Best Beard Grooming Kit for the Modern Beardman

In order to have the best looking beard, you will need to get the best beard grooming kit!

Part and parcel of growing an absolutely epic beard is continual maintenance.

A beard that is poorly groomed is not only unattractive, it can also cause your self-esteem to take a hit and you may begin wondering why you ever even tried growing a beard.

A beard that is poorly groomed is not only unattractive, it can also cause your self-esteem to take a hit and you may begin wondering why you ever even tried growing a beard.

Once you start doubting the amazing power of a beard, well then something has definitely gone awry.

Fortunately for you, the modern bear growing man, there we have a solution. Our team spent days researching and have found the best beard grooming kit for you, in fact, we have found a few great kits to choose from.

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I am not referring to normal hair shampoo which can cause your beard to look lifeless and feel coarse; I mean some of the most amazing beard kits on the market.

Regardless of whether you are a new groomer who wants to do it right or a veteran beards man looking for the very best, here is a list of the top ten best beard grooming kits on the market.

Before we choose the best beard grooming kit, lets first discuss your beards’ needs.


How To Take Care Of Your Beard?

There are a basically three things you will want to do when taking care of your beard:

  • Grooming your beard
  • Shape your beard
  • Wash and moisturize your beard

All of the above comes down to having the best beard grooming kit, most of these kits contain a beard conditioner, shampoo, brush, and beard oil.

You will also want to have a good beard trimmer, click here to see our recommendation.


Top 10 Best Beard Grooming Kits Reviewed

We sent a few of our best men with one mission in mind – finding you the best beard grooming kit in 2017. When it comes to our beards, we don’t compromise. Ever.

We are very proud to present to you the top 10 beard grooming kits of 2017.

Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set 




  • 8 Oz Wild Berry Shampoo
  • Cantaloupe Shampoo
  • Beardsley Conditioner
  • Oil  (4 oz)
  • Lotion  (4 oz)

This beard kit is recognized the world over as being a premier option for beard grooming. The “Beardsley in a box” can definitely be the best beard grooming kit of 2018.

Beardsley provides men with the ultimate products by incorporating their special formulas in each one. If an unkempt beard is something you cannot stand, then this is the ideal beard grooming kit for you.

The kit includes a wide array of products for the care and maintenance of a bear, all of which are guaranteed to leave your beard feeling clean, fresh and healthy.

If an unkempt beard is something you cannot stand, then this is the ideal beard grooming kit for you.

When you use this beard grooming kit, you will be more noticeable than ever before; especially since after a very short time of use, you facial hair starts to improve.

To fill in any gaps you can used the Beardsley lotion and oil.

With this treatment any size beard will be left looking neat, shiny, and extremely healthy.

There are two distinct flavors that the shampoos come in they are sweet smelling wild berry and cantaloupe adding a refreshing scent to your well-groomed beard.

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The Ultimate Beard Growers Kit


A bottle of each:

  • Grothwer oil (helps your beard grow)
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Vitamins (for your beards growth)
  • Balm (beard protection)
  • Pocket comb

Probably the best beard grooming kit for the price.

Although buying in bulk in order to meet the continuous needs associated with well-kept facial hair is something that committed Beardos are aware of, the Ultimate Beard Growers Kit is also a great choice for a new grower.

This beard grooming kit is designed specifically for the gruff man looking to go the extra mile after having completed his usual routine for beard care maintenance.

This kit is neatly packed and includes all the various products needed to achieve the perfect stache and beard; every product boasts it very own set of unique benefits. These four products have been lab tested and all complement each other perfectly.


When you purchase and open your box of Ultimate Beard Growers Kit, you will find a bead wash and shampoo that support beard growth they are very hard on dirt yet gentle on your facial hair.

You will also receive the Growth Beard oil and Beard Balm that will help improve the growth and maintenance of your facial hair.

Each one of these amazing products is included in the kit and guarantee a beard that is healthy and naturally oiled at all times.

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Beard Kit Grooming By DapperGanger



  • Conditioner (20z)
  • Beard Oil (2oz)
  • Shampoo and face wash (60z)
  • Steel Grooming Scissors

Anyone who has been following the beard scene has probably hears about all the amazing things being done by DapperGanger.

