood circulation under your eyes.

So if you suffer from “raccoon eyes” consider trying a vitamin c serum around the eyes area.

3. Improves Your General Skin Hydration

Vitamin C Serums will help deeply hydrate your skin, so if you suffer from dry skin, they are a must.

We specifically love serums for hydrations because they penetrate deeper and give you a deep hydration, unlike creams, that sometimes sit on the surface of the skin and dont penetrate as deep.



4.Helps With Creating Brighter, Healthy Looking Skin

Vitamin C helps encouraging increased rejuvenation of your skin, and will help create a brighter, youthful looking skin.

For that reason we highly recommend vitamin c serums / creams for women and men, in all ages. 

As they say ‘ the best defense, is offense’ we want to throw a counter-punch to aging of the skin by using Vitamin C products from an early age.


5.Has Anti-Aging Benefits and Promotes Collagen Production

Vitamin C is known to increase the production of collagen in your skin, which is a huge anti-aging benefit.

You have probably heard of collagen, it is the ingredient thats responsible for the youthful appearance and elasticity of your skin.

As we age, we lose more and more collagen, and vitamin c helps not only slowing down that process, but actually encourages your skin to produce more collagen.


But Wait! There is More..

These are the main benefits of vitamin c for your skin, however they’re definitely not the only ones.

Now that we explained the main benefits, lets talk specifically about vitmain c for acne and acne scars.


Part 2 : Can Vitamin C Serums Help in Getting Rid of Acne and Acne Scars?

The short answer is YES, it can. But lets explain why.

Specifically as an acne treatment, vitamin c is known to have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

In fact, vitamin c helps even with “more severe” skin conditions, like psoriasis and even dermatitis.

To put it simply, vitamin c soothes your skin and reduces inflammations such as acne.

When it comes to getting rid of Acne Scars, we have to look at the wound healing benefits of vitamin C (read more about them here).

These benefits will heal your acne scars, and generally help in giving your skin an even, beautiful tone.

Wether you suffer from adult acne, or have a teenager that suffers from acne, definitely try using Vitamin C to get rid of it.

Heres a great tip, make sure you clean your face before using vitamin c products so they’ll penetrate better and give you a better effect.

In fact, we recently rated the best organic face cleansers , feel free to pick one.


Part 3: What Are The Best Vitamin C Serums to Use?

We chose the best vitamin c serums to buy, based on effectiveness, price, texture, and results.

To make it easier on you, we actually designed this beautiful chart, so feel free to pick the one you like.

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The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is, yes, Vitamin C is a very effective treatment For acne, and even acne scars.

In fact, Vitamin c has many benefits for your skin, including sun protection, increased collagen production, and even wound healing.

We highly recommend that you add a good vitamin c serum to your skincare routine. 


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