The Best Trimmer For Women – Complete Buyers Guide    

A women’s worst nightmare (or at least mine) is to show up at the beach, take my clothes off and see that I forgot to shave/trim my legs again. Or that some parts of my body, like my groin area, isn’t completely trimmed because my electric shaver did a bad job. Well, we will make sure this never happens again – we will help you ladies choose the best trimmer for women in 2017. Yay!

Picking the best electric shaver for women is a journey, and we will try to make it a fun one in this post. There are so many options, and most women are unaware of what’s good and what is best left alone.

The good news is we did the research for your ladies, you just have to pick (and trim). 

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We do recommend that you read this guide at least once, it will shed some light on this complex task!

First, let’s talk about what us ladies need in a good body trimmer.

Features of a Good Body Hair Trimmer

Let’s start with the key features a great hair trimmer for women will encompass.

1) Durability

There is nothing more important than durability because a hair trimmer is only as good as its duration. If the hair trimmer breaks down, it doesn’t matter how good it used to perform because it’ll end up being worthless.

This is why your attention should go towards a hair trimmer’s durability.

To assess durability, there are several features to look at. Consider if it is waterproof because it should be able to handle being used underwater when you’re in the shower. This will ensure it is going to last for a long time to come. The best electric shaver for women, ideally should last you at least 2-3 years, not less!

2) Multiple Features

What features are you getting from the hair trimmer? the best trimmer for women is one that fits your personal needs.

Does it have multiple clippers? does it provide a wet shave? these are details you have to read through while selecting a hair trimmer.

One trimmer of choice, for instance, comes with a facial brush to clean and minimize pores!

With a basic trimmer, you might never be happy with the results being produced, and that’s unacceptable, that’s why we’re looking for the best hair trimmer for women, and not just a basic one.

Stick to ones that are providing multiple features. 

The best are going to offer these features because they’re looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. You want to pay attention to these brands because they’re the real deal in most scenarios.

Don’t try this at home.

3) Ergonomic Design

A mediocre hair trimmer is going to feel bulky and won’t be fun to use, while the best hair trimmer for women, will feel fantastic. It will make the trimming experience efficient and FUN!

Your attention shouldn’t be stuck on the hair trimmer itself because once you start using it, a good hair trimmer will settle into the background.

You will be able to focus on the surface of your skin as intended.

Don’t go with hair trimmers that are poorly designed as that is an immediate red flag of a product that’s useless or will become meaningless as the days go by. There is never a good reason to go with a poorly developed hair trimmer for women.

4) Versatile and Dynamic

How versatile is the hair trimmer? A great hair trimmer is one that is going to remain agile as you move it from position to position. This versatility is the reason people are drawn to specific hair trimmers. They want something that can sustain itself and work great at all times.

Versatility is also about its design. Can it be used while you are traveling from place to place? This is a question you have to ask. 

A hair trimmer that isn’t versatile will get boring quickly and won’t appeal to your needs all the time.

The best electric shaver for women will be effortless to use.

5) Battery Runtime 

This one is critical, when choosing the best trimmer for women, this factor was one that we carefully observed. The run-time is going to matter especially if you are going to take it with you while traveling.

Many hair trimmers are okay as long as they’re being used at home with an outlet around. If not, they end up being duds that fail to charge quickly and don’t last as long as you want them to. However, a great hair trimmer is never going to pose such a negative.

It is going to stay consistent and provide ample battery time based on your requirements.

Always choose hair trimmers that can handle this and remain in sync with your needs.

Our Staff’s Choice: The Best Hair Trimmer For Women in 2017

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 

My personal favorite,  I absolutely love the Braun Silk trimmer! In fact, most of our team members (the ladies) use it too. Of course, the Braun silk hair trimmer is also the “audience choice”;

According to women who have used this fantastic Panasonic body hair trimmer, it is the best a girl can get.

What makes it the best hair trimmer for women? 

  • High Tech Trimming Technology – it is extremely precise and it can get to 4X shorter hair than waxing or other trimmers do.
  • You could use the Braun Silk-epil on a wet or dry skin.
  • Multi-Trimming Options- It includes seven extra attachments and can be used as a bikini trimmer as well, it even has a massaging cap!
  • Powerful Facial Brush included – if that’s not all, it comes with a bonus facial brush to clean your pores and remove residue from your skin.
  • It will last you – some consumers reported it lasted them 5-6 years!