Thanks to this merchandise have a streamlined aspect of functionality and practicality; more and more men are opting for this brand.

If you are looking for that perfect beard grooming kit, then this is the one for you. You will definitely be in awe by a few things once you check out the Beard Kit Grooming by DapperGanger.

The entire package is placed in an amazing designed canvas which is made of vegan leather and is a travel bag with a superb liner so you are able to carry your kit with you wherever you go. However, that is only the bag; the real prize is found inside.

In the Beard Kit Grooming by DapperGanger you will find a beard conditioning balm, a two ounce beard oil bottle, face wash and beard shampoo.

Once you hear of the value addition accessories provided by the manufacturer, you will fall in love.

These include a unique bottle opener, beard comb and stainless steel grooming scissors really rounding out this amazing grooming kit.

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Zeus Deluxe Beard and Grooming Kit


  • Shampoo & Conditioner for your beard
  • Beard Oil
  • 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Even if you beard looks cool and magnificent, it doesn’t always feel that great.

As a matter of fact, most people are not aware of the time, work, dedication and heart that go into growing as well as maintaining a full beard.

Even just two days of neglecting a beard can wreak total havoc on your appearance. It is no fun to look at and even less fun to touch a beard that is wiry, pokey and coarse.

It is no fun to look at and even less fun to touch a beard that is wiry, pokey and coarse.

That being said, with the right beard grooming kit and proper practices, you can have a beard that is so clean and soft you will not want to stop touching it.

As a way of assisting men the world over, the only kit that you will ever need has been created by the Zeus Deluxe Beard and Grooming Kit.

This beard grooming kit is very handy and includes all the products you need to have facial hair that is healthy and appealing.

You will also find the Zeus beard conditioner which moisturizes your skin preventing itchiness and outbreaks of dandruff.

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Maison Lambert´s Ultimate Organic Beard Kit



All organic-

  • 2 0z beard balm 2 oz
  • 2 oz beard oil
  • 1 wooden comb
  • 1 Stainless steel scissors
  • 5 0z beer soap 

If you are a man who appreciates a classier and vintage look, than with Maison Lambert´s Ultimate Organic Beard Kit you will be provided with exactly what you need.

This old school look is not pulled off by many beard grooming kits, however Maison Lambert is famous for it.

With a mere glance at the Maison Lambert´s Ultimate Organic Beard Kit, you would believe that it is something a great grandfather would have used back in the day.

It comes in a wooden cigar box that is beautifully crafted and contains all of the care essential or the modern man’s beard.

It is handcrafted with the outstanding quality of French tradition.

To finish of the exterior of this beard grooming kit is a subtle scent of one hundred percent pure essential oils which result in a scent that is unmistakably warming and woody.

In the kit you will receive organic beard oil, balm, shampoos and a beautiful beard comb to maintain a kempt beard.

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Craft Beard´s Premium Beard Grooming Kit





  • Lumberjacks Beard oil 1 oz
  • Professor Porter beard oil 1oz
  • Natural wooden comb
  • Stainless Steel grooming scissors

If you are not familiar with the brand, let me tell you that there is a reason why the Craft Beard´s Premium Beard Grooming Kit is arguably one of the most favorite kits the world over.

Even newbies are prone to award the Craft Beard´s Premium Beard Grooming Kit with extra high ratings simply because of how thoughtfully it is put together.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that the brand has brought together everything that a modern man loves and needs, for his beard.

If you are looking for a beard that looks soft, tamed and extremely well kept, then with these products you will achieve it.

In the Craft Beard´s Premium Beard Grooming Kit you will find a bottle of IPA lumberjack beard oil which offers a light essence of flavor with citrus, floral and pine notes.

You are also provided with a brother of beard oil from Professor Porter with a hint of vanilla, notes of coffee and a dash of chocolate.

How delicious will your beard look and smell, especially after you finish it off with the sandalwood come and stainless steel scissors that are included? haha.