All that and more makes the Braun Silk-epil our top choice when it comes to body trimming. 


The Cheaper Choice of The Best Trimmer For Women

Obviously, our staff choice and possibly the best hair trimmer for women in the world is the Braun Silk-epil. However, we also picked a cheaper alternative, that gets the job done.

Panasonic ES246AC 

Our second favorite body hair trimmer for women is the Panasonic ES246AC, it is also great for those of you who are more budget-concerned. It doesn’t offer so many options as the Braun Silk-epil does, it doesn’t come with all the extras. but it does trim well.

However, if budget is your main concern, this trimmer will do the job for you and it is pretty good. We would call it ” the best trimmer for women for the money”.

Here are some of its features:


It starts with how light the hair trimmer is. This comes in at .45″ x 1.34″ x 0.94 inches and only weighs 0.25 lbs. Yes, that is all!

It is incredible to see the design at work because many other hair trimmers for women tend to fail in this regard. No one wants to use a heavy option, and this passes with flying colors, to say the least.

Smooth Finish

It is absolutely beautifully designed, and fits well on your sink! A great product that does a great job is good, but a great product that also looks great, is simply amazing!

Personally, every time a girlfriend or family member comes over I love to show off my hair trimmer, it is a conversation piece, believe it or not (funny, I know, but it is!)

When it comes to hair trimmers, Panasonics’ team have done an ideal job with their trimmer and its performance, and when it comes to the design, I can simply say WOW!

Great Battery Life

Like I said, for me, in order to give the title ” the best hair trimmer for women”, I need the trimmer to have superb battery life. You know these moments when you get ready to trim right before the shower, and suddenly notice your trimmers battery is dead? Well, we all hate those moments.

We want to make sure they are able to spend time on our body and not have to worry about the portable hair trimmer dying out on them in the middle of a session. This can be very annoying and is the last thing anyone wants (I’m talking from experience here).

This is why Panasonic has amplified the details and made sure their battery is a powerhouse. For those who want extra juice, you can purchase 2 x AA batteries and put them in as a backup source once the main power source dies out.

This is the attention to detail provided by Panasonic!


For those who are always on the go and know they will need to trim or shave at one point or another, it is best to go with a portable hair trimmer that can handle your needs. This is why Panasonic has done a great job with its hair trimmer.

They know portability matters and this doesn’t weigh much at all.

The sleek build is unassuming and settles nicely into a small purse as you go from place to place. You could place it into a corner of your bag and know it won’t get in the way.


The final advantage of this gorgeous hair trimmer from Panasonic involves its ability to handle water. You can stand under the shower and do your thing without having to worry about getting shocked. This alone is appealing to those who are looking to maximize their time in the washroom.

You can shower and trim at the same time!

Not only does it do this, it continues to remain consistent with its performance underwater as well. It is the perfect balance for those who are wanting a seamless addition to their routine.

This is the charm of Panasonic’s latest hair trimmer for women, and it has earned praise from all quarters. It is a resounding yes when it comes to Panasonic being the leader right now for female hair trimmers. The Panasonic ES246AC  is a goldmine for women looking to keep their body clean and aesthetically appealing.

There isn’t a better product on the market that hits all the right notes for that price.


So which one of these trimmer is the better one for you?

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579  Vs. Panasonic ES246AC 

So which one is the best trimmer for women? Well, that’s actually up to you to decide!

However, I recommend you pick the braun silk-epil for one main reason.

Value is far more important than Price – 

Being a smart consumer is not always just about the price of the product. It can actually save you money because unlike most trimmers, it will last for years.

Another great thing about is that it comes with 7 extra attachments, it is so multifunctional, you can even use it to clean your facial skin.

It has a very long battery life relative to the powerful trimming power it got.

And the bottom line, it’s like comparing a Rolex to a G-shock, its just on a different level.

To be honest, unless you’re really struggling financially, you would want to pick the braun silk-epil over the panasonic ES.

One of our team members, Mellissa, actually bought both. She uses the Braun Silk

She uses the Braun Silk epil trimmer at home, and takes the Panasonic one when she travels.

Because the Panasonic one is much cheaper, she’s not afraid to lose it or break while traveling.

That’s actually really smart, I think i’ll do the same, and so should you!

Which one is your favorite? let us know by commenting below!