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Ultimate Beard Care Kit by Wisdom




  • Oil blask 1oz
  • Dry oil (balm) 1oz
  • Brush
  • Medium hold wax
  • Firm hold wax
  • Mustache wax
  • Instructional cards
  • Wax lifter

Regardless of the length of your beard and stache, the Ultimate Beard Care Kit by Wisdom
Will help with maintaining your facial hair perfectly.

It comes in a Kraft colored box that is very handsome to look at and incorporated the many amazing products which the modern man need for the ideal care of a beard.

Neatly packaged, these products are surrounded with Kraft paper that has been crinkled, not only for a very sharp presentation, but also to protect the products from any impacts.

Every Ultimate Beard Care Kit by Wisdom includes a carry flask, a bottle of oil.

A two ounce bottle of balm and the CanYouHabdleBar beard oil brush that is exclusive from Wisdom to guarantee that every strand of hair is properly oiled.

Built around the warm, sweet scent of spruce and cedar that has been freshly cut and a mild hint of citrus, you feel as if you are sitting around a warm fireplace enjoying some quality coffee.

This one is one of the “crowd favorites”, and has been called “the best beard grooming kit of 2018” in many costumer reviews.


Percy Nobleman’s Beard Grooming Kit


  • Beard Conditioning Oil 100ml (scented)
  • Beard Wash 100ml
  • Mustache Wax 20ml
  • Beard Balm 65ml
  • Hair & Beard Wax 50ml
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard & Moustache Scissors


This baby is a premium hand-crafted beard grooming kit. Definitely, the best beard grooming kit if you have a higher budget.

Proudly promoted as the most premium beard grooming kit and easiest way for the modern day gentleman to start his beard maintenance routine, it is the perfect remedy for beards that have been neglected and are dry and coarse. It obviously isn’t cheap, but we don’t want cheap when it comes to our beard!

After weeks of poor beard care, the last thing you want to do is put your trust in products that are subpar.

However, they have the mentions and credentials to back them up. This kit is one of the very few that have been featured in Men’s Health, Shortlist, Daily Mail, The Independent, Metro and many more places which men turn to find ideal products.

If your bearded adventure has only just begun, the best antidote for you is Percy Nobleman’s Beard Grooming Kit.

When you purchase Percy Nobleman’s Beard Grooming Kit you will receive the beard wash elixir of neatness, the magic tonic aka beard oil, beard and mustache wax and a trustee pocket comb to always keep your facial hair groomed.


The Wizards Beard Grooming Kit



  • Beard brush
  • Beard comb
  • Natural beard oil
  • Beard wax
  • Travel bag

As most men are, you have probably become accustomed to using about six products from various brands during your grooming routine.

Well you no longer have to suffer from inconvenience. Thanks to the wizards beard grooming kit you will never need additional products.

The wizards beard grooming kit comes with an array of interesting products such as a beard balm that conditions and strengthens even the most unruly beards.

All of their ingredients are 100% natural and this balm offers an amazing hold all the while providing the beard with all that is need for proper growth and strength.

Big Forest Grooming Kit



  • Shampoo
  • Oil
  • Big Forest Beard Balm
  • Natural Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

Now this here is the real deal. The Elite by Respect Beard´s Care Kit is perfect for grooming a full, masculine & attractive beard.

Design to please even the bushiest of beards men, the Big Forest Grooming Kit includes all of the products needed to achieve the perfect bush.

It includes a large Forest shampoo which is infused with pine and woodsy scents that are one hundred percent natural and organic.

After washing you are able to apply your Big Forest oil locking in moisture and guaranteeing that your quenched whiskers have the moisture needed for proper maintenance and growth.

With the beard balm you are provided with a light hold keeping your beard smooth and neat.

The Big Forest Grooming Kit also includes a beard comb to keep your bad boy beard looking well kept.



The Bottom Line

Having facial hair is more than just growing it.

It is important to maintain and groom your manly gruff guaranteeing that women (or men, we don’t judge!) will fall head over heels for your manly yet well maintained and groomed beard.

We all know the difference between a sexy looking beard to a one that was neglected. We hope this post helped you buy the best beard grooming kit, that fits your personal needs!

Hopefully, this post helped you pick the best beard grooming kit for your needs. Please let us know if you need any further advice by contacting us.

